Chapter 720: BACK TO ITALY

Someone came and hugged her from behind. "Sister Lan Lan, you can't say that. Big brother never looks at women let alone talk. Can't you give him less hard time?" Saying that he burped.

Mu Lan tilted her head and gazed at the drunkard. "Hey, brother Feng, are you drunk?"

"No…" Mu Feng hugged her tightly.

"Hey, if you want to hug someone, hug your brother. Don't hug my sister." Jonah grabbed Mu Feng's hand and tried to get his sister away from the drunkard.

"She is my sister. Not yours." Mu Feng retorted.

Jonah frowned. His mood worsened. "She is my biological sister. We have same father and mother. She is my sister."

"But you were never with her more than I did. I fed her. I guarded her when she was asleep. We walked together, had fun together, worked together watched movie together. We are closer than you are." Mu Feng was good at showing off.

Jonah gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. Jealousy filled his heart so much so that his face became red.

Mu Lan's lips twitched. She had a feeling that this day would come, however, she never expected that it would happen in a foreign country.

"Hey, you two, do you know where you are? This is a palace. The Sultan and his ministers are here. You cannot act like a child." Mu Lan chided them like an elder sister.

"First, tell him to take his hand off of you." Jonah stubbornly said. His grip on Mu Lan's hand tightened.

"Sister Lan Lan, tell him to let your hand go. Then, I'll do the same." Mu Feng hugged her more securely.

Mu Lan closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and then pushed both of them with all her strength. Her power wasn't simple. Both men stumbled as they balanced themselves.

Mu Feng and Jonah looked at Mu Lan in astonishment. Mu Lan threatened them, "Act your age or I'll slice both of you."

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry."

Both of them said in unison. They looked like dejected puppy after getting scolded by her.

"Don't do it again." Saying that Mu Lan shook her head in helplessness and left the balcony. She searched for Mu Liang in the crowd.

The golden chandeliers glittered in the party room. The gold shown and made the whole room glamorous. The smell of delicious food and chattering of people filled the room.

Mu Lan noticed Mu Liang talking to the Crown Prince and the Sultan. She waited till they ended the conversation. She had on interest in being someone interesting to other people. After all, her father was someone close to the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Thus, she kept her distance. She realized that she had a magnet to attract danger.

After Mu Liang was alone, he immediately spotted Mu Lan. Mu Lan gestured him to come closer. Taking a glass of red wine, he came closer and gave her the glass.

"Thank you." She smiled.

Mu Liang gave her a warm look and asked, "Is everything alright?"

Mu Lan didn't hide. "Yan Su is pregnant. It seems like Doctor Lu changed the medicine to make her pregnant."

"Oh." Mu Liang wasn't interested.

Mu Lan tilted her head. "You don't look surprised."

"He wanted to have kids with her for a long time." He commented.

She protested lightly, "It doesn't mean that he can force her. What will he do if she chooses to abort it?"

He also lightly said while rubbing her head, "As long as you are there to change her mind, there won't be any problem."

Mu Lan stopped and thought about it for a while. Then she stared at him. "…Why do I feel like you were the one who gave him the idea?"

Mu Liang's eyes deepened. "Wifey, are you sure you want to put the blame on me? I didn't make you pregnant."

Mu Lan laughed. "There is no chance for me to have children for the time being. The medicine I took for the recovery had a little side effect. Good thing is it's only temporary." She nudged him. "Make sure to take the medicine wherever you go from now on."

Mu Liang nodded. "As you wish."

"So, were you the one who gave doctor Feng the idea?" She skillfully came back to the main topic.

He paused before replying with a small, "Yes."

Mu Lan's eyes became round. "I knew it." She was excited as well as also curious. "But why did you do it? You are not a person who meddles into someone else's business."

Mu Liang walked her to the corner to talk privately. "I didn't want to. But I saw Lu Feng dreaming to be with her since childhood. After they got together, he was never been so happy in his life. But she was different. Though she was with him, she was carefree. She wanted to have her own future. She never added Lu Feng in her future dream. It was her flaw. I just didn't want my friend to live in hopes only."

Mu Lan attentively heard his reason and after that, she touched his hand. "You really know how to care for others."

He squeezed her hand. "I leant it from you."

Mu Lan sighed. "Since it came to this way, I have to make sure nothing goes wrong."

"Do what you think is justified." Mu Liang supported her.

"I also have another plan. Let's go back to Italy first." She suggested.

He agreed. "As you wish."

They next day, they flew back to Italy.

Jonah wanted to go back to China and Meili wanted to visit Italy, so they tagged along. The one who was most excited was Mu Feng. All he wanted was to hug his beloved Qi Ying.

"Welcome back everyone." Qi Ying gave them a warm welcome.

"Darling…." Mu Feng came forward and hugged her in front of everyone.

Qi Ying twisted her body. "What are you doing? Get off. Everyone is watching." She blushed.

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