"…What?" Mu Lan was shocked to hear the news. Maybe she didn't believe her own ears, she said, "…Yan Su… my ears are buzzing for a while. I didn't hear you completely. Can you tell me again what you just said?"

Yan Su trembled in anger as she said, "I said that I'm pregnant."

Mu Lan wanted to make sure. "Doctor Feng's child?"

"If it's not then whose child do you think it is, huh?" Yan Su burst in fury.

"N-no, I mean didn't you take medicine?" Mu Lan tried to appease her anger. After all, stirring emotion of a pregnant woman wasn't good for her health.

"I thought I did but it didn't work." Yan Su grudgingly said.

Mu Lan couldn't believe it. "How can that be?" If the medicine didn't work, then Qi Ying and she would have a football team in their stomachs at this moment. The number of times they made love to their lovers weren't very little.

"Whenever we did it I myself took the medicine. Now you tell me how I became pregnant." Yan Su said. She wanted to cry as she became a mother unexpectedly. It was her dream to go to Madagascar after finishing her study. With a child, how could she do that?

Mu Lan bit down her lower lip. She never took medicine herself, it was Mu Liang who was considerate enough to fed her every time they did it. She didn't know Qi Ying's case, but Yan Su's case made her suspicious.

She said, "Yan Su, do you remember the taste of the medicine?"

Yan Su didn't know why the taste of medicine came out of blue. "Is it important?"

"Maybe." Mu Lan had a hunch but she wasn't sure.

"I never thought of checking the taste. Let me check." Yan Su took the medicine and put it on her mouth and carefully chewed. "It has mild sweetness…. but in the end, there is slight bitterness."

'Just as I thought.' Mu Lan took a deep breath and said, "Yan Su, the original medicine we take is definitely mild sweet but it has no bitter taste. Doctor Feng had to make sure of it since Liang threatened him to do so because I don't like bitter taste."

Yan Su spoke, "That means…"

Mu Lan replied, "You have the wrong medicine. Someone might have deliberately changed it without your notice."

"What are you saying? How can that be? In the house, there's only us, no other people…" Yan Su suddenly realized what her friend meant. "…You mean…"

"Look I'm not sure but maybe he wants to have a family with you… did you say anything about marriage before he left?" Mu Lan definitely didn't want to create a misunderstanding between wonderful lovers.

Yan Su mulled over it and said, "…He did… almost every night… But I never agreed…. You see, marriage comes with responsibility and I don't want it now. I mean, I want to improve my skills and have a carrier first. After that, I will marry and have children... that's what I was planning…. Lu Feng, you better come sooner. I will definitely beat you up."

Mu Lan softly asked, "But what about the child? What are you going to do about it?"

"…I don't know. I can't think of anything. How could he do this to me?" Yan Su felt betrayed. She wasn't even sure if she loved this tiny existence inside her. She was confused and had no idea what to do.

"…Where are you now?" Mu Lan thought that she needed to know her friend's whereabouts.

Yan Su answered, "I'm in Italy. Since I couldn't find you, I went to look for Xiao Ying."

Mu Lan calmly and sweetly said, "Okay, stay there. I will go to Italy as soon as possible. Right now, don't make any hasty decision. Just wait for me. Alright?"

"Okay, come back quickly. I can't take it anymore." Yan Su was exhausted.

Mu Lan agreed. "Alright, alright. I'm hanging up now. Bye."

"Bye." Yan Su hung up.

After Mu Lan hung up she exhaled loudly.

"It seems that doctor Lu made a bold move." Jonah commented.

"I hope nothing goes wrong." Mu Lan wanted everyone around her stay happy. Seeing their smiling happily everyday would make her gleeful all the time. She was selfish in this sense.

Suddenly she remembered that she didn't take medicine when she was with Mu Liang. Thinking about it now, her heart dropped. She immediately called Pedro.

Pedro answered the call. "Is there something wrong, kid?"

"Is there any chance for me to get pregnant?" Mu Lan directly and bluntly asked.

Jonah was drinking red wine. He almost choked when he heard his sister asking such question to someone he didn't know. He was curious to know whom she could ask this question aside from Mu Liang.

Pedro thought about it and told her, "Not really. You were taking recovery medicine when you were here. It has a side effect which delays menstrual period. Have you thought even once why your period didn't come? It's the side effect. Since your period didn't come how can you get pregnant?"

Mu Lan inquired, "It's not permanent, right?"

Pedro replied, "Silly, if it was, did you think I would give it to you?"

She sighed in relief. "Oh, okay then. I'll hung up now. Bye."

Jonah attentively listened till now. He couldn't hear the voice of the person his sister was talking to. He couldn't help but ask, "Who was that?"

"My doctor friend in Africa." She truthfully answered.

"The one who saved your life… you two looked pretty close." Jonah commented.

"Of course, he saved our lives. It would be weird not to be friendly." Mu Lan gave her reason.

"How does brother-in-law take it? He must be jealous." Jonah teased. He was imagining his brother-in-law's jealous face.

'Even if he is jealous, he has to suck up to him to get the permission to marry me.' Mu Lan thought and smiled. She said, "He can't be jealous every time I talk to a man."

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