At that moment, Yu Meili was outside to shop her heart's content. She was with several princesses and having so much fun. Seeing that it was a good opportunity, Jonah enjoyed his 'loneliness' with several royal maids. They were not only gorgeous, but also very elegant. Mu Lan and Mu Liang found out that one maid was giving him shoulder massage, another maid was giving him foot massage and another maid was feeding him. Looking at the exquisite girls were also feast for the eyes.

Mu Lan raised an eyebrow. "We suffered so much, just to see you getting laid?" She was feeling jealous.

Jonah brightened up seeing his sister. "Lanie, you came back! You became shinny and tanned. What happened after you lost contact? I was worried sick. Did you hear the news?" He shamelessly ignored his sister's comment.

Mu Lan sat on the sofa and said, "The adventure… well, that's a long story. I will tell you in the dinner party. I heard that the Crown Prince is holding a party tonight for us. And what about the news?"

"The news of Mohammed Akram! He fled to Egypt and died in earthquake." Jonah excitedly told them the news he heard.

Mu Lan coughed after hearing all that. The reason why the building collapsed that night was a mystery to the people. So, the people came up with this excuse. Since the story was created this way, no one tried to find out the main story. The more interesting a story was, the more people talked about it.

It was Shintaro who spread the news. It seemed so true that even Jonah believed it. The Mu Couple didn't correct him.

At the party, The Prime Minister came with his daughter and personally thanked Mu Liang and Mu Lan. Mu Lan saw the girl was stealing glances at Jonah time to time who was with his beautiful girlfriend. She looked sad but didn't say anything.

'My sinful brother….' Mu Lan sighed in her heart.

The royal officials were all present. There, Mu Lan had to give a speech. She had to share their thrilling adventure.

Mu Lan came up with a good story. She told them that Mohammed Akram chased them till Kenya but after they lost track since Mu Lan and Mu Liang fell on the cliff. They were injured to the point that they couldn't move. Some tribal people were very friendly and helped them a lot. There was also a reason for it. It seemed that they had a school master who was Asian. He told them to take care of them. His Mongolian servant Altan treated them and became their friends. Mu Lan wished to take him back with them.

After the party ended, Mu Lan took her brother to the balcony. She nudged him, "Little brother, you seem so cozy with the palace maids. Are you cheating on Meili?"

The night sky was clear in Middle East. Thousands of stars were shinning brightly in the dark sky.

Jonah looked at the stars and replied unhurriedly, "Not at all. I just realized that I fell in love so quickly. If I didn't fall in love so easily, I could have enjoyed the beauties more often."

Mu Lan smiled. "You mean that if you weren't with her, she wouldn't be in danger."

Jonah froze on the spot. "Lanie you…"

"You men are so hard to understand. Can't you speak your mind?" Mu Lan changed the subject with a smirk. "However, if I was a young man, I wouldn't take a legal girlfriend. I would play with all the beautiful girls in the world."

Jonah laughed and put his head on her shoulder. Having an elder sister who could understand her younger brother was a blessing.

They were gossiping for a while when Mu Lan's cell phone rang. After coming back to Saudi Arabia, she turned on her cell phone.

She saw the number and answered the call. "Hey Yan Su, how are you doing?" She was super happy to get to talk to her friend. It seemed ages since they talked.

Yan Su furiously responded, "Don't ask! I don't want to talk about it. Where the hell were you all this time? I was calling for a whole month." She was venting her anger.

Mu Lan scratched her head and smiled. "Ah, I was caught up with something. I'll be back soon. So, what happened?" She never heard her friend so angry and emotional.

Yan Su retorted, "Didn't I tell you not to ask anything about it?"

Mu Lan felt that something wasn't right. She calmly asked, "Hey, hey, what's wrong?"

Yan Su asked, "Do you know where the damn Lu Feng is?" Her tone was still loud.

"I…" Mu Lan tried to remember but she couldn't. She didn't talk to Lu Feng after she was treated in Italy. "I don't know. Why? Didn't you contact him?"

Yan Su gritted her teeth and said, "I cannot contact him. He is out of network. I swear, when he comes back, I will kill him."

"Why would you say that? More importantly, how do you know that he has gone missing? He must be busy with something or maybe he is somewhere you out of network." Mu Lan's couldn't understand why her friend was acting that way. Moreover, how come Lu Feng would go missing… she wasn't sure of that.

Yan Su said, "He always tells me where he goes all the time. But this time, he left abruptly. Not only that, I cannot get him in touch. We both use Mu Laboratory's newest product to contact each other. We can communicate anytime we want. Not able to contact him, it never happened before."

Mu Lan carefully asked, "Are you worried about him? Maybe, he is working on something and doesn't want to be disturbed."

Yan Su blew away in anger. "Disturb? That scoundrel! I will kill him if he comes back."

Mu Lan said, "Don't be too violent to your loved one. Alright, I will tell brother Feng to look for him. But is this the only reason you are mad? My instinct is saying otherwise. Did something happen to make you look for him desperately? I mean, you know that he is too busy to answer call or he is somewhere where he cannot contact you, but you are still so mad at him. Why are you looking for him?"

"Why? You want to know the reason…. Fine I will tell you…" Yan Su announced, "I'm pregnant!"

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