Carlo changed his attitude towards her. He would wake up earlier than her and would hunt two rabbits and then, would make breakfast by himself.

When she woke up smelling delicious food, she was startled seeing him waiting for her to have breakfast. He cooked meat stew and it smelt fantastic.

"What are you doing?" She asked vigilantly.

Carlo frowned. "Can't you see? I'm waiting for you. I've already prepared breakfast for you. Freshen up."

His tone was commanding. He looked definitely displeased.

Hua Lan scoffed. "You don't have to force yourself to get along. Eat your own food." She went away to freshen up. When she came back, she saw the same thing after she woke up. She took out three fishes and began to fry them silently.

Carlo saw what she was doing. He stood up in anger and retorted, "Didn't I say that I made breakfast for both of us? Why didn't you catch fish?" He really couldn't stand her behavior.

Hua Lan smirked. "Looking at that ugly face of yours, I can tell that you don't want me to eat your cooked food. How can I stomach it knowing that the cook himself isn't satisfied? I told you not to force yourself."

'Ugly?' Carlo almost fainted in anger. He could take any curse but calling him ugly was simply one's death wish.

Her bossy attitude totally pissed him. He was standing there in anger and didn't move and inch. He wanted to see if she dared to eat her fried fish while he was glaring at her.

And, she actually did. She finished her fish and burped. Then she wiped her mouth and went out, leaving the standing Carlo.

Carlo's face turned blue in anger. His lips twisted. "Very well. I will see how long you can act like a brat."

After that, Carlo sacrificed his pride and dignity. He began to wake up early and cook for both. To make her eat the food, he practically begged her.

He said, "Please don't waste the food I made with hope and effort. Everyone says that my cooking skill is top notch. If you doubt, then have a taste first."

Hua Lan just woke up and saw him kneeling beside her. She almost had a heart attack. 'Am I seeing it correctly or my eyes betraying me? Is he the proudful, annoying, grumpy old guy who always complaints about me? What is wrong with him today? No, he has been acting strange from yesterday.'

"What are you planning?" She asked. She definitely didn't believe that he did it on his own goodwill.

Carlo who was still kneeling on the ground answered, "I want us to get along. You probably don't want to stay here for the rest of your life, do you?"

"Heh." Hua Lan smirked. 'Who said that I would stay here for the rest of my life. After I'm done with exploring this forest, I will get away from here and conquer the world. Who will stop me?'

Carlo narrowed his eyes. 'What is she laughing about? Is she laughing at me? No, she must be plotting something. She has a sinister smile on her face. It's dangerous.'

He didn't continue to pester her like before. He said, "Hurry up and freshen up. The food is getting cold." He tried his best not to use commanding tone as he noticed that the last thing she liked was someone ordering her to do anything.

Hua Lan gave him a meaningful gaze before heading towards the river. Carlo stuck out his tongue behind her back.

When she began eating, she had to admit that she never ate such delicious stew before. It was so appetizing that her eyes were shinning.

Carlo was prepared to hear some praise from her since she never said any good words to him.

All he got to hear was, "So, this is your cooking skill? It's so so." The way Hua Lan said that she couldn't bear to eat it at all.

Carlo really wished that he could chop her into pieces.

Since that day, Carlo was the who hunted animals and cooked for them. He would tell her stories about The Cobra's adventure and how they met.

They didn't become close but they moved freely around each and didn't feel awkward like before. They would have small conversation time to time, sometimes, Carlo would give her pieces of advice to survive in the wild.

"Aren't you going overboard?" Hua Lan wasn't sure whether to cry or laugh. She didn't think that Carlo wanted to get out of here so much that he wanted to stick to her like a glue.

Carlo had already knelt down and begged her. What other lower task could be there for a proudful man like him to fulfill? He calmly said, "Be a little grateful. It won't lower your lifespan."

"Oh, not being rough anymore? How mature of you!" She smirked. Poking the softest spot of his was really fun for her.

Carlo gritted his teeth and endured her mockery silently.

Hua Lan saw him working so hard to get along with her, she found it amusing. She felt like keep laughing at him so that he snapped at her and all his hard work would go to waste.

She was really an evil brat, wasn't she?

While they were walking, they found a tribal woman was hitting a child. The child was only five years old. She was small and weak. She dared not to cry while the woman was hitting her.

Hua Lan stopped in her track and glanced at the scene.

Carlo who was behind her also stopped and looked at the direction where she was looking. He was about to say, "Don't do anything reckless." However, before he could, the atmosphere around them changed drastically.

His eyes turned to the right side where Hua Lan was standing and he was shocked. He saw her eyes were red, her hair was flying and her face had a terrifying look.

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