Chapter 709: TAKE CARE OF HER

Hua Lan used her wind power to save the foreigners while hiding behind a tree. No one witnessed anything except for Carlo himself. After the deed was done, she went to elsewhere. Carlo followed her and knocked her head.

"Ow!" Hua Lan was totally unprepared for the sudden attack. She let out a sound and turned around to look at him with a glare.

Carlo didn't lose to her glare. He said, "You brat! Why did you do it? What would you do if you were exposed?"

"I would kill them." Hua Lan said ruthlessly. "But nothing happened anyway. Don't be such a nag."

It was their first conversation of them and it started with an argument.

Carlo was taken aback by her sudden coldness. More terrifying part for him was that he still couldn't read her mind. He thought that she had a maiden heart but it turned out to be ruthless heart.

"Wha-what are you saying?" Carlo stuttered. He thought, 'It's as if she killed people before.'

"I'm saying the truth. Why are you so surprised?" Hua Lan asked as if it didn't matter what she said a while ago.

Carlo gritted his teeth and roared, "You talked about killing human beings."

"Yes, and?" Hua Lan shrugged.

"Do you think killing people is a simple thing to do?" Carlo grabbed her both shoulder and shook her body.

She smirked a little. "Isn't it?"

Carlo found her attitude weird. He narrowed his eyes and asked in a low voice, "Did you kill people before?"

Hua Lan didn't answer and tried to turn over, however, his grip on her shoulder tightened. "Answer me!"

Hua Lan sighed and looked at him straightly. "Yes, you got a problem with it?"

Carlo pulled her closer. "When did you kill for the first time?"

She didn't want to answer first, but seeing him so angry, she decided not to go overboard. She replied, "I first killed after I got to know that I can kill."

It was right after she signed the contract with the Wind Spirit. The Wind Spirit gave her the power and Hua Lan didn't believe it. As a result, she killed a man who was hitting an old woman. After killing him, she felt pure joy. She craved for blood and she liked the smell of death.

Moreover, she liked that feeling. After that, she killed many people. The more she got to know her power, the more she experimented it on the other people. She slaughtered those who were drug addicted, with mafia, harmed innocent people. She finished them in a flash.

She loved to get drunk in blood in blood, get bathed in red liquids. When she craved of blood, her eyes would turn red as well. The more she killed, the more blood lust she had. Since her teacher was the Wind itself, she didn't have to sit around in one place to be taught. She could go anywhere whether it was the mountain or the valley or the sea.

She even tracked the child trafficking and slave trading. She didn't bother to call police as she saw that many powerful politicians were involved in it. So, she took care of them by herself; just like the incident of Saudi Arabia.

The rumors about her spread like wildfire. The rumors about her were all true. She killed people without blinking, without thinking. She would smile in satisfaction after she could bath in blood. To them, she was nothing but the goddess of death.

For the first time in his life, Carlo didn't know how to deal with a person. They heard the rumors but as usual they didn't heed to it as long as it was bothering them personally. They didn't have the slightest idea that the rumors were about none other than her, their own kind.

Hus Lan was a killer machine, that was how she was treated in Japan; just like the rest of the children. It was the very reason why The Cobra didn't let those killer machines live. Those who didn't know what was right and what was wrong, they would kill people for pleasure. They wouldn't listen to anyone as hatred was in their hearts. And there were people out there who would take full advantage of this power and psychology.

The Cobra took Hua Lan as it was a promise between Professor Ryuren and The Cobra. They wanted to take the other girl because she had elixir in her blood, just like Hua Lan. Other were normal killer machine. As they couldn't take all of them, they decided to destroy everything of that laboratory. Those who lived there weren't human beings.

They tried to give Hua Lan a normal environment, as a result, after she became one of them, she would avoid being a murderer. Since Carlo couldn't read her mind, he couldn't say anything. They saw her being more and more lively and a normal eight years old child, so they decided to let her have the training.

Who knew that after they turned their backs at her, she would become like this?

She was lacking moral ethic. However, there was no way he could teach her that because she wouldn't listen to him.

Carlo was speechless. He slowly let her go and Hua Lan backed away. She couldn't understand why he was acting that way and she didn't care. She knew that this person didn't like her from the very beginning.

She turned around and walked randomly. Carlo followed her silently. He didn't dare to leave her alone for a single second.

He noticed that normally she was a peaceful person who wouldn't mind into other's business. However, if there was anyone torturing a poor, innocent soul, she couldn't back off. She would teach a good lesson to the bad people.

It was definitely a good side of her, but she couldn't just randomly kill people. It wasn't a good thing to do.

'Juan must have known this fact. That's why he left her to me to handle.' Carlo thought. 'But how will I take care of her?'

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