Chapter 707: WITH THE COBRA

Carlo was startled. He immediately got up and took the groceries. After that, he followed Pedro to the house. He didn't forget to give Hua Lan a final warning gaze. Hua Lan did the same.

Juan smiled at her and sat on the grass. Hua Lan was still very careful. She moved ten meters away from him. She was ready to attack this new enemy.

Juan didn't mind her action. He asked tenderly, "Little one, did you like your room? I decorated it myself."

Hua Lan didn't talk, she didn't move either. Her eyes carefully followed Juan's every move. But she realized that she was the person who gazed at her worriedly before she lost her consciousness.

'How long as it been since anyone looked at me that way?' She wondered.

Juan continued saying, "The bought the dolls from different countries from the popular shops. I bought them while thinking your smiling face. I love it when you smile, little one."

His gaze was so warm that she couldn't look back. She was nearly hypnotized by his eyes. She was feeling as if she was melting inside.

Juan went on, "I hope you finished your meal. We thought many ways what type of food you may like, so we did some research while cooking. You see, this is the first time we have a kid with us, so we are kind of excited. They don't show their emotion much, but they care for you deep inside their hearts. You will find out sooner or later. Don't be hard to them, alright?"

Hua Lan silently listened to him. She almost nodded her head. However, she noticed how easily she was influenced by him. She frowned and coldly gazed at him.

She kept thinking, 'I don't know them. I don't know what they want from me. Don't know if they will hurt me. I cannot trust them.'

Her thoughts were clear in her eyes. Juan wasn't disappointed by her distrust. "Come back to the house when you are hungry. I will send food in your room. You can eat there till you are comfortable to eat with us."

He stood up and left after giving her a sweet, friendly smile.

Hua Lan kept her distance from her rescuers for a whole month. She sneaked out of her every time when she got chance. She would stay day and night beside the river. Sometimes, she would jump in the river and would catch fish. She would use stones to make fire and would fry the fish.

The Cobra didn't interact with her either when they saw that she was trying to cope up in her new environment. They gave her some space to adjust herself. They didn't want to force her to do anything and even they hid themselves from her, so that she could feel free sooner.

However, they were stunned seeing her frying the fish by herself and eating it with great interest. They didn't know where she learnt it from since she was given food every day in the laboratory.

What they didn't know that after she had excess to go anywhere in the laboratory, she would often breach the security system and went out of the laboratory at night and would spend her time near the small pond beside the laboratory. As she wanted to eat fish at night, she leant to catch fish and fried them by herself.

The will of survival of human being could be scary sometimes, but it also gave them strength and hope to move forward even if they were in great difficulties.

One day, Hua Lan had fallen sick because she swam a lot in the river at night. That time, only Pedro, Juan and Mark would come to her room to take care of her. Pedro would check her fever. Juan would hide the powder of the medicine in the food and would feed her meal. Mark would bath her. She never had a good bath because no one ever helped her to bath after she went to her aunt's house. After bath, mark would always apply baby lotion on her body.

Slowly, she became close to these three members of The Cobra.

After that, at night, Hua Lan couldn't sleep properly. Since her daily sleeping time was four hours a day, in two years, she got used to it and couldn't sleep more than that.

Juan would sometimes sleep with her or he would take her to his own room. At night, her eyes would be wide open and she wouldn't blink. She would keep staring at the ceiling and would think about her torturous life. Not until Juan covered her eyes with his big, warm hand, she wouldn't close her eyes and couldn't fall asleep. In the end, it became her habit to sleep with Juan.

The fourth person she got friendly with was Romano. This guy, who had a large beard and loved animals, became friends with Hua Lan as she wanted to play with animals too. This guy was an idiot and super stupid in her eyes. But still she liked him.

Since Shintaro had Hua Lan's beloved toy called laptop, they became friends sooner than the other expected. They often stayed in Shintaro's room for days to make new toys and got scolded by Osiris.

Pure heartened, handsome, lazy priest Osiris was fond of cute children and Hua Lan was just his type. Without giving Hua Lan any prior notice, he would take her in his arms, hug her and would play with her.

Altan Yul would love to play with hide and seek with her. Since he was invisible, Hua Lan felt that it was a challenge that she had to pass no matter what. She didn't win most of the time. When she was upset, Al would deliberately lose to make her happy.

Antonio, the swimmer would swim all day long. Sometimes, he would take Hua Lan away from the house and stay in an island where they would swim and catch lots of fishes without getting scolding by Osiris.

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