After the food was served, he stood up and said, "Let's leave."

As he left, the others followed him. They gently closed the door.

Hua Lan listened carefully if they locked the door or not. There was no locking sound. She opened her eyes and found herself in a princess room. The room was dyed in pink and there were lots of dolls everywhere. The furniture was also colored in pink. She sat up in astonishment as she didn't get to see any color except for black, white and red as the color of blood for the last two years. Now looking at her surroundings, something rippled in her stony heart. Afterwards, she came back to senses and got up from the bed. She walked towards the door and turned the door knob.

Though she didn't hear the 'click' sound of the door knob, she still had a doubt thinking that they might trick her. However, the door opened after she turned the door knob. She slowly peeped out of the room and saw a long corridor. Not a single ant was there. The floor was covered in red carpet and the ceiling was decorated with golden chandeliers.

Hua Lan looked at there silently and then went inside her room. She saw an open door that lead to the bathroom. She washed her face and finished her breakfast. She glanced out of the window. She saw a small river and after that, there was a green valley and mountains covered in snow.

She immensely looked at there without blinking. Suddenly, she ran out of the room. She raced on the long corridor with her small feet and saw grand stairs. She went down and found a huge ball room. After that, there was a large golden door was open and there was a green lawn before her.

Hua Lan walked fast and reached the door. She was breathing heavily as she stood there. She wanted to make sure that she wasn't dreaming. So, she stretched her right leg and slowly touched the soft grass. Not believing what she felt, she reached out her left leg and stood on the grass. Realizing that it was real, not the dream she had in two years becoming free, her eyes were automatically filled with tears. She slowly walked on the grass, sensed the feeling of its' softness, smelt the wetness of the ground, felt the sunlight on her tiny body, sensed the soft breeze, felt the cool, soft breeze.

Her heart shook. She couldn't describe what she felt at that moment. Because of her blurry eyes, she couldn't see anything in front of her. But it didn't soft her from running around. She ran till her legs grew tired.

At last, she could finally breathe.

She sat down under a large oak tree. The sun was in the top of the sky, shining brightly. The shade of the tree, softness of the grass, mild smell of the ground made her feel drowsy. She slowly closed her eyes.

The first person who saw her sleeping under a tree, was Carlo. He came back from shopping and while he was walking to the house, he saw the tiny body was sleeping on the ground.

He clicked his tongue in annoyance. 'This brat! She dared to come out of the house when nobody was looking at her and yet she would refuse to face us. I will teach her a good lesson for calling me a monster.'

As he thought that, he walked closer and sat down beside her. Seeing her robotic sleeping face, he poked her soft, rosy cheek. "Brat, wake up! How dare you sleep in a place like this? Do you want to fall ill?"

Hua Lan only dozed off. More importantly, she had light sleep for two years. When she noticed that someone was poking her face and being rude to her, before opening her eyes, she scratched that hand which was poking her cheek.

Carlo was startled at the moment and finding the opportunity, Hua Lan moved away. She didn't forget to scratch Carlo's handsome face. After that, she looked at him vigilantly.

Carlo was so angry that he lost his words. Soon, his face turned red and he roared, "You brat! You dared to scratch my beautiful face. I will kill you!"

Hua Lan didn't talk. Her eyes were filled with hostility as if she was ready to jump on him and fight him once again. She wasn't trying to be friendly at all. That guy woke her up from her beauty sleep. He was bound to be her greatest enemy.

Carlo who cherished his face more than anything almost blew his top. "We saved you from those ba***rds and this is how you repay us? Look what you did to my face." He saw blood in his fingers after he touched his injury.

'This ungrateful brat! She didn't falter even a bit before scratching my face!' Carlo cursed in his mind.

Hearing the commotion, Juan and Pedro came out of the storage room. It was twenty meters away from their house.

"What happened?" Pedro asked first. He glanced at the three scratches on Carlo's face. "Did you two fight?"

Carlo retorted, "What fight? She attacked me first. Didn't I tell you that she will try to harm her saviors? Now that you saw with your own eyes, get her out of our territory."

Juan calmly inquired, "And how did that happen? Who was here first?"

Carlo didn't speak and glared at the little girl who was giving him the same treatment. It was more like a war between a tiger versus a tiger cub.

Juan saw the groceries on the ground. "Didn't you go to buy ingredients for today's meal? Are you telling me that she suddenly attacked you when you were coming back? And why are you in the lawn? Don't you always take the road?"

Carlo grunted.

Pedro huffed. "Enough of your childish act. Come with me. If we treat the injury any later, it might give you a scar."

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