Chapter 705: MONSTERS

Liam came towards Pedro and Altan. "Did you like my firework?" He grinned.

Liam Eyak was an eye-catching man. His build body was breathtaking. Others had six packs and he had eight packs. He was from Alaska. As a tribal from a land full of ice, he was unexceptionally hot-tempered person. His body was so warmer than other people. There was a reason for that. He had the power to control fire. He also loved to live inside the fire. It must be the very reason that he had no hair in his body.

Pedro gazed at him and said, "It was bigger than the last one. Is everyone dead?"

"With my fire, there shouldn't be anyone left. The killer machines cannot live, including their creators." Liam looked around. "Where is everyone?"

Pedro replied, "The other kid is missing. She even injured Al when he was invisible."

Liam was stunned. "This brat is better than Ryu's daughter."

"We cannot compare them. Ryu's daughter was there for two years. And Shin said that the other girl was there from her birth. Her mother was a scientist. She offended her superior who wanted to marry her and so her daughter was stolen right after she was born. This child's name is Haruka Fujiwara. But she never knew her own name." Pedro said. "That's why I say that Ryu's daughter is lucky. She was here for only two years."

"But is was enough to destroy her. She already became a killing machine before she knew it." Liam commented.

"Let's leave first. Others will catch her." Al suggested. He wanted to take some rest.

"Let's go." Liam carried Al and with them Pedro went away.


Hua Lan could sense things around her. She heard people talking.

A man with mature voice asked, "Did you find her?" his tone was calm and collected. He was Juan.

Hua Lan thought, 'I've heard many voices during my stay here. But I never heard this voice before.' She still thought that she was captured and taken to the laboratory. She momentarily forgot that the laboratory was destroyed before her.

Mark answered, "She is gone, just vanished. I wonder where she went. Moreover, she was powerful enough to harm Al who was invisible. If she is out there and cause problems, Shin will be able to find her." He was thoughtful.

'Ah, they are talking about her.' Hua Lan realized that they were talking about her other companion. She listened to them carefully.

"She could go inside the building to save other killing machines." Al said. He saw her going to the west where the killing machines were kept.

"Are you kidding me? The building was burnt to nothing left. Liam even destroyed the whole port including the ships and killed the people. There was no one left." Romano didn't agree.

Juan asked, "Did you find her dead body?"

Romano halted before replying, "…No…."

Juan said, "Then she is alive. Maybe she found a way to hide or she left before you could manage to get there. As an eight years old girl, she cannot do it alone if she wants to cross the sea. She must be with some people. She could have killed those people but I think they did something so that she couldn't hurt them. They took her unconscious body."

"So, you mean that she is with the scientists and researchers who fled from that place." Kilimanjaro asked in a soft voice. He wasn't used to talking to his team leader.

Juan replied, "It's just a theory, but it can be possible."

"How troublesome!" Carlo frowned.

Hua Lan came to a decision. 'I never met these people. They came to take me and her. But why? Are they the same as those doctors? They didn't even find her. I will look for her when I'm free.'

While she was thinking of many things, Pedro glanced at the little girl who was lying down. "She is awake." He declared.

"!!!" Hua Lan didn't know how that guy realized that she was awake. But she pretended to be sleep.

"She is wondering how you found out that she's awake." Carlo read her mind.

"And still she is calm. Impressive!" Mark commented.

'He can read my mind! Is he a monster?' Hua Lan thought.

Carlo got angry. "You dare to call me monster! Brat! I will kill you!" He stood up from the chair.

Juan smiled and stroke her hair. "She must be scared. She is thinking if we are one of those bad guys who caught her to punish her or mistreat her."

Carlo didn't want to believe that. He retorted. "Impossible. She is thinking that we are monsters. She will hurt us when she gets the chance, I tell you!"

Mark sighed. "Can you not complain about every single thing, Carl? It's getting on my nerves. It's simple for this kid to think that we are monsters after you read her mind. No normal human can do that."

"I'm just stating the truth." Carlo scoffed.

Mark sneered. "Even if she thinks someone monster, that will be you. I mean, if she sees that scornful face of yours…"

"Mark, don't push it…" Carlo got up from his seat.

"Hey you two! Acting like kids when you are adult. And here look at the real-life kid who is acting like an adult. Shame on you two!" Osiris chided those two.

"He started it!" Carlo and Mark both said in unison, pointed at each other.

"Grow up." Osiris, the priest lectured them.

Juan spoke up, "Little one, don't be afraid. We are here to help you. Aren't you hungry? We have cooked some delicious food. I'm sure you will love it."

Hua Lan still didn't open her eyes.

"She seems to be persistent about it." Pedro commented.


"Look, her stomach is also crying for some food. Bur she won't budge. Could it be, she is on hunger strike?" Romano thoughtfully asked.

Others became silent. They never thought that this kid would be so aggressive.

In the end, Juan suggested, "Bring her food here."

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