"Because I want to see her to flee by herself." Kilimanjaro fully supported these little two kids.

Mark was so not interested in the play. "Can we just get over with it. I'm getting bored." He started playing with pebbles.

"It's not that we don't want to do anything. Juan isn't giving us any signal." Shintaro shrugged.

"These guys are persistent, aren't they?" Romano commented. "They won't let these kids go at all."

Osiris leisurely said, "Of course not. They have elixir on their bodies. And they are the only two who survived after going through the trainings and experiments. Can you imagine who much money they spent to make a perfect weapon? They were waiting for the result after a decade and now they got their weapon. And look what happened. They are super pissed for sure."

Osiris had tanned skin and blonde hair. He had a toned body. Egyptian blood ran through his body. He was a charming and yet a pure man. Women's hearts were stabbed by his innocent remarks multiple times. He was a priest.

"Aren't you too relaxed?" Carlo frowned.

"Aren't you always the complaining one? When I wasn't relaxed. I'm just myself. There is nothing to panic anyway. These kids will get caught." Osiris lightly said.

Just as he predicted and said, the kids were caught and dragged by their hair.

"Nooo! They are just kids! How can they do that?" Kilimanjaro almost cried out.

"Kid, if you can't take it go home and drink milk." Carlo scoffed. The frown of his forehead didn't disappear.

Kilimanjaro, the newly added member was a coward in front of grumpy Carlo. Carlo always complained about things. It made Kilimanjaro scared of him.

"Don't just get mad at him all the time. He will feel uncomfortable." Mark chided slightly.

Carlo scoffed again and became silent.

"The other girl… she got some unusual power. What kind of power produce white light? It's not thunder either. Or else, I would have thought that she was the daughter of Zeus, or she was the female Zeus." Romano commented.

Pedro joined the conversation. "That was a special kind of experiment. I'm glad that Ryu's kid didn't go through that."

"If we knew that her aunt was a witch, we would keep an eye on her. Who knew…." Mark sighed. "When Shin got her location, we were too late. She was injected with HIV. I'm hating human being more and more, even though I'm one of them."

"We have to take both brats. Tsk! How annoying." Carlo couldn't help but clicked his tongue again.

"Oh, they already reached the entrance." Romano announced.

They gave their attention to the scene.


They saw an explosion and the girls and the guards fell on the ground.

"Ah, Liam is here as well." Mark remarked casually.

"Why is everyone here? It's just two kids. Any one of us could capture them single handedly." Carlo said another remark with a frown.

"No one asked you to come anyway. You are the one who said, 'I want to see what is Ryu's kid made of.' Remember now?" Mark said to make fun of him.

Actually, he wasn't the only one, they were all curious to know about Professor Ryuren's daughter. Juan even trapped them with a sentence, "It will be fun to watch the show."

This one sentence made everyone curious. Thus, all thirteen members came to see what was going on. If they didn't come, they would definitely miss what an eight years old child could do.

They saw Juan went forward and took Professor Ryuren's daughter. Then he carried her out of the place.

"Have you seen the other kid?" Carlo realized first that the companion of Ryu's daughter was missing.

Everyone was alerted. They were giving attention to Professor Ryuren's daughter so they didn't notice anything. Now that they looked for the girl, they couldn't see her anywhere.

"I'm going to look for her." Pedro said. He stood up.

When he was about to jump, they heard a low groan. Everyone's eyes fell on the ground where the sound came from. They saw Altan Yul was covering his dashing face and rolling on the ground. Blood was spilling from his fingers.

Pedro went forward and uncovered Al's face. His face was cut from his forehead to his left cheek. The cut wasn't that deep, but blood was making his face horrifying.

"…How did you end up like this? Weren't you invisible?" Pedro took him to the tree. He took out some herb from his pocket, put them inside his mouth and chew them slowly.

"---That girl… she wasn't hurt in the explosion. She saw Juan and was trying to leave quietly. I followed her. She somehow noticed my presence. When I tried to approach her, she flashed a light as sharp as blade and my skin was cut, just like that. If I didn't move away quickly, my head would be sliced into two pieces." Al told them the whole story.

Carlo asked, "Where did she go? I tried to read her mind but I couldn't. So, I cannot track her down. She wasn't thinking anything. It's unusual for a girl."

"In the west corner." Al replied.

"I'm going then." Carlo vanished in the darkness.

Pedro took out the herb from his mouth and with liquid on it. After that he put it on Al's injury. The bleeding stopped almost instantly. He took out a bandage and wrapped it on Al's face.

He said, "I thought that the kid might need it. Who could have thought that I had to use it on you? You were careless."

"I underestimated the girl." Al said in a sad tone. He lamented. He was sure that the girl was gone by now.

Carlo came back in a minute. "I cannot find her. It seems she knows how to hide."

"We can't let her wander by herself. She will be in danger. Let's look for her together." Mark suggested. Except for Pedro and Al, others left to find her.

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