Chapter 703: LITTLE ONE

Both girls looked back and saw the security guards were chasing them. Moreover, the people in the port were also looking at them curiously and some of them were running after them.

"Tsk!" Hua Lan clicked her tongue and ran to the ship. The ship was about to voyage.

The other girl followed her closely. "Can you jump?" She saw that a ship crew was taking off the wooden board that was used for walking to the ship.

Hua Lan narrowed her eyes, and ran faster, leaving behind the girl. Before the crew could take it out, she jumped. However, the crew got scared at her action and the wooden board stumbled. When Hua Lan landed on the wooden board, she fell on the sea with the board.

When the other girl reached the other side of the dock, she looked down and saw Hua Lan was swimming towards a small boat. She also jumped on the sea and swam towards Hua Lan's direction.

The boat had two fishermen in there. They were sailing. Hua Lan tried to touch the side of the boat.


The fisherman who had paddle in his hand, stroke at Hua Lan's small hand. She immediately let go and fell behind. The force of the smack was so heavy that her skin cut through and she began to bleed. Her fingers became numb in pain. But, she didn't utter a single sound.

The fishermen already saw her prison uniform. The one who hit her before, once again smacked her with the paddle in the head. She tried to cover her head with her injured hands and swam backwards while using her legs. She didn't want them to hurt her head.

The other girl who was still swimming, saw that incident and in a flash white light sharply blew towards both fishermen and they died in the spot. They were beheaded.

Hua Lan once again swam towards the boat. She took the paddle which almost fell from the dead fisherman's hand. She threw the paddle on the boat and got up on the bloody boat without any hesitation. Then she helped the other girl to get up on board.

Hua Lan silently took the heads and threw them in the sea, and the girl helped her to take the bodies out of the boat. After they finished their work, both of them got tired.

The current of the ocean already took the boat away from the port. However, there were men still chasing after them in the sea. They took boats to catch them.

"Do you know how to use paddle?" Hua Lan asked that girl.

The girl replied while shaking her head, "No."

Hua Lan once saw her father to row a boat. It had been a long time since she remembered that she had a father who knew a lot of things. Maybe the clear sky was reminding her about her beautiful past.

She prayed, 'Papa…. I wish you could teach me how to use paddle.'

She already had a cue of what was called alive and what was called death. She learnt that when she had HIV on her body. She understood why her mother and she wore black clothes and took white roses in the destroyed library that day. She could tell that others thought that her father was dead.

However, when she asked herself what she thought about it, she found no answer. Because, it didn't matter anymore whether her father lived or died. Her father didn't keep his promise and he didn't come to save her when she was in the verge of death. Where was the point if he was alive or dead? It didn't matter anymore. She didn't feel anything.

She tried to row the boat. As it was the first time for her doing it and also, she was a child who couldn't do adult's heavy work, the boat kept spinning in the same spot.

She did try her best though.

The security officers came closer and closer. Hua Lan desperately tried to row the boat, but she failed. The security officers were pointing their guns at them and shouted, "Don't move. Don't try anything stupid."

In the end, Hua Lan and the other girl were caught. They were grabbed by the hair and was dragged in the laboratory again. They knew what was waiting for them.

A lifetime prison.

Fled from the laboratory after harming them, there was no forgiveness of that.

They were almost taken there when an incident happened.

There was a strong explosion happened in the middle of the laboratory. The wave was so powerful that the girls and the security officers were thrown on the ground. The shattered glasses, broken bricks flew at them and some of them were knocked out by bricks and some of them were injured.

Hua Lan also lost consciousness. Before she closed her heavy eyelids, she saw a man's face. In the dark night, red and yellow flames were burning and the golden yellow hue danced on the man's face. His face was full of concern. She hadn't seen such face for a long time.

'Brings back memories….' She thought before closing her eyes.

"…Little one…." A tender voice, it was the last thing she heard before losing her consciousness.


Thirty minutes ago.

Shintaro was looking at the port. "Look at this kid. She is only eight, right? I can't believe it!" He was having fun and as well as he was stunned by the scene unfolding before him.

There were bunch on youngsters who were sitting on branches of the tress on the area and they were watching a great show,

Carlo clicked his tongue in annoyance. "It's just a lab rat. There is nothing amazing about it. They are all trained."

Romano said, "You sound like you taught her by yourself."

Kilimanjaro was having a heart attack. "Oh God! Oh God! What will happen? They are catching up. She can't go herself."

"Isn't this the reason why we are here? Why are you having a panic attack?" Pedro frowned.

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