Chapter 702: CATCH THEM

She had excess to almost everywhere. She created some programs for them and helped them in research. Sometimes, they would give her drug to increase her brain's working ability. They only stopped experimenting on her working ability when she was as fast as computer. It was the very reason she learnt everything so fast.

The researchers and the scientists noticed that she didn't talk, laugh, get angry, frustrated, proud or show any emotion. She did what she was needed to do and that's it. She didn't even reply to anyone's greeting except for when she was asked any question regarding her lessons or work. She never played with other children even though she got permission to do so. She was more like a living robot.

They wanted to know why she was like that. They brought a psychologist for counseling, but Hua Lan neither answered to that psychologist nor did she react to the psychologist's words.

Finding no progress, they decided to put on a chip to understand her brain process and thinking. The process had been completed.

Hua Lan knew everything, but she didn't show any concern. They also failed to figure out the resolve in her eyes.

Just the day on the operation, Hua Lan hacked the whole security system of the laboratory. Knowing that who did it, they went to her room but found nothing. Moreover, the doors of the other rooms were also open, so, the kids came out and trying to get out of that place. The security officers were having hard time to take care of the. The researchers and scientists also helped them.

All the kids grew up in the harsh treatment and with various kinds of training. To leave this place and to fight against the bad people for the first time, the children were excited and fought with all their strength.

Meanwhile, Hua Lan was in the sewage. She was already soaked in odd smelly water. It didn't bother her. All she wanted to see sunlight, wished to feel warmth of ground, pure breeze, smell of wet soil, would like to hear chirping sound of birds, watch animals and the river flowing. She wanted to get out of here.

She was close to opening of the sewage. She knew after that, she would get chased. She was prepared for it. However, she didn't think that security officers were waiting for her in the end of the sewage lane. The moment she opened the lid and peeped put of the hole, one of the security officers grabbed her by hair and pulled her out.

"B**ch! We gave you food, shelter and this is the way you betray us!" He slapped her hard. Her lips began to bleed.

However, neither she cried nor did she make a sound. She looked around carefully and saw that everyone was armed. They knew that she was better than a black belt. So, if she moved unwisely, they would probably shoot at her.

Another security officer spoke in the walkie-talkie, "Target hams been found. I repeat, target has been found."

Someone asked from the other side of the walkie-talkie, "State your position." He was the head of the security.

"We are in the north-east corner of the gymnast." The security officer said.

The head of the security instructed, "There is another target going towards you. It is more powerful. Be prepared and capture it."

"Yes, sir." The security office signaled his men. "Don't move. Another target is coming this way. We have to stay aler-"


He couldn't finish his word, before that, his head was separated from his body.

"Ahhhh!" The other officers were stunned for a few seconds before screaming.

Hua Lan took the chance of their distraction and hit them, kicked them, dislocated their arms and legs. They cried out in pain. After that, she looked at the source where the attack first came from.

There was a girl as same age as her, wearing same type of prison shirt and pajamas like her. In the dark, white clothes with black straps could be seen perfectly.

The girl calmly looked at her. She asked, "Are you Subject HL21051999?"

Hua Lan replied, "Yes. You are from Special Care."

"Yes." The girl lightly nodded.

Special Care was for those who were given not only elixir but also unique ability. The document said that one out of fifty children survived the experiment. The girl in front of Hua Lan was the one.

"So, they taught you two kill people?" Hua Lan wiped off the blood of the security officer from her face.

The girl tilted her head. "They taught everyone to kill people, we are killer machines, and that includes you too."

Hua Lan thought about her words, but she couldn't understand. She wanted to ask what she meant.

However, the girl asked, "How can we het out of here? We are still in their area."

"Follow me." Hua Lan quietly said and walked to the opposite direction. The girl followed her. Both of them didn't talk. While there were siren and scream of the children and the security officers, these two girls soundlessly walked out of that place.

They stood in front of the wide ocean.

The girl turned around looked back. Some people were running towards them. "They are close."

Hua Lan bit her lower lip. She was thinking of a way out. She glanced at the girl beside her. "Do you know how to sail?"

"I only know how to kill." The eight years old girl said.

Looking at the bustling port, Hua Lan clenched her hands and said, "Let's go." She took the girls hand and ran forward.

In the busy port, people were walking around. They all seemed to be busy with imported goods. Hua Lan and the other girl hid themselves behind the large boxes.

Hua Lan signaled the other girl to go to the ship which was about to leave. The girl nodded and with Hua Lan they walked towards the ship.

Suddenly, someone said from behind, "There they are! Catch them!"

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