In one week, Zhuan Zhen became healthy. However, she was still injured. She was yet to recover.

Little Lanie was spending more time with her little brother. Little Jonah was also very attached to his elder sister.

Fourteen days later, Nick came back to the mansion. He knocked the door. "May I come in?"

Zhuan Zhen just made her son fall asleep. She glanced at Nick and smiled radiantly. "Sure."

Little Lanie was sitting beside her mother. She was reading a story book given by Nala.

Nick entered Zhuan Zhen's room and sat on a chair. "You look better." He noticed that her face was brighter than before.

"It's all thanks to you." Zhuan Zhen was really grateful to Nick.

"It's my duty as a friend of Ryu." Nick was a polite man when he wanted to.

Zhuan Zhen became silent as her husband's name came up. After a while he asked, "Did you find out his whereabouts?"

Nick shook his head. "My men are still looking for him. Don't worry. I believe he is still alive."

Zhuan Zhen nodded. "I know." She also believed it in her heart.

Nick changed the subject. "What identity do you want to live in? What occupation will you choose? Did you think of anything?"

She shook her head. "No, all I want now is to recover as soon as possible. I have burdened you."

Nick got angry. He almost raised his voice but looking at the sleeping Jonah, he lowered his voice. "Don't talk nonsense. I don't do it for random people. If it wasn't for Ryu, you would be dead by now. It wasn't easy to fool the Arabian enemy. However, they weren't alone in this. Someone from China was definitely joined their hands with them. Or it wouldn't be that easy. Do you think there was no evidence of the explosion? I have found all the evidence. The government covered everything. They didn't let anyone know it. It only means that at least one influential Chinese family has a hand behind the incident. Same goes for your incident. The hospital and the police didn't cooperate and nearly killed you. Their plan was beyond perfection. There was no leak. If you daughter didn't call, huh, it's not hard to imagine what would happen by now."

"It's nothing new." Zhuan Zhen sighed. She was facing after her father made her the President of Zhuan Corporation. Now it was all gone.

Nick said, "But now you have kids. You have to think about them. Anyway, I have already prepared some profiles for you. It will be easy for you to choose."

As he handed over the documents, Zhuan Zhen began to read them one by one.

Nick gazed at the busy little Lanie who was absorbed in the fairy land. "By the way, I heard that your sister is looking for Lanie."

It took not only Zhuan Zhen but also little Lanie's attention. Tiny doll's ears perked up as she heard it.

Nick found her reaction 'so cute'. He asked her, "What will you do? Your auntie thinks that you have no parents so she can adopt you to get your gold coins. Do you want to give her gold coins?"

This three years old Lanie only understood that gold coins could be the treasure. She knew that her father left lots of gold coins for her to play. It all belonged to her.

Little Lanie frowned. She didn't like the idea that her precious gold toys would be someone else's. She said, "It belongs to me. So, I will won't hand it over to anyone no matter what."

Nick laughed. "Excellent. Then you three can stay under my care."

"No." Little Lanie stubbornly said.

'Did I hear right?' Nick blinked. "No?"

"No, I have to go with auntie. I also have to tell her that I was living in the street. If I stay with you, she might suspect something. I can't take the risk. I will go with auntie and her eyes will be on me all the time. If she is one of them who attack mama and little brother, then she wouldn't be able to harm my mama and little brother anymore. For them I have to do it." Little Lanie promised her father that she would protect her mother and brother. Now it's the time. This was the adventure her father was talking about.

Zhuan Zhen: "…"

Nick: "…"

Nick broke the silence first. He whispered to Zhuan Zhen, "Are you sure that your daughter isn't an alien? Should I check her blood?"

Zhuan Zhen didn't know if she should be proud or be stunned and should think that there was something wrong with her daughter.

Little Lanie frowned after hearing the comment of Nick. It's not that she fully understood anything. She said what was written on the diary. She just repeated her father's words. She had a photographic memory after all.

However, she didn't want to explain it to them. It they thought that she was an alien, then she was an alien. It would be more fun that way.

Nick became normal and turned serious. "What little Lanie said isn't entirely false. If you want to save your son and yourself, she has to go with her aunt."

Zhuan Zhen didn't agree. "But that will make her life dangerous. Who knows what will my sister do? She is always so greedy and jealous." She feared that her sister wouldn't let her precious daughter off.

"Mama, I have promised papa that I will protect you two. I have to go to her. And she won't do anything to me. She wants my gold coins, right? Without my agreement, she cannot do anything." Little Lanie assured her mother the way it was written in the diary.

Professor Ryuren was a legend. He planned everything beforehand when he knew that he was going to face danger. Now that he handed the diary with his instruction to his precious daughter, he didn't have to worry anymore.

However, he didn't know that his calculation would go terribly wrong. He had misjudged his sister-in-law's character. He never imagined how ferocious she could be to a little girl who didn't understand anything.

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