Chapter 690: SAVE MY SON

Mu Lan's mind drifted to the past.

The evening when the accident happens.

Two days after her birthday, little Lanie saw her father going out. She ran towards him. "Papa, where are you going?"

Hearing her voice, Professor Ryuren was startled. He turned around and found his tiny doll was running towards him with all her might. He best down to take her in his arms. "Papa, is going to the library."

"Papa, I will go with you." She cutely said. She loved going to the library and reading book.

Professor Ryuren cracked a smile. "I'm not going there to read. I have some business there. Can you be obedient and stay with your mama and little brother? While I'm out, watch cartoon. Alright?"

"But I want to go with you." Little Lanie frowned. She suddenly had an urge not to let her father go out of her sight. She was scared.

However, he refused. "Not today, Lanie. Another time."

She pouted. "Promise me that you will come back soon."

"Take care of mama and little brother until I come back." He rubbed her head affectionately and kissed her cheeks which were as red as an apple. Then he put her down and opened the door and left without answering her.

Little Lanie saw her father going away. She was upset. She turned around and as her father said, she began watching television.

Zhuan Zhen woke up from afternoon nap and came to the living room. "Sweetie, can to change the channel? I want to see today's news."

"Sure, mama." Tiny doll agreed and changed the channel.

Just as she changed the channel, the reporter was reporting about the recent explosion in the library.

Zhuan Zhen had a glass of milk in her hand. She wanted to hand it to her daughter. However, seeing the familiar library and knowing that her husband went there before the explosion, the glass on her hand fell on the floor and shattered into million pieces. The warm milk splashed everywhere.

She didn't care about the massacre on the floor. She headed to the bedroom, took her cell phone and called her husband.

The three years old girl had yet to realize why her mother acted like that. She looked at the television and saw burning library. Her favorite library was on fire. The books, tables, chairs and people were burning. A horrifying scene. Tears filled her eyes for the first time in two years. She sniffed. She was sad.

After everything was under control, the police released a statement; except for ash, nothing was found; people, books, furniture everything burnt to the point that there was no existence of anything.

The family full of happiness suddenly became a house of mourning. Zhuan Zhen was wearing black gown. There was a white rose on her hand. Her other hand was gripping on her daughter's hand who was also wearing a black frock and had a white rose on other hand. They placed the flowers in the monument where the library was.

It was already a week since the incident happened. The government ordered to carry out the investigation. It was claimed as a terrorist attack by the investigators. After that they made a temporary monument.

Zhuan Zhen came back home with her daughter. She held back her emotion. She had to do it for both of her children. She looked at her daughter and said, "Sweetie, go freshen up. I will make you lunch."

"Okay, mama." Little Lanie obediently went to her bedroom. She changed her dress and washed her face and hands. After that, she went to her bed. Under the pillow, there was her father's diary that she got on her birthday.

She opened it and read the diary.

'Dear Lanie, I know you might be upset that I'm not here with you, but I'm secretly telling you that I'm still around you. I didn't go far away where you cannot reach me. I will come back when the time comes. However, before that, you have to take care of your mother and little bother. You can do it, right?'

She continued reading as her vision became blurry.

'You papa is going on a secret adventure. So, he couldn't tell anyone. You are the only one I'm telling. Keep it as a secret, alright? Don't even tell your mama. Or she might punish me when I come back.'

She laughed this time.

'There are further instructions in the next pages. You said you were confused. I know it's hard to understand but relax. You are still a child so you will face difficulties to choose the right path. But I still belief that you are going to be fine. Follow my instruction so that you have no problem deciding what you should do. '

Though her father said that he left for a secret adventure, she kept waiting for him, but he didn't come back. Two months later, her mama had a car accident. He was taken to the hospital. Little Lanie was still at home. She got a call from the hospital. Not knowing what to do, she asked the police to take her to the hospital.

After she went to the hospital, the doctors were saying something like her mama couldn't stay with her, she had to leave.

She asked, "Where will my mama go with my little brother?"

The doctor and nurses fell silent. They didn't know what to say t her.

She had no other guardians and so their neighbor came to take care of the formalities.

Little Lanie was feeling helpless as she saw her mother lying on the bed, covered in blood, crying out loudly in pain and saying, "Save my son. Save my son please."

This little girl couldn't take it anymore. She had her father's diary with her and used it whenever she was in trouble. It was like a bible to her.

She turned over some pages and found some numbers. The first number was of a doctor. She dialed that numbered.

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