Pedro immediately operated Professor Ryuren's injuries. When he was done, he came out of the room.

Juan asked, "What's his condition?"

Pedro gloomily shook his head. "Not good. If it wasn't me who was operating him, he would probably be dead by now. He is in a good shape. However, it will take time to heal al the injuries. The worst thing is, because of his severe head damage, he is in vegetated state. I can't tell for sure how long it will take for him to wake up."

Juan suggested, "We have to give him nutrition if we want him to survive, but it will be dangerous to let him stay here, or, we can just take him with us, let him stay there, he will heal naturally."

Mark gazed at him. "You want to take him there?"

"It's not that he doesn't know that place." Juan said nonchalantly.

Pedro agreed. "Let's take him there."







Mu Lan was holding her breath. After Juan finished telling her everything, she exhaled. "So that's what happened. I'm glad that you guys saved him….. Is he… still in coma?"

Pedro replied, "Yes, but recently we found out from Antonio that Ryuren had moved his fingers."

Antonio was one of them. He had a special power to control water.

"He is in there?" Mu Lan looked surprised.

"Yes." Romano nodded.

"Then why do you need the gold key? He can open the gate." Mu Lan said.

"The gate is locked from outside. He cannot open it from inside. After you left, he is locked there for years with your vegetated father. He used telepathy to talk to Carlo and sent him the message about your father's condition. Have some sympathy for him." Pedro scoffed.

Mu Lan became stiff. "Okay, I will sorry for him."

"Now if you want to get your father back, find the gold key and open the door. Although you cannot move him yet, since he isn't fully awake, you can meet him. We didn't want you to know about him before we got any positive news. We knew that he would wake up, knowing his headstrong stubbornness, se we decided to wait." Juan explained.

Mu Lan realized that they didn't tell her beforehand because she would be upset and keep waiting for him to wake up, but it wouldn't help either way.

She didn't know what to say. They were considerate towards her more than she ever expected.

She chuckled in a low tone and said, "I remember that last time I put the gold key in my dorm when I lived there. But then everything is blank. I don't know if I moved it to elsewhere."

"Of course you did, since you moved to your apartment. But we searched that place before this Mu boy's men burnt it down to destroy the evidence of yours. We didn't find it. You took it elsewhere." Shintaro said.

"What should I do? Without my memory, I cannot get it." Mu Lan began chewing her lower lip.

Carlo was cooking. He suggested, "You can go to China, find that Li boy, get your memories back, and problem is solved."

Mu Liang's grip on Mu Lan's hand tightened. She put her free hand on his hand and stroke his hand slowly. She only said, "I understand. Let me think about it."

Then she looked at Mu Liang and said, "I think, Liang Liang is healing faster than I thought. We can head back to Saudi Arabia tomorrow. We had enough rest."

The Cobra became silent. They had to punish… no, no, they had to test this Mu brat if he was capable of being the husband of their daughter. They couldn't just let this chance go.

Shintaro's expression was funny. He suggested, "Why don't you stay here for a couple of days?"

Mu Lan gave him a bright smile. "It's alright. Who knows what will happen to my future husband if I close my eyes for a moment."

It left the others speechless.

At night, Mu Lan slept with Mu Liang.

Mu Laing was hugging her and asked, "What do you think about going to China?"

Mu Lan was silent for a while before she answered, "I have to face him sooner or later. But I need some time to prepare myself. If I go there, I want to finish every evil thing that started after my father's accident."

He looked down her to see her expression in the dark. "Do you remember what happened back then?"

She replied, "I remember every single thing. When I think about it, my heart burns to take revenge. You told my how that monster treated me. I remember every word. Since he is stupid enough to hurt someone he never should have hurt, he has to pay for the crime. And of course, my mama and Jonah suffered because of my aunt. That woman, I will chew her off."

The moonlight fell on her face. It made her face glowing in the dark. Her eyes were somehow burning with blue fire. She looked so beautiful when she was serious.

Mu Liang suggested, "Why don't I do it for you? You don't have to face the danger."

"If I don't punish them with my own hands, there will be no meaning of my living." Mu Lan clenched her jaw. Her behavior showed how much she loathed her aunt.

It pained Mu Liang. He refused to believe her cruel words. "Don't say that. You have a good life. You have a good future."

Mu Lan let out a low chuckle. Her eyes were looking outside the window. She could see the moon from her bed. Her gaze was intense. It was as if the moon was a big white screen where it showed how much pain she went through in her childhood.

She said, "You are saying this because you don't know what I faced after my papa's accident. I wanted to have an adventure. But I never even dreamt that my wish would turn into a nightmare that I could never forget."

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