After answering Professor Ryuren, tiny doll blinked. "But papa, I don't understand. You said I have to wait for you and again you said that I have to do what I think is right. You said that I should keep a low profile and again you said that I couldn't let other bully me. How should I do that? Papa, this is going really weird."

Professor Ryuren didn't know how could he make this little girl understand him completely. He gently rubbed her hair and said, "When the time comes, you will know."

"Okay. I will wait for the day to come." She simply nodded.

After that Professor Ryuren handed her a single page. "Read it and memorize it."

Little Lanie looked at the page full of numbers. "Is this coordination of a place?"

"Do you know what coordination means?" He asked her curiously.

"I saw you using coordination to go to various islands last few months." She said truthfully.

Professor Ryuren and Zhuan Zhen were really daring to take her to their adventures when she was just one and half years old. If it wasn't for them, she wouldn't have known the things which a two years girl shouldn't have known.

He said, "Alright, now that you know, you have to memorize it."

This was the material what Zhuan Zhen was talking about two years ago. It was known by only him, her and now their little daughter.

Little Lanie handed the paper to her father and said, "Okay, I memorized it. Where will this coordination lead me?"

"Grow up and go there by yourself. When you will, you will find it out. Don't talk about it to anyone, no matter how much you trust those people, cannot share this information." He gently reminded her.

Tiny doll simply agreed. "Alright. I will have my own adventures like papa and mama."

He smiled and kissed her forehead. After that, he burnt that paper.

What she didn't know that her wish came sooner than she expected.

Two days later, Professor Ryuren went to the library. He had a special permission to go to the restriction area. He put his diary locked up in the restricted room two years ago. He knew that after he solved the problem in Saudi Arabia, someone would try to find out what type of medicine he used. In his diary, he had written about his lifetime work. It was more precious than anything else. A very few people knew about it, one of them betrayed him. Now he had to hide his own stuffs.

Just as he took the diary in his hand, a sudden blast threw him to the corner. The whole library crumbled. People screamed in pain. Some people asked for help. The bookshelves fell one by one with crashing sound. Books and furniture were burning everywhere.

Professor Ryuren became conscious five minutes later. He couldn't hear anything. His head was buzzing. His whole body was paralyzed. He felt blood coming down on his face. A bookshelf fell on his legs with book. He could tell that his legs fractured.

He was in such state, but he still didn't believe that it was his dead end. He was in the dangerous situation many times, but never did he die. He still thought that he wouldn't die now.

However, being paralyzed like this, what could he do?

He opened his mouth to ask for help, and that time, another wave hit him. This explosive was more powerful than before. Whatever was left in the library was completely gone after this explosion.


Juan Silva was only twenty three years old. He was so young and handsome. He walked out of the bar. Tonight, he was supposed to meet Professor Ryuren.

Al already informed them that Professor Ryuren was in danger. Some people from Saudi Arabia were following him. So, The Cobra came to take little Lan away before anything happened to Professor Ryuren. Because he was the only one who knew about the exchange he did.

But they didn't know that this fellow would dare to take his words back. Now, he didn't want to give her daughter to them. He told them to wait for his son to born and he would give his son away.

But Juan wouldn't want that. His wish was simple. "The elixir I gave to exchange of your daughter, not son. Thus, I will take your daughter." This was the last thing he spoke to Professor Ryuren the night of little Lanie's birthday.

Juan looked at the busy street. The sun only set. There was still a touch of the light in the sky.

Juan heard some noises and went to the dark alley beside the bar. He found out that Romano and a sexy bartender were hugging and kissing like a wild couple.

Juan moved away from there and let them have some fun.

Mark walked towards him and said, "Kilimanjaro said that Ryuren went to the library. Two men were following him." He looked around and asked, "Where is Romano?"

"Fooling around. Let him be. We need to move before something happens to Ryuren." Juan said and moved forward.

Just then, they heard the sound of the explosion. While people were shocked and screamed, the two of them already vanished.

They were a little too late. They looked for Professor Ryuren, and found him in the corner of the second floor. Since it was a restricted room, it was hidden I the corner. So, it took time to find where he was.

Juan jumped towards Professor Ryuren. He was bloody all over. There was a diary in his hand.

Juan took the diary and carried him out of there. He just left and there was another explosion which was stronger than the last time. He turned around and saw that the last structure of the library was gone.

Mark came forward. "Two men were looking for Ryuren. I mislead them. Now they will think that Ryuren is dead." He looked at the unconscious man and frowned. "He doesn't look good. Let's take him to Pedro."

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