Two years later.

Tianjin, China.

It was a peaceful city. Professor Ryuren was walking in a slow pace on the road. His hand was gripping on a tiny white hand.

Today was this tiny doll's birthday. So, her mother wanted to bake some cake for her. Professor Ryuren bought the ingredients with his lovely daughter.

The girl was wearing a pink frock and pink shoes. Her shiny hazel tree colored hair was brushed smoothly and was hanging on her shoulder.

When she was walking with her handsome father, many women were looking at them in dreamy and at the same time disappointed eyes.

While they were walking, little Lanie suddenly tucked her father's hand. Professor Ryuren thought that her legs must have been hurting after walking so long. Thus, he leaned down and took her in his arm.

When he started walking again, his tiny doll whispered in his ear, "Papa, someone is following us."

Professor Ryuren didn't stop walking. He also sensed that someone as stalking them. He lightly asked his daughter, "Did you see that person?"

She obediently replied, "No, I just felt that someone was following us since we got out of the house. I didn't look because I thought that the stalker might find out that I'm a genius."

She was a born narcissist. But it wasn't a lie. After being born, she learnt both Chinese and Latin at the same time, since her parents used to talk in Chinese, Latin and Ancient Greek whenever they wanted. While they read book and did researches, she accompanied her parents. From them, she learned many things that a normal child couldn't learn. Specially because of her high IQ and talented genes.

Hearing her words, Professor Ryuren chuckled. 'She is just like her mom. Both of them never seized the opportunity to boost.'

He nuzzled his nose with her and asked, "Aren't you afraid?"

Little Lanie shook her head and replied, "My papa is a hero. He will always protect me and mama."

"Hmm, your papa will protect you." He kissed her cheek.

It was a simple, yet heart warming birthday party. Since Zhuan Zhen was pregnant, she fell asleep after dinner. Professor Ryuren washed the dishes and little Lanie was accompanying her father.

She turned three this year. She loved cake. So, while she was sitting on an ancient wooden table and swung her legs, she was eating a piece of cake that her mother baked for her today.

After Professor Ryuren finished washing dishes, he carried little Lanie to her room and helped her to brush her teeth. Later, he took her to the bed and said, "Listen to me carefully, Lanie. I have to talk to something very important. You cannot forget it no matter what."

"Papa, you know that I have photographic memory." She cutely touched his handsome face.

Professor Ryuren smiled and grabbed her hand. "Lanie, I will leave you, your mama and your little brother for the time being. Will you be able to take care of your mama and brother and their safety?"

Little Lanie tilted her head. "Papa, will you be going for a long time? If not, why will you ask me to do that? You always leave for weeks and months but never said these things before." She tapped her cheek with her other hand's index finger and asked, "Is this about the stalker, papa?"

Professor Ryuren smiled. "Aren't you becoming too smart?"

"What to do? My papa and mama are smart. So, I'm smart." The tine doll shrugged.

His heart melted at her cuteness. He said, "Since my little Lanie is so smart, I have to give you smart presents for your birthday."

The little girl clapped her hands. "Yay! Present!"

Professor Ryuren took out two things from his pocket. One was a key and another one was a diary. Both of them were pretty old. Well, most of the things in this house were very old.

He gave the key and the diary to little Lanie and said, "Listen Lanie, after I'm gone, you, your mama and your brother will face difficulties. In the diary, I left some addresses of some hideouts and some names and contact numbers of my closest friends. If you think that you need help, you can blindly call them. They will help you no matter what situation you are in. Time to time, people will try to hurt you and make you cry. But you have to stay calm and focused. Think with your brain and heart. If your aunt ever comes and wants to adopt you, go with them. You cannot stay alone."

The tiny doll was confused. "Aunt? Alone? Papa, I don't understand. Why will aunt come to adopt me and why will I be alone? I have you, mama and little brother."

Professor Ryuren calmly explained, "Didn't I tell you that someone might try to harm you and your mama? If that happens, then hide your mama and your brother. Your mama has a little sister. She will come to adopt you. You should go with her. You will face many hardships, you will be in pain, people will hurt you and make you cry. But remember that your papa will always be there to protect you. Your papa may come late, but you should not lose hope. You have to wait for your papa to protect you. When papa is not there, you have to fight back. Do you understand what I meant?"

Little Lanie pretend to think and said, "What you meant is there is a boogie man like the stalker who will hurt mama and little brother. But I have to protect them instead of papa. We will play hide and seek with the boogie man, But, since I'm not a hero like my papa, I will go with my pretentious aunt whom I never met. She will bully me and make me cry, but I must not do anything that will be bad for me. I will wait for papa to rescue me. But if I can't help it, I will fight back."

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