The morning was serene and peaceful. The birds were chirping happily. The sun was glowing as usual. While clouds were flying in the sky blue sky. The breeze was gentle.

All of a sudden, everything fell apart when world-crashing scream filled the entire three storied building.

The deadly sleeping men woke up instantly. They ran towards Carlo's room and opened the door loudly.

They saw that their precious kid was lying on the floor covering her head. The chair she was sitting on was rolling on the floor.

Carlo quickly sat on the ground, in front of her and said, "I will count five to one. When I get to one, your eyes will open and you will be awake. Five, four, three, two, one."

Mu Lan opened her moist eyes.

Juan came forward and sat beside her. He helped her to sit up. She was breathing irregularly. She was unable to talk. He patted her back and glared at Carlo. "What did you do?"

Carlo calmly said, "She wanted me to bring her memories back. I just helped her." He tried to hide his nervousness.

Juan's tone hardened. "Then, why did she scream?"

Carlo explained, "I tried to find the gold key but she cannot remember anything after starting the university in China. It must be for that man. She forced herself to remember it and her headache became worse."

"You mean you forced her." Juan body trembled in anger.

Carlo lowered his head feeling guilty. "I just wanted to find where the gold key is."

"You knew that you cannot use hypnosis to get that part of her memories back. Isn't that why we let her go to Egypt? You knew you could make her a mental because of that risk!" Juan roared.

Noticing that Mu Lan was trembling, he gently asked, "Little one, how are you feeling now?"

Mu Lan's headache was gradually fading away. Her head was becoming clearer. She looked at Juan and her eyes became rounder. Suddenly, she gave him a tight hug.

Juan was startled by her attitude. He hugged her back and asked softly, "Little one, are you okay?"

"Thank you!" She said while crying.

Romano murmured to Mark, "Her attitude changes quicker that she changes clothes. What happened to her this time?"

Mark had also no idea about it. "Carl should know about it."

However, Carlo was in a bad shape. His nose was bleeding.

Pedro came forward and checked Carlo's wounds. Juan and Mu Lan also looked at Carlo.

"...Did you go inside my head to read my past?" Mu Lan asked. She couldn't be easily hypnotized since Carlo was used to hypnotize her multiple times when she was younger. Now, if Carlo didn't go inside her mind to hypnotize her, she couldn't be hypnotized easily.

While he entered in her mind and looked into her memories, it pressured his head greatly. As a result, his nose bled.

Carlo didn't say anything. He was busy with wiping his blood.

Mu Lan grabbed his hand and said in a sad tone, "I made you suffer."

"Please don't behave like a good girl. I feel like you have a hidden intention behind it." Carlo shook his other hand that was free.

Before she could refute, Juan asked, "What do you remember?"

Mu Lan was feeling better. She said, "Almost everything about my childhood, then being taken to Japan, after that you took me too Brazil, later the training I faced, then I rebelled and went to China. Huh, then I met my aunt and her family. I wanted to study Fine Arts but she forced me to study Computer Science. And then…. Everything is blank."

Carlo sighed in defeat. He lowered his head again.

Suddenly Mu Lan stood up from Juan's embrace. "Wait a second, where is Liang Liang?"

Carlo looked at her with a new hope. "Do you remember?"

Mu Lan rubbed her cheeks with both hands. "Well, yeah, I was in coma, and when I woke up I was in Paris. Oh, yes, I remember everything after that." She looked around and didn't find him. "Maybe he is still sleeping. It was hard for him. Let me go and take a look."

Pedro caught her wrist. "Take a break. I gave him morphine at dawn. He must be sleeping now."

Mu Lan frowned. "Why did you give him morphine?"

"His injuries in the back are still severe. He was groaning in pain when I went to take a look." Pedro went to Mu Liang's room right after Mu Lan left.

"I will go and take a look." Mu Lan walked out of the room.

"Now I understand why she is acting cutely." Romano commented.

Mu Lan went to Mu Liang's room and entered soundlessly. She looked at Mu Liang's sleeping form and kissed his pale lips.

She murmured softly, "I'm sorry for forgetting you. I promise you that it won't happen again. I missed you so much."

She was there for a few seconds and then left the room.

In the dining room, everyone was sitting there and having meals.

Mu Lan sighed. "Lots of things happened. I'm glad that you guys are still with me. That plan in Egypt was brilliant. I have to admit." She asked Shintaro, "What's the situation in Saudi Arabia?"

Shintaro replied, "The situation improved. Mu Family's elite team was hiding the Crowned Prince until the world got to know about the second prince's conspiracy. The Sultan imprisoned the second prince with the help of the royal guards. Then the elite team escorted the Crowned Prince in the castle. Everyone seemed to happy with Mu family. The Sultan declared Mu Family the close friend of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia."

Mu Lan was happy hearing the news. "That's a big improvement. Brother Feng's action is always accurate. Speaking of him, I couldn't contact him or my brother during the time we were being chased. Do you have any news?"

"They are in Saudi Arabia, spending a luxurious life." Shintaro replied.

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