Her words were extremely hurtful and those words made them realize why she was upset from the very beginning. It was because she was hurt. She recalled her time in Japan where she was nothing but a lab rat. The Cobra did save her from that life and they treated her the exact same way.

Everyone became silent. Carlo didn't want to read her mind any longer so he stood up and walked away.

Mu Lan held back her tears. "Well?"

Juan bowed her head. "Little one, I'm sorry. I never thought of hurting you. It was my fault that I gave you the gold key and it's also my fault that I want to take it selfishly. Moreover, I have another reason to take it right now and it's very important. Can you forgive this old guy?"

Mu Lan retreated her eyes. 'Old guy? Who is he kidding? He looks like a man in the prime of his youth.'

She frowned and said, "Forget it. You know the future. It must have been hard for you since you cannot change the present no matter how much you want. Tell me, what is your other important reason?"

This must be her most beautiful quality. No matter how rude or arrogant or narcissist she was, she had a great understanding about people. From the very beginning, she could understand people and their sufferings the most and that's the very reason why The Cobra became attached to her sooner than they expected.

However, since she was a spoiled brat, before she calmed down and forgave everyone, she had to throw tantrum and show everyone that she was mad at them and it was all their faults.

Their stiff bodies relaxed after hearing her words.

Juan smiled warmly. He knew that she wouldn't hate him for what he had done as long as he explained everything.

"It's about your father." He said.

Mu Lan stopped eating and looked at him curiously. "Do you know my father?"

"We all do. I think you know about his accident and then he disappeared. He took him away." Juan replied.

"Why did you take him away?" She blinked. She felt bewilderment. She had been looking for him everywhere and couldn't find him. However, he was right under her nose.

Juan answered, "He is our friend."

Mu Lan wanted to laugh. "And you couldn't tell me that years ago. You are one of a kind."

Juan told her, "I wanted to but there are some things which are out of my hands. I wish you could remember you present days but you totally forgot everything. All I can say that we need to get your memory back and get the gold key, for your sake and also for ours."

Mu Lan stood up. "Wait, wait, not so fast. Where is he? How did you meet him? When did you guys became friends? And why the hell he never wanted to meet me? You cannot make me do anything blindly without even telling me what's going on."

Juan sighed. "Okay, listen to me very carefully. I will tell you but it will be easier if you get at least your present memories back."

"Fine. I will get my present memory back. What do I have to do?" Mu Lan was eager to get her memories back.

Pedro began speaking, "I will take care of it-"

He couldn't finish the sentence as Kilimanjaro came inside the room. "The Mu boy, he moved his fingers."

Pedro frowned. "Did you see correctly? He isn't supposed to recover this soon."

"I swear I saw correctly." Kilimanjaro said.

Juan got up. "Let's go and see."

Mu Lan bit her lower lip. 'What a good timing!'

Mark looked back and saw her sitting on the chair. "Aren't you coming?"

"Let me finish my meal. I'm starving." Mu Lan gobbled up the food.

She was already getting excited. With an empty stomach, excessive excitement wasn't good for her body. Even though she had no appetite after hearing about her father, she filled her stomach as much as she could.

After she was done eating, she wiped her mouth and walked towards the room where Mu Liang was. She stood beside the door and admired Mu Liang's beauty.

The morning sunlight was coming through the window and gentle breeze was blowing. The smell of water coming from the window and the lake could be seen from there. From the distance she was standing, he seemed so gentle. He looked like a fairytale sleeping prince. It was as if he was waiting for his princess's true love kiss.

Mu Lan sighed. Her heart was in turmoil.

Pedro checked Mu Liang's pulse and said, "He will wake up soon. It must be because he has a strong urge to recover. I underestimated his strong will."

Praise was the last thing that would come out from his mouth. Mu Lan thought that she had seen a miracle.

She asked, "Is he really my lover or you guys set me up with him?"

Others silently turned over and just gazed at her.

Their eyes said, "Do we look that hideous in your eyes that we have to do such low stuff to control you?"

Mu Lan put her hands on the air. "Alright, my bad. But I still don't trust you."

Shintaro came forward and pinched her left cheek. "Didn't I show you the pictures? How can you say that?"

Mu Lan retorted, "Do you think I don't know how good you are at photoshop? Last time, didn't you want to break the marriage between the President of the South Africa and his wife so that that guy could lose his reputation? That woman was also filthy. Since you didn't have the evidence you just photoshoped the woman sleeping with a gigolo. The whole country was full of chaos because of you."

"That was an unknown couple. You are not an outsider. Where is your brain?" Shintaro poked her head.

"I still don't trust you." Of course, she trusted them but she just didn't want them to relax so easily. She wanted to give them more headache. Where was the fun being a good girl?

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