Seeing horror in eyes, Mu Lan was amused. "I told you I will make it more interesting for you. Let me hear your beautiful melody when you are in there, okay?"

"Wait, do you really not remember Mu Liang, your fiancé?" Mohammed Akram hurriedly said. He was buying some time. He was waiting to be rescued. If someone would come here and save him, he couldn't miss such an opportunity.

"What are you talking about?" Mu Lan lightly asked. "Are you talking rubbish just to get some time so that anyone can save you? Keep dreaming."

He was desperate to make her remember. "Why don't you remember? Why do you think you are here tonight if nothing was bothering you? I poisoned him and to take the antidote, you came here. I can give you the antidote. How about this? Let me go. After I know that I'm saved and you will no longer harm me, I will send the antidote to you. Do you like this deal? He is the love of your life. You are soon getting married. This isn't a bad deal, is it? I promise not to look for you anymore. I'll go far away from you. You two will live in peace."

"Peace? Haha… Who said that I wanted peace?" Mu Lan asked. "I never wished for a peaceful life. My job is to clean up the rubbish like you from the earth and I love the job. So, are you ready for your performance?" She gave him an exciting look.

"But the antidote! You came so far and yet you won't take it? How can you forget about your man? You just spoke about the way we treated you in the last few days. You are lying about not remembering him, don't you?" Mohammed Akram desperately said.

Mu Lan narrowed her eyes. The aura around her became oppressive. "You know, what I hate about people like you the most?" She came forwards and stood right in front him face to face. "You people are so persistent about something that is beyond your reach. At first, you wanted me to be your slave…. that was utterly foolish and now, you want to buy some time just to make me think about some random man. Why don't you tell me who my man is then? You seem so knowledgeable."

Mohammed Akram was sweating. He never felt so nervous before. "Your man is Mu Liang. He is the King of Business world in Europe. You two are supposed to get married. His brother is the King of European Underworld."

"And what business did he have with you?" She asked.

"He went to Saudi Arabia to meet me. We had a business deal and then he vanished. Then you came to look for him. Both of you fled together in Ethiopia when my men were chasing you. And then I shot him with poison. This poison is one of a kind. It has only one antidote. It's with me, back in Saudi Arabia. If you let me go, I will give it to you. Your man doesn't have much time left. Maybe he already became crazy." Mohammed Akram finished saying all this as fast as he could. He wanted to slow down, but looking at her eyes, his mouth moved faster than his brain.

"The poison again. Do you mean this?" Mu Lan pointed out to her left with her eyes.

Mohammed Akram gulped down a mouthful saliva as he glanced at the direction she mentioned. Beside her, there was a tiny bottle made of glass. There was a purple liquid. He didn't need to know what it was because he knew exactly what it was.

'How is this possible? Who had it? How did she know where to find it? When did she find it?' All these questions cam e in his mind but there was not a single answer he could find.

Mu Lan took out the bottle before she was drilling the Horse Master's stomach. She didn't want to touch something that was covered in blood. She knew where the bottle was because the Horse Master put it inside his left pocket when he shot at her. She didn't forget that. But why she was looking for it, she couldn't remember after waking up.

Mu Lan asked lightly, "Do you have anything else to say?"

Mohammed Akram was at a loss of words. What else he could say?

Mu Lan smiled at him and waved her right hand. "*Syonara!"

Mohammed Akram's eyes grew rounder when his body flew in the air. Soon, he was dragging towards the tornado. Seeing that his death was near, he screamed aloud. "No! I don't ant to die! Save me! Save me! I will give all my wealth if you let me go. Tell me what do you want? Gold, silver, diamond, jewelries, assets, cars or money? I will give you everything I have. Save me please!"

Mu Lan smirked. "Why don't you try begging me?"

Mohmmed Akram blindly said, "I beg you please save me. I will be your slave for the rest of my life. Don't kill me. I don't want to die. I beg you. I will do whatever you tell me to do. I will never betray you. I beg you! Save me!"

His mind totally stopped working at this point. At this point, he was doing whatever he was told to do, he was saying what he was told to say.

His eyes were on the tornado. Horror was written in his eyes. The wind was powerful. It was becoming stronger in every second.

"I forgot to tell you something." Mu Lan lightly said. "I hate begging the most." Her eyes became ruthless.

This was the last thing Mohammed Akram was able to hear. Then he was dragged inside the tornado. He felt every single cut. He saw his clothes were being torn apart, his hands and legs were being sliced one by one. The pain was indescribable. His mouth a open wide but no words came out.


*Syonara is a Japanese word that means goodbye.

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