Chapter 665: TORNADO

"Argh!" Since the accident caught the Horse Master in surprise, as he was unprepared, he felt double pain. Now that his both legs were injured greatly, he couldn't move an inch.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Hah!" His groan became pathetic as he cried like a baby. "It hurts! It hurts so much." It pained so much that he stopped breathing. His whole body was trembling.

Then, he resentfully gazed at Mu Lan. "You promised! You promised not to hurt me again. You broke your promise!" He was sure that this accident was caused by her.

MuLan's lips twitched. "Promise?" She blinked innocently. "I don't break my promise. Are you mistaking something? My promise is for human beings and pure heartened animals." She looked around and then continued, "I don't see any human being here." After that she mockingly asked, "Or are you telling me that you are the human here? All I can see a scum."

She glanced at his stomach and said, "I remember that you hit me three times on my stomach. Do you want to taste your own medicine?"

The Horse Master shook his head. "N-no--"He wasn't able to finish his answer and before that, he let out another earth shattering screaming. He felt like his stomach was being drilled by something. She was standing in front of him and doing nothing. But his stomach already had a huge hole and blood was splashing everywhere. He wanted to move the invisible weapon with his both hands, the weapon that was killing him. However, his hands couldn't get it. There was nothing to touch anyway.

Fear overwhelmed him. He looked at the Goddess of Death who was smiling at him. He stretched his hand to touch her and finish her. He thought that if he could end her life, his misery would end and he could live a long life. At this point of time, he didn't even care about the gold key. He simply wanted to live. Unfortunately, his hands were never able to reach her. His hands slowly landed on the floor. Before death, he suffered from the most painful and traumatic experience.

Mu Lan moved away from there without a slightest hesitation. Her eyes landed on Mohammed Alif whose eyes were closed. His heart stopped beating a few seconds ago.

And finally, after that, she looked at Mohammed Akram, the man who was being pressed by the wind. He couldn't move or talk. All he could do was silently watch and hear everything. At first, he couldn't understand what was happening. Even he thought that he was hallucinating. But after the Horse Master screamed his lungs out, he had to believe that everything that was happening around him was real, even though it was supposed to be impossible.

MohammedAkram realized that he had stepped into something forbidden. He shouldn't have chased after her, he shouldn't have hurt Mu Liang. If he knew that this was going to happen then he would kidnap her first and then would enslave her and after that he would give her drug. If he still couldn't make his own then he would kill her.

He was slowly put down on the floor, the pressure was gone, but he couldn't move. Hs eyes were red in fury. His eyes swept through around him. It was a blood bath, just like ten years ago. He spoke up, "What did you do to them? You destroyed everything I created with my own hands. You w**ch!" His tone quivered in anger.

Mu Lan raised an eyebrow. "My, my, you are braver than I thought you would be. It will be fun, breaking you." She smirked. She put her right hand under her chin. "If I remember correctly, it was the same situation ten years ago. Your uncle, Mohammed Imran was the leader of the slave trade back then and my mission was to remove every single trash who was involved in it and to save those beautiful innocent girls. Seeing a teenage who had nothing to do with it, I didn't kill you. But you had to go after me, didn't you? What was that? I killed innocent people and fled after seeing you? Your man knows how to cover up the truth, doesn't he?" She looked around.

"Where is he?" Seeing the MC's dead body, she laughed. "Huh, I supposed I killed him with those trash."

Her eyes landed on the living person in front of her. "Do you know how I'm going to deal with you?"

Mohammed Akram notice from the corner of his eyes that wind was circling in the middle of the destroyed auditorium. Soon, it took a big form and became a tornado. "Do you know how does it feel time to be grinded, cut, smashed and die slowly?" Mu Lan whispered.

Mohammed Akram instantly realized her plan. Now, he began to taste what was fear and what others felt.

Seeinghorror in eyes, Mu Lan was amused. "I told you I will make it more interesting. Let me hear your beautiful melody when you are in there, okay?"

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