Mu Lan glanced at the audiences. Her head started working after shew as called 'an object'. She talked to herself in her mind, 'What are they trying to do? Is this what Mohammed Akram was planning all along? Is he trying to sell me? Why on earth he would do that?'

Mu Lan couldn't find the reason for Mohammed Akram to do that. No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't find his real intention.

The speaker waited for the guests to calm down and then continued, "However, this Red has another ability except for using it's brain. We found out, thanks to the host, that it is a killer machine."

The auditorium was pin dropped silent. Everyone was listening attentively.

The whole auditorium darkened. The lights were turned off. Then, two lights turned on. One light was pointing at the bound Mu Lan and another light was pointing at the speaker.

The speaker turned on the projector in front of him and in the black screen, there showed a photo of a newspaper. From the date on the newspaper it could be said that it was from ten years ago. The news of the attack on the palace of Mohammed Family was reported thoroughly there.

"It was the news of ten years ago when our host's palace was attacked. Our host was teenager at that time. He was playing hide and seek with his friends. That day must be memorable for him since it was the first time he saw his close people were killed in front of him. The host went to his father's office room while playing and saw a bloody scene. A young girl who was younger than him was standing in the middle of the office. Some men were lying around her. They were all lifeless as their blood drenched the carpet on the floor. The young woman's hands and face were soaked in blood. Her right hand was grabbing a man's neck. The man was none other than the host's uncle. The young girl saw our host entering the office room. So, she used pressure on her hand and killed the uncle in front of his young teenage nephew. After she was done with her deed, she fled away." The speaker paused to give the audiences some time to digest the news.

Mu Lan thought, 'They think I'm the one who killed Mohammed Akram's uncle and that's why he is taking revenge after ten years. How vengeful!'

She could only talk to herself to distract her from the pain. She concentrated on the person who was blabbering nonsense.

The speaker continued, "Our host was still a teenager, But, he was talented since hew as young. He tried to find that young girl who killed his uncle. Two years later, he finally succeeded. After killing numerous people in Saudi Arabia, she was leading a normal life. Our host kept an eye on her for a long time, but suddenly two years ago, she vanished in Europe. Our host worked hard to look for her. He was worried thinking who was going to be her next target. Finally, he found her and captured her. And now, she is here right in front of us. Red, the Killer."

The audience clapped as they heard Mohammed Akram's heroic deeds. They looked at the woman in the stage fearfully and disdainfully. Mu Lan twitched her lips while watching the scenario.

The speaker carried on, "However, it seemed like she lost her memory of her past life. That means she no longer has the ability to kill people. But when there is a killer machine which can become a slave for the rest of its time, why not using it? Our host planned to make the killer machine his personal slave. Our host's remarkable scientists created a new medicine to regain one's memory and to control them like Artificial Intelligence. It has been tested and it is hundred percent authentic. After the killer machine comes back to us, we will have a chance to use it. Whenever my beloved members want to use her for killing, they can hold an auction and the winner will get the killer machine for a whole day to finish the mission. Right now, we will inject one doze of drug in her body and see what happens next."

Two scientists came forward with a briefcase. When they opened it, there were several tubes of drugs. They filled one injection with the drug and injected Mu Lan.

One of the scientists put a metal chip on Mu Lan's mouth and said coldly, "Don't chew it." After that, he turned on his computer and started recording her body function.

Mu Lan slowly fell asleep.

Another scientist said, "We have to wait five minutes to get the result."

Mohammed Akram, Mohammed Alif and the Horse Master were in the front seats. They were looking at Mu Lan eagerly.

Five minutes passed. Ten minutes passed. Nothing happened.

"Give her two more dozes." Mohammed Akram instructed his men.

The scientists hesitated before injected her another two rounds. They had been using this drug for a whole month and it was giving them results after one doze. This was the first time they saw that the drug wasn't working.

After the third doze, they waited fifteen minutes. The guests began to murmur.

Mohammed Akram got up from his seat and came to the stage. "Give her another three dozes."

"But master, it will kill her." One of the scientists said. He was looking at the monitor. Surprisingly, the laptop said that her body function was normal. He wasn't sure if there was something wrong with his laptop, but he dared not to say anything.

"Are you sure you are using the right medicine?" Mohammed Akram asked.

"Of course, master." Another scientist replied.

Mohammed Akram didn't say anything anymore. He walked towards Mu Lan, leaned closer to her ear and whispered, "Ms. Lan, the killer, wake up. Show us your cruelty. Your killer self. I promise you, after you become my personal killer machine, I will give you the antidote. You can save your Mu Liang. Don't you love him? He will die if you keep being stubborn. It will be your fault if he dies."

Mu Lan subconsciously hearing his words while she was walking in the darkness. When he said those words, a scenery flashed in her mind. It was Mu Liang lying on the pool of blood, looking at her accusingly. He was saying, "It's all your fault."

Suddenly she saw numerous Mu Liang, glancing at her coldly. They kept saying, "It's all your fault. You killed me."

"It's all your fault. You killed me."

"It's all your fault. You killed me."

"It's all your fault. You killed me."

"It's all your fault. You killed me."

Mu Lan helplessly looked around and everywhere Mu Liang was standing. He kept blaming her.

She covered her ears. She couldn't take it anymore. She was feeling guilty but she refused to admit that it was her fault. She didn't want to bear it. She didn't want to live in a world where Mu Liang wasn't around.

She had a hard life in her childhood. All the experiment she went through, she was only an object for an experiment. She got all the powers she needed, but there was no love, no feelings, no warmth. The Cobra gave her a family she wanted, but her heart was still lost. Finally, she found her heart. The one who gave her a true life, a true soul was Mu Liang. The gentle and loving Mu Liang who loved her unconditionally.

And now, everything was falling apart. He was in the path of underworld. She dreamt of him blaming her for his painful death.

How could she let him die when she had the power to save him? If she wanted to do something, who would dare to stop her?

In the end, all the Mu Liangs said in unison, "I loved you and you killed me."

She said to herself, 'No! I didn't kill you. I won't let you die. I will save you. I will save you for the sake of my happiness. For my sake, I will wake up.'

The audiences held their breathes to see what was going to happen. Their anticipations grew stronger in every second.

And then, she opened her eyes.

Mohammed Akram met a pair of red eyes.

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