"Search every corner of this building. She won't get away without taking the antidote. You can hit her, beat her and drag her but she has to be alive." Mohammed Alif instructed.

The whole building was in chaos. Everyone was looking for Mu Lan.

Mohammed Akram looked at his cousin. "Where is the antidote?"

Mohammed Alif replied, "It's in my bedroom."

"Go, get it. I want it with me." Mohammed Akram said.

"I'm going then." Mohammed Alif left.

Unknown to them, Mu Lan was sitting on the window shade of the very window under where Mohammed Akram was standing. Hearing that Mohammed Alif was going to fetch the antidote, she left soundlessly.

On the rooftop she turned on the cell phone and gave Shintaro a call. Shintaro was drinking ice tea. After hearing his cell phone ringing, he answered the call. "What do you need, princess?"

Mu Lan asked without wasting time, "Where is Mohammed Alif heading? He is going to fetch the antidote from his bedroom. I need to know the location of his bedroom."

"Oh, I see." Shintaro glanced at the screen of his laptop. "He is going down to the seventh level. His bedroom is in the north east corner. You are in the south east. Go on your left."

"Thanks Shin." Mu Lan hung up and hung up the call. She looked down from the twentieth floor. Everything looked so small from there. She murmured, "I wish I could have the money power like them."

While everyone was looking for her like a mad dog, Mu Lan was climbing down using a pipe. In her mind, she was talking to herself. 'OMG! Why is it so hard? Going up is so easy but going down feels like eternity.'

Her hands slipped all of a sudden. She almost let out a scream but controlled herself in the last moment. She instantly hugged the pipe with her legs and hands.

The night was cold but she was sweating. The twinkling stars of the dark sky was witnessing her bravery.

'I can do it. I can do it.' She kept repeating the same word again and again. With her sweaty hands, she began to climb down. In no time, she reached the seventh floor.

She came inside the balcony and sighed in relief. She wiped her sweat with her right arm. The door attached to the balcony was open. She peeped inside.

The room was dark and silent. There was no sign of any movement.

'This isn't a trap I guess.' Thinking that, she tiptoed and walked inside the dark room.

She went towards the door and locked it from inside so that Mohammed Alif couldn't open the door. After that, she turned on the torchlight of her cellphone and walked towards the chaste drawer. She opened it and searched there. After that she looked into the wardrobe, bed, under the pillow, luggage and everywhere. Unfortunately, she didn't find it anywhere.

"Are you looking for this?" A tone of mockery came from her left side.

Mu Lan turned her head to the direction where that person was. That person came out of the walk-in closet. Because of the darkness, she couldn't see properly the closet at first. Now that she saw it, she wanted to curse.

'So, this is indeed a trap.' She thought.

She pointed her cell phone which had it's torch on to the man's face. He had a glass tube on his left hand.

"You are the Horse Master I have heard about." She was calmer than she expected. Though her heartbeat increased, she didn't panic.

"You saw me only once in Kenya when you were greatly injured. I'm impressed that you remembered me." His gaze suddenly became cruel. "Or maybe I was expecting more from you."


He didn't finish what he was saying. He shot her less than a second before she could blink her eyes. She didn't think that this was going to happen.

At first, she was surprised and then the pain made her whimper. The bullet hit on her right leg above the kneecap. She sat on the floor while clutching her right injured leg.

The Horse Master came closer. "The moment Alif commanded the bodyguards to look for you, I knew you would come here. Hah! They don't know your real identity. But I know. Even though you lost your memory, you didn't lose your athletic skills. I'm happy to see a real Cobra. Though I'm a bit disappointed knowing that you are the weakest. I guess the rumors about you is just rumors. There is no truth behind it. I will be having fun while killing a Cobra." He sat down in front of her and saw her sweaty forehead and pained expression. He pinched her chin forcefully and pulled her face towards him. "But before that you have to tell me where the gold key is. Then I will let Akram have you."

"You are despicable." Mu Lan's eyes became red in fury.

She didn't know how he got to know that she was one of The Cobra even though this was the second time they met, and the first time was while chasing her and Mu Liang in Kenya. She didn't understand why he didn't tell Mohammed Akram about her being a Cobra. The pain was unbearable and the blood was flowing down. She didn't know why this single shot made her weak to the bones. Her head was dizzy. It was hard to concentrate.

"Don't worry. If you want, I will give you a painless death. Just give me the gold key and you will be saved from Akram's slavery. A good deal. What do you think?" The Horse Master said viciously.

Mu Lan glared at him. "What do I think? I think you are a coward and a dishonest person. You will never break off your friendship with Akram. You will not kill me. Because your friend claimed me." Her body was shivering and going numb. It was hard to breathe.

"Hahahaha…" He broke into laughter. "You are smart. Your brain works even when you are hurt. Is this what you call a Cobra's willpower?"

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