Chapter 658: FIND HER

She shook her head negatively. "Not really. He is still fighting against it. He is strong."

He didn't believe it. "Impossible. It was created by me and was used many times. It was used on the weakest man to the strongest man. It worked perfectly every single time. What made Mu Liang so special? Or it must be you who is lying."

When Kilimanjaro heard it from two miles away, he immediately informed others.

Carlo asked, "If what this man said is true, then, could it be this Mu boy has something in his blood?"

Mark frowned. "How is this possible? Pedro checked his body. The Mu boy is a normal human being."

Romano suggested, "Maybe the Mu boy has a good immune system."

Carlo nodded. "That he has, but still, this is doubtful."

The muscled man was rather calm.

Suddenly something popped into Mark's head. "Could it be, it's Pedro? He must have added elixir in the medicine."

Carlo rejected the idea. "If it was true, then the Mu boy would be cured in no time,"

"Then what is it?" Romano asked.

Carlo gazed at the muscled man. "Do you have something to share, Juan?"

Juan Silva, the muscled man asked, "Did you read my thoughts again, Carlo? If so, why don't you share."

Mark looked at Juan. "What did you do?"

Juan quietly answered, "I didn't do anything."

Carlo hardened his expression. "But you instructed to do it."

"It was the only way to save him." Juan replied.

"What way? What are you talking about?" Romano asked. He had a bad feeling about it.

Juan, the muscled man closed his eyes and calmly replied, "No normal human being can withstand this poison. Thus, I instructed Pedro to inject him with little one's blood."

"What?" Romano was speechless.

Mark who never showed his real thought was furious. "What were you thinking? You know that her body cannot produce much blood unlike other human being. Our bodies create about two million new blood cells in every second whereas her body makes only one and half million new blood cells in every second. That's the very reason she was weak and sickly when she loses her blood. You must have taken two to three tubes of blood from her. And then you send her there. Are you trying to kill her?"

The others were quiet.

Juan, the muscled man answered, "This won't kill her. If it did, I wouldn't take this risk. Moreover, we cannot give elixir to the Mu boy. To let him stay alive, we had to do it. If he was dead, I think we would lose the little one forever."

"You could have taken our blood. We wouldn't mind." Mark retorted.

Juan replied, "I know you want to pamper her and we all do. But there should be limit. It's her man and she should take the responsibility. If we keep helping her all the time, she will get used to it and depend on us like an autistic."

Mark gritted his teeth. "She will never depend on us. Don't we already know her personality?"

"Yes, that's the way we raised her. We never let her depend on us. We made her do her own works. We taught her everything she needs to know to survive in this world. She is used to it. Why do I have to changed it now? Just because she lost her memory? I don't think so." Though his men lost their cool, Juan was as calm as ever.

"Fine, you win!" Mark didn't say anything after that.

Everyone who was listening sighed in relief. They didn't know when they were holding their breaths.

Only Carlo was quiet. 'Sometimes, it's hard to accept the reality. If someone accepts it, he will win.' He thought to himself.

He could understand Juan's worry and love for the little girl, at the same time, Juan had to do what was right. 'It must have been the hardest decision Juan ever took.' Carlo sighed at the thought.


Meanwhile in the luxurious room, Mu Lan had no idea that Pedro had taken her blood.

Mohammed Akram said, "Impossible. It was created by me and was used many times. It was used on the weakest man to the strongest man. It worked perfectly every single time. What made Mu Liang so special? Or it must be you who is lying."

Mu Lan shrugged. "Why would I lie? Do you think that I would come in front of you to give myself to you after you kill my man?"

"…" What she said was logical.

She continued, "Now hand over the antidote. After he recovers, I promise to come back."

Mohammed Akram chuckled. "Do you think the world is that easy? Just because you said that, it doesn't mean that you will do it. Moreover, I shot him so that he could die and for the antidote, you give yourself to me. It was the plan. Now you are here. You think that you can leave just like that that?"

Mu Lan smirked. "You think I cannot do it? Try me."

Mohammed Akram frowned and pulled the trigger. He had enough of her playing games. It was his time to play the game as he wanted.

The gun didn't had bullet in it. It was tranquilizer; and Mu Lan knew that very well. She moved away right after she saw him pulling the trigger.

Right after Mohammed Akram pulled the trigger, he saw no one near the window. The tranquilizer was sticking to the wooden statue beside the window right where Mu Lan was; and the person herself completely vanished. She was nowhere in the room.

"Where is she?" Mohammed Akram stood up.

Mohammed Alif stood up as well. "She was just right there." He was totally confused.

Mohammed Akram walked towards the window and found no one walking in the street. "Find her. She has to be captured."

"Yes." Mohammed Alif already took out his cell phone, called his force and commanded them to look for her alive.

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