Chapter 657: LET HER IN

Mohammed Akram was drinking green tea. He was relaxed as he was reading a book. The title of the book was 'Patience is a Virtue'.

The Horse Master and Mohammed Alif were in a bad mood. They couldn't understand why Akram was so peaceful and why he didn't care about that girl who went missing after that incident.

Mohammed Alif couldn't take it anymore and asked Akram, "Cousin, do you have anything to tell us?"

Mohammed Akram was still reading the book. He turned over a page and replied, "I don't think so." Suddenly he looked at the door. "But someone else has something to tell us."

At the same time, someone knocked the door.

Mohammed Alif gazed at his cousin in surprise and then got up to open the door. It was Omar Abaza. He excitedly said, "Mr. Akram, she is here. She wants to meet you."

"How does she know that we are here?" Mohammed Alif was speechless.

The Horse Master's pupils slowly turned towards the window. Only he would guess the truth. Chills ran down to his spine.

Mohammed Akram smirked. "Let her in."

The Horse Master tensed up. 'Since she lost her memory she wouldn't remember how powerful she is, isn't it? I don't have to worry about The Cobra. They won't help who is a stranger to them. But if something goes wrong, will they come? Moreover, those were just rumors. A delicate girl like her cannot be that vicious. I only need the gold key, nothing else. I don't want her. I don't need to stay here to interrogate her. Akram can do the work. He will get the girl and I will get the gold key. I should leave before it she comes.'

Thinking that he got up from the sofa.

"What's wrong with you?" Mohammed Alif asked.

"Nothing, I just want to go out for a walk." The Horse Master could tell the truth.

Since Mohammed Akram and Alif didn't know the real story, they didn't catch his discomfort.

Mohammed Alif said, "Okay, be careful."

"I will." The Horse Master nodded and left.

In the corridor, he saw her. She was wearing black leather pant, black t-shirt and red leather jacket. She was wearing a pair of red boots. Her hair was tied as ponytail. Something about her made him feel very uneasy.

Their eyes were locked for five good seconds and he became weak on his knees. If only gaze could kill, he would be dead by now.

Mu Lan saw the door was open and thus, she entered the room without knocking. The moment she entered, she chuckled. "You were prepared, I see."

Her eyes were on the gun Akram was holding. "It's a welcome gift. Do you like it?"

Her eyes glazed as she replied, "I will love it if I can shoot you with that gun and finish you."

Mohammed Akram gave a slight smile. "Aren't you being too aggressive, Ms. Lan?"

Mu Lan raised an eye brow. "Am I? How can that be? I'm not the one who shot my fiancé poison."

"Oh my! I didn't think you would find that out so quickly. I underestimated you." Mohammed Akram made an upsetting sound by clicking his tongue.

"Why? Didn't you know that I'm Red?" She deliberately let him know her hidden identity. At first, she was thinking that maybe because of her Red identity, Mohammed Akram was after her. But Shintaro said that he and the Horse Master were after the gold key. Now she wanted to test it.

"Are you?" Mohammed Alif was stunned. The person he was looking for all along was actually her! And he was right under her nose for a whole week.

Mu Lan's suspicion became clear. 'Shin is right. They are after the gold key.' She thought.

Mohammed Akram was also amazed by the sudden discovery. But he didn't know it. "You surprise me every time we meet. Tell me honestly, Ms. Lan; is there anything you don't know?"

Not answering his question, Mu Lan walked towards the window. She glanced at the night scenery of Cairo. It was a beautiful city dazzling at night. She could see the famous three pyramids from here. However, her mind was occupied with something else. Such world heritage site didn't move her heart.

After looking at the place for some time, she glanced at Mohammed Akram. "I want to have a wonderful chat with you Mohammed Akram, but I'm in a bit hurry. There is something I want and after taking it, I will finish my work. After that, we can gossip."

Mohammed Akram was amused. "You want something. Care to tell me?"

She lightly answered, "Sure. Since you have it."

He didn't think that she would try to negotiate with him. He could guess what she was asking for. Thinking it was impossible, he asked in curiosity, "Do I have it? Interesting. What is it that you want?"

She looked at him in the eyes and told him, "I want the antidote of the poison you gave to my fiancé."

After realizing his guess was correct, he let out a small laugh. "Antidote? Ms. Lan, aren't you a bit late?"

Mu Lan frowned, "What do you mean?"

He explained it to her, "It's more than forty eight hours. He is already out of control. A normal human being turns into an animal in twelve hours after taking one doze. Your so-called fiancé is nothing more than a human being. Please don't forget that."

Mu Lan agreed. "He is indeed a human being just like me." Saying that she let out a chuckle. "Fortunately, he has inhuman ability, unlike me. Give me the antidote. Then, we will talk about what the hell you want from me."

Mohammed Akram understood that something was wrong with her expression. She was totally calm after he said those things. "Inhuman ability? Ms. Lan, aren't you overestimating him a little too much?"

She shook her head negatively. "Not really. He is still fighting against it. He is strong."

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