Chapter 883: Happy Ending (16)

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“Xiang Feili has gone into hiding due to my pursuit. She can’t even protect herself right now.” Bai Qinghao was unfazed. “Back then, she hid herself while sending her men after me. I did not know her identity at the time. But since I now know who she is, it’s an easy matter for me to erase her.”

“En.” She nodded. “You should still be careful.”

“Don’t worry.” He gently patted her back. “I won’t put you in any danger again.”

As for everyone else, even if Xiang Feili took hold of them, they would be no threat to him.

He also sent extra subordinates to guard the Bai family’s elders.

In the Bai family’s old mansion, Bodyguard Liu Li brought a team of men to barge into the Jing Xin Residence.

Inside the living room, Bai Chenxi and Huang Zhishu, who seemed to be discussing something, immediately stood up.

“Liu Li, what do you mean by this!” Bai Chenxi raised his voice. “This is the Jing Xin Residence, the home that we have been given by the Bai family. Even if you are Bai Qinghao’s trusted bodyguard, I am still the Bai family’s people. You cannot barge into our home!”

Liu Li paid him no heed.

He shot the men behind him a look. Four bodyguards immediately held Bai Chenxi and Huang Zhishu’s arms.

A woman dressed in a nurse uniform approached them with a medicine box in her hands. She brought out a syringe and came to Bai Chenxi’s side. She then tugged his sleeve back.

Bai Chenxi seemed to understand something. He turned pale and shouted. “What are you trying to do?”

He struggled with all his might and the nurse was unable to draw his blood.

Two bodyguards pressed his arms behind his back and shoved his body down. They held his head against the coffee table firmly and Bai Chenxi was immediately left unable to move.

Seeing that it was inconvenient to use a syringe this way, the nurse tugged his sleeves back and gave up on the syringe. She used a surgical knife to make a small cut on his wrist and collected some blood.

“What exactly are you up to?” Bai Chenxi shouted in fear.

The nurse did not respond. She then held the syringe to approach Huang Zhishu’s side.

Huang Zhishu immediately frowned. “No matter what, I’m half an owner of the Bai family. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll complain to Elder Bai and get all of you fired?”

“Who are you trying to scare?” Liu Li was unfazed. “In the Bai family, Boss’s words are always final. Elder Bai cannot interfere with the order. Don’t talk about getting me fired. You should worry about yourself first.”

Huang Zhishu knew that there was no use in resisting. Thus, she obediently allowed the nurse to draw her blood.

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Her voice was trembling as she asked. “Bodyguard Liu, why are you taking our blood? Is it… for a health check-up?”

“You sure have some wishful thinking.” Liu Li smiled coldly. “You know better than anyone what it’s for!”

He would not allow this old woman to get anything out of him.

Huang Zhishu appeared as pale as a sheet of paper. Could it be that Chenxi’s identity was discovered?

And Jingrou… she was currently blind and paralysed in jail…

If Chenxi and Jingrou’s identities were revealed, their family would be doomed!

They could not afford to take this risk. Huang Zhishu decided to take Chenxi to escape the moment Liu Li left.

Liu Li noticed the dark, scheming look on the old woman’s face and was certain that she was coming up with ideas again. “Do you wish to run? You won’t have the opportunity to. Boss has instructed us to tie and lock the both of you up! You will be watched heavily!”

Bai Chenxi instantly turned pale. He began trembling from head to toe.

Huang Zhishu was similarly shivering. She could barely stand.

The two of them were dragged into the Bai family’s cells.

When Elder Bai learned that the two of them were locked up, he immediately called Bai Qinghao for an explanation.

Bai Qinghao only informed him to not interfere, and that he would explain everything later.

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