Chapter 877: Happy Ending (10)

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Bai Qinghao’s heart ached as he swallowed his words back. “What’s so cute about her? Children are too much work to deal with.”

She glanced at him lightly. “You don’t like children?”

“No.” He spoke dishonestly.

Truthfully, he dearly hoped to have a baby with her.

If the child resembled her, wouldn’t they be especially adorable?

“You’ve had a tiring day. Let’s sleep early.” He guided her towards the bed.

“En.” She nodded.

She glanced at his handsome features and sighed internally.

In their previous life, her miscarriage had sent him into misery and despair. How could he possibly dislike children?

He was simply worried that she would be unhappy and decided not to express it.

She lowered her head to glance at her flat stomach. Both of them were working hard everyday. Still, there was nothing to be done if her womb wasn’t helping them.

The next day, they returned to the city via helicopter. They sent Long Jingyuan and Long Xuan back to the Long family’s villa first.

After alighting, they took care to inform Fang Xinxin not to give herself any pressure to give birth. If she truly could not conceive, there was no harm in adopting a child.

They even nagged Bai Qinghao to not give Xinxin any pressure. He naturally agreed to this.

Afterwards, Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin returned to the Yu Ting Villa on their helicopter.

There was a reclining chair next to the swimming pool in the Yu Ting Villa. Fang Xinxin laid there to sunbathe.

The sunlight wasn’t especially bright today and it was warm. It was good to absorb some vitamin D.

Furthermore, her skin had long become fair again. She wasn’t worried about getting a tan.

“Wife, I need to visit the company for a while.” Bai Qinghao stood by the chair and took in her charming beauty.

He could not bear to leave her. Everyday, he looked forward to being with her the most.

“Go on, then.” She waved her hand.

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Truthfully, she was also very busy managing the Jiao Yang Group and the Long Group. However, she had relied on her memories to find some very capable and loyal subordinates.

She found the best people for the managerial and leadership positions in her company and only needed to work on the important matters herself. Thus, her workload became much lighter.

Bai Qinghao pressed a loving kiss against her cheek. He glanced at her once more before turning to leave.

Fang Xinxin brought her phone out and tapped on little Aixin’s picture again. The little one’s cheeks were red and she appeared especially adorable.

To be honest, she was very envious of Jiamu.

She was also genuinely happy for her.

It had been three years since she got with Bai Qinghao. The two of them had never used any birth control. Yet, she was not pregnant.

She could not help but feel disappointed about this.

“Young Madam, the Elder and Madam are here.” Butler Zhao Cheng spoke to Fang Xinxin politely.

She glanced to the side and watched as a helper guided Elder Bai Chongshan and Ye Yunzhi towards her.

Fang Xinxin stood up and called them, “Grandfather, Mom.”

They both nodded lightly. Bai Chongshan spoke first. “Xinxin ah, Qinghao isn’t here?”

Didn’t the two of you come precisely because you knew he wasn’t here? Xinxin did not express her thoughts and replied lightly. “He went to the company.”

“Little brat, have you been well recently?” Elder Bai Chongshan appeared just like a loving Grandfather.

“Thank you for your concern, Grandfather. I’ve been doing well.” Fang Xinxin made a ‘please’ gesture. “Let’s head into the living room.”

She headed into the luxuriously decorated villa first.

The living room was as extravagant as an emperor’s palace.. Bai Chongshan and Ye Yunzhi sat down on the imported, real leather couch.

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