Chapter 648: DO YOU TRUST ME?

Mu Liang gritted his teeth. He was super pissed off. He didn't care that he was injured but greatly cared the person beside her. His gripped tightened on the holster and pulled the trigger twice.

Bang! Bang!

The driver and the passenger in the enemy car died instantly as the bullets went through in the middle of their foreheads.

Mu Lan took a deep breath. "That…. was cool." She didn't know what else to say.

Mu Ling didn't say anything. He drove off the car out of the area. He spoke after a long time, "There is one thing I know for sure."

"What is?" She asked. She looked at the rearview mirror and took out the small pieces of glasses from her injuries one by one.

"Our enemy is neither Akram or the guy who was chasing us in the Red Sea. They wouldn't try to hurt us, specially not you. But this one instructed his men to hurt us. He wants to take us by any means necessary." Mu Liang said.

"Hmm. This one's action is different. He isn't cool headed. He wants to hurry up and capture us. He is very inexperience in his job." Mu Lan narrowed her eyes.

Mu Liang corrected her, "Not inexperienced, but impatient."

"There is only one person coming in my mind- Ouch!" Because the car jerked suddenly, Mu Lan who was taking care of the small pieces of glasses hurt her injury.

Mu Liang felt like his heart was pricked by hundreds of needles. He listlessly asked, "Does it hurt a lot?"

Mu Lan shook her head hurriedly. "Not at all. I was just surprised by the sudden jerking. I'm worried about you. Your injuries haven't been taken care of."

"Don't worry about me. I'm used to the worst." His heart felt uneasy when he noticed that she tried to cover up her pain.

They came out of the town and the car was going to the hilly tracks. The road wasn't developed. In the bumpy road, the car yanked up and down. If it wasn't a Jeep car then their car would have been thrown out of the road because of the high speed.

Mu Lan started to feel nausea but held it back. She clenched her fists and bit her lower lip. Her eyes went back to the rearview mirror again and found the remaining two were following them.

"They found us." She declared.

Mu Liang said nothing.

The dust was flowing with the wind making the path covered in red fog like dust.

"They are going to overtake us." Mu Lan said again.

Mu Liang had no other choice but to let the enemy overtake them. Their car was in the verge of breaking. They could never win if they were going to have a race with this car.

One enemy car went ahead of them. Another car moved to the right side and gave their car a hard push.

"Ah!" Mu Lan screamed. She didn't know if she was excited or scared. The sound came out of her mouth automatically.

"Hold on." Mu Liang said. He took their Jeep car out of the trail and took it down.

"I-I think there is a river….. down there. Are we going to be alright?" Mu Lan's voice was shaking. It was probably because of the jerking. Right at this moment, they were not even in the road trail. Moreover, their car was broken.

Mu Liang gazed at her for a second. "Do you trust me?"

She gulped down a mouthful saliva and glanced at him as well. "More than myself."

He nodded in appreciation. "Good."

Since they were in the mountain trail, their car was in the sloppy area with full of rocks, grass and plants. Those cars weren't following them. Seeing that, Mu Lan sighed in relief.

Just then, their car was hit from behind and the car flew away.

It was a breathtaking scene; definitely not in a good way, but in the worst way.

Their car bumped on the ground four times as it was going down. It felt like hours. Finally, the car stopped in the edge of the cliff.

"Cough! Cough! Cough!" Mu Lan coughed nonstop. She had a hard time to breathe. Surprisingly, unlike the last time, she didn't feel any pain. There was just something heavy over her body.

Thinking of something horrifying, she opened her eyes and saw Mu Liang was hugging her tightly. He somehow managed to unbuckle his seatbelt and hugged her as the car was thrown away. There was a trail of blood rolling down from his head.

"Liang?! Wake up! Please! Don't scare me." Mu Lan pushed him as much as she could. She felt like her energy was draining.

Mu Liang slowly opened his eyes and gave her a hazy look. "Are you okay?" He was in a hoarse tone.

"Yes. But you are hurt." Mu Lan wanted to cry.

"Am I? I can't feel it." He said. He looked around and continued, "Let's get out of the car." He unbuckled her seatbelt and kicked the door open from her side.

Both of them got out and moved away from the car. It could be burst in any moment.

Mu Lan was okay; but Mu Liang's whole body was hurting. He was almost hopping. She took his left arm around her shoulder and hugged his waist with right arm and then they began to move away.

They only stopped walking right after they heard the sound of the guns' safety catches were turned off. The couple looked up and saw several guns were pointing at them.

There were two men who were looking at them. One was pissed off and another one was smiling at them.

"You two are fighters, you know that?" The one who was smiling asked in a pleasant tone. "I wanted to get you two without hurting you, specially the lady over there. But the two of you just know how to slip out from our hands. I almost lost my heart thinking that you two are going to die without giving me anything."

"You are Horse Master." Mu Liang said.

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