Chapter 875: Happy Ending (8)

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At lunch time, everyone ordered takeaway.

Fang Shaohua was especially grateful for their company.

Sun Jiamu’s parents had also arrived after being notified.

Five hours later, the cry of an infant filled the delivery room.

A nurse stepped out, holding the baby swaddled in blankets. “Is everyone here the child’s family members?”

This was a hospital in a small town. The only pregnant woman giving birth today was Sun Jiamu.

“I’m the child’s father!” Fang Shaohua rushed forward.

“I’m the child’s aunt!” Fang Xinxin also hurried over.

“I’m the child’s Grandfather/Grandmother…” Several other elders ran over.

The nurse carefully placed the child into Fang Shaohua’s arms. “Congratulations, it’s a young lady.”

“Daughters are good. Daughters are all daddy’s girls.” Fang Shaohua held the little baby and took in her red cheeks. The sight of her was adorable enough to melt his heart.

He could not help but begin to tear up.

He never thought he would have a daughter. This was his daughter!

He was deeply moved as he glanced towards Fang Xinxin. “Sister, thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here today.”

“We’re siblings. I only did what I should have done.” Fang Xinxin received the baby from him and held her carefully. “What will you name this little one?”

The nurses pushed Sun Jiamu’s hospital bed out of the delivery room and towards a single room.

When Sun Jiamu saw Fang Xinxin from where she laid, she immediately teared up. “Xinxin, my daughter’s name is Aixin. Fang Aixin.”

Without Xinxin, she would already have been ruined by Feng Dongkai. Shaohua would also still be in jail.

There was nothing else they could do to express their gratitude towards Fang Xinxin.

“Shaohua, let’s name our daughter Aixin?” Sun Jiamu turned towards Fang Shaohua.

“Alright.” Fang Shaohua nodded seriously.

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Fang Xinxin smiled. She pressed a kiss on little Aixin’s cheek. “Ok! From this day onwards, this little baby will be Little Aixin.”

“Everyone is here…” Sun Jiamu was deeply moved as she looked around the hallway. As the delivery process had left her exhausted, she quickly fell into deep sleep.

Fang Shaohua assisted the nurse to push his wife into a single room.

That evening, all the elders booked a room in a nearby hotel to rest.

Fang Xinxin and Bai Qinghao similarly checked into a hotel.

Fang Shaohua, on the other hand, remained in the hospital room to accompany Sun Jiamu and his newborn daughter.

At ten in the night, Sun Jiamu woke up. Her slight movement caused Fang Shaohua to jerk awake from where he sat on the chair. “My wife, you’re awake. You must be hungry. You should eat something. The doctor says you shouldn’t have anything heavy right now. Auntie Meng prepared some porridge for you.”

She sat up. “Where’s the baby?”

Fang Shaohua pointed to the small bed by their side and whispered. “She’s asleep.”

Back when she had just given birth, the doctor told her it was a daughter. As Jiamu took in the sight of her baby sleeping, her gaze was filled with love.

Fang Shaohua carefully fed her spoonful after spoonful of porridge.

She was deeply moved as she took in his charming features. “Hubby, I didn’t expect you to be this wonderful when you’re being considerate.”

He placed the bowl down and carressed her hair gently. “You’re my wife. It’s only right that I treat you well.”

She smiled happily. She loved it when he called her his wife.

She picked up her phone and opened up WeChat.

“Phones give off low levels of radiation.. Is it a good idea to use it right after you’ve given birth?” Fang Shaohua frowned.

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