Chapter 647: WE LOST THEM

Both Mu Liang and the boys' cars were Jeep car. However, Mu Liang's car was limited edition and the boys' car was an ordinary one.

After checking, they opened the door of Mu Liang's car and saw the key was on the dashboard. They whistled and laughed. Before they got into the car, they glanced around to look for the car owner. Seeing no one around them, they got their courage back and got into the car, started the engine and drove away, leaving their own car.

Mu Liang saw them leaving with his car and got up. "Alright, let's go." He took two gallons of oil in his hands and walked towards the car that the boys left.

"Is that what you were waiting for?" Mu Lan felt like laughing. She carried the food packets and other bags and moved them inside the car.

It was an ordinary Jeep car. There wasn't anything inside the car except for some cans and cigarette buds. Mu Liang cleaned it and brought another three gallons of oil.

Mu Lan sat on the passenger seat and waited for Mu Liang to come inside. Mu Liang entered the car and started the engine. "This one is not bad." He said.

Mu Lan leaned closer and kissed him on the cheek. "Hubby, you are the best."

"We are still not out of trouble yet." Mu Liang rubbed her head and headed to the south.


Four days later.

"Liang, I think there is a car following us." Mu Lan was looking behind.

Mu Liang gritted his teeth. "You are wrong. There are actually three cars following us."

"Where? Where?" She looked around.

"Sit tightly." He instructed.

For two days, they really had peace. No one bothered them. They traveled without hinderance, ate and slept in the car. They bought one rifle so that they could take care of themselves in unknown places. Wild animals were everywhere, not to mention, they got enemies behind their backs.

However, as soon as they entered the rift valley, Mu Liang noticed three cars following them. He managed to lose them five times, but the enemy still managed to get them. It had been two days since they were laying Tom and jerry.

Mu Liang didn't want to start firing at them. Mu Lan's health deteriorated in these past few days. The weather wasn't favorable for her. As a result, she could neither sleep not eat and her body was getting weaker. It was the very reason that she didn't notice the cars earlier.

"Why do I feel like that we fell right onto his trap?" She asked tiredly. Her body might be weak but her brain was still working.

"You tell me." Mu Liang concentrated on driving.

Mu Lan asked him, "Did they put a tracker on your body without you knowing?"

He thought for a while and then shook his head. "It doesn't make sense."

She nodded. "Yes, it doesn't. If they really did it, they we wouldn't be able to get out of Saudi Arabia. But, how's this possible?" She went into deep thoughts.


A bell rang inside her head.

"Could it be satellite?" She asked herself aloud.

"It's not entirely impossible." Mu Liang commented.

"Ah! Why didn't I bring my laptop with me?" Mu Lan regretted greatly.

"How come you didn't bring your laptop?" Mu Liang was driving in the green Rift Valley of Kitale. The cars those were following them were far behind.

"I gave it to Al!." She said. She looked behind to see the following cars. "I wish we could use some help."

"Lan, don't rely on others in your most crucial moment." Mu Liang advised her.

"You are right." Mu Lan said. "I think I heard it somewhere before."

"I don't think you heard the rest from others." He looked at her.

"What's the rest?"

She glanced at him too.

"I want you to rely on only me." He said.

Mu Lan laughed. "Yeah, I'm relying on you, don't I?"

"We are going to the small town." Mu Laing turned his head back to see the cars following them.

"Is it okay for us to go to the town? The police can't help us. We will only put the whole town in danger." Mu Lan said.

"I want to see what our enemy wants and values. This way we can confirm if it's Akram or the man in the Red Sea." Mu Liang said. He drove faster.

"How will you confirm that?" Mu Lan asked. Her head was getting dizzier.

Mu Liang didn't answer her. Instead he said, "Lan, I want you to sit tight."

She replied, "You told me that before."

He signaled her, "Buckle the seatbelt."

Mu Lan was feeling stuffy. "I don't think I can will be able to breathe after I do that." But she still buckled the seatbelt.

He asked, "Are you feeling stuffy?"

"Yeah." She nodded and took a deep breath.

"We are going to hilly areas. Try to take deep breaths as much as possible." Mu Liang drove to the town.

Trans-Nzoia County is a county in the former Rift Valley Province, Kenya, located between the Nzoia River and Mount Elgon 380 km Northwest of Nairobi. At its center is the town of Kitale which is the capital and largest town.

Right now, they were in the town of Kitale. Mu Liang took some sharp turns. He moved away from the main road and

went to one lane to another lane.

"We lost them." Mu Lan said. She didn't see the cars those were following them anymore.

Mu Liang said nothing. He was driving to the south and a car suddenly came forward and he took another sharp turn.

"Ahh!" Mu Lan was startled and screamed.

Though Mu Liang took a sharp turn, their car was smashed on the right side in the back. The windows were smashed. The broken pieces of glass Mu Lan and Mu Liang's faces.

"Liang, are you alright?" Mu Lan screamed in fear. She dared not to touch his injuries.

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