Chapter 646: DOCILE COUPLE

A man was driving a black jeep car. He asked, "Did see the car?"

Another man was looking at his laptop. "Not yet."

The driver frowned. "Are you sure that this is the way?"

The other one pointed out in the south and said, "The car went that way. I can see the signal."

The driver nodded. "They are planning to go to Kenya. Interesting."

The other one blinked as he carefully looked at the screen, "No, wait. They are coming this way."

The driver was confused. "Huh?" He stretched his neck to the passenger seat where his fellow friend was and looked at the laptop screen.

His friend repeated, "They are coming this way."

The driver saw the GPS signal and replied, "I heard you."

His friend gazed at his in anger, "Then why did you ask?"

The driver also answered in fury, "Shut up! I thought I mistakenly heard wrong…. Are they really coming this way?"

Even though he was annoyed, the friend replied, "Yeah."

The driver asked in confusion, "Did they change their plan?"

His friend scratched his head. "It seems so."

"Let's capture them." The driver grinned. They got a chance to capture this annoying couple. Now it was their time to shine and impress their master.

His friend agreed. "Yeah, I have to tell master." Then he dialed a number. "Boss, we got them."

Fifteen minutes later.

The red limited edition Jeep car came before them. The two terrorists were beyond happy.

The man who was looking at the laptop screen suddenly said, "Ah! They stopped their car."

"Must be nature call. Let them finish their task. I don't want them to wet their pants when they meet us." The driver snickered. He parked the car in the corner of the road.

Five minutes passed but the limited edition Jeep didn't move at all.

The man beside driver got impatient. "What the hell? Why aren't the moving? Are they trying to deceive us?"

"Maybe they are eating." The driver guessed.

His friend didn't think that way. "Who wants to have lunch now? It's past lunch time. Let's go and catch them when they are vulnerable.".

The driver started the engine and went to the direction of Mu Liang's car.

His friend looked at the front and said, "Here's the car. Why is it off the road?"

The driver also found it. "I don't see the targets."

"Let's get out and see." The man came out of the car and opened the limited edition Jeep car. "There is no one in the car."

The driver also came out. He asked, "They might be in the woods to capture some animals."

"It doesn't seem right." His friend tapped his chin.

"Why don't we puncture the wheels of the car and wait for them to come?" The driver suggested.

"Not a bad idea." His friend said.

Both of them punctured the wheels in no time. After finishing their task, they were satisfied and turned around to go back to their car.

They were spooked as they saw four bulky man behind them. Their eyes were full of hostility.

Both of them didn't know what to do. They expected a docile couple, not some hunkies.

The driver asked in cautious, "What do you want?"

One of those bulky men said, "I want to know why did you puncture the tier of my car."

The driver laughed aloud "And how is this your car? This is basically the car of my friend. I have the GPS signal of his car. Don't try to fool me. Hurry up and give him to us. We won't be this friendly next time."

Those bulky men glanced at them for a while and hen burst into laughter.

The driver and his fellow men frowned. They exchanged glances.

'What happened? Did that docile couple hired people to take care of us? But how's that possible? How would they know that we are following them?' Both thought the same thing.

"Beat them up." One of the bulky men suddenly said.

The other three came forward began beating the two. These two men didn't come empty handed. They took out guns and shot at the four men.

The sounds of shooting were really loud. It broke the silence of the woods.

"We should get out of here before anyone comes." The driver said. He looked around to see if anyone was watching them.

"We will kill more. Who will stop us?" His fellow friend was agitated.

At that time, his cell phone rang. He took out the phone and saw that his master was calling. Instantly, his face became pale. "W-what should I do?" His previous murderous mood turned into fear.

"Answer the call." The driver bickered.

His friend answered the called with great difficulty, "H-Hello, master…"


One hour ago.

"Liang?" Mu Lan called out.

Mu Liang intensely looking at the front. "Hmm?"

She monotonously asked, "How long are we going to wait?"

He replied, "Another couple of minutes."

Mu Lan killed two mosquitoes. The mosquitoes kept coming from who knew where. She couldn't stay still unlike the person beside him. She vigilantly looked around and said, "I don't want to stay here any longer."

"Just a few minutes, darling." Mu Liang was laying down on his stomach and didn't move at all.

They were still in Ethiopia. Right now, they were at Mega town in the Sidamo division. After this town was the border of Ethiopia and Kenya.

At this moment, they were waiting for something important. They parked the car in the corner of the main road and went to the off-trail. They hid themselves with the large grass It was already fifteen minutes and Mu Lan thought that she was being tested by the Almighty.

"Here they come." Mu Liang said.

Mu Lan peeped from his back and saw a Jeep car coming towards their car. The Jeep car suddenly stopped and three to four boys came out of the car. Then, they started to check out Mu Liang's car.

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