Chapter 870: Happy Ending (3)

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“Don’t get in my way!” Fang Shaohua dearly wished that he could crush this man who had appeared in Jiamu’s home.

“Get out!” Sun Jiamu raised her voice in anger.

Lin Haisheng rushed to express his concern for her. “Jiamu, don’t be angry. It’ll be bad if your mood affects the baby.”

When Fang Shaohua heard this, his anger quickly faded. “Jiamu, go in and rest. I’ll support you.”

He approached her side and gently held her arm.

Sun Jiamu glared at him. “Weren’t you planning on starting a fight in my home?”

“I wouldn’t dare.”

She rolled her eyes. “You wouldn’t dare?”

“My wife’s orders are absolute.” Fang Shaohua looked at her lovingly.

His passionate gaze left Jiamu feeling burned. Her cheeks turned red. “Who is your wife!”

“You.” He said, “I didn’t sign the divorce papers you left behind. Legally, you’re still my wife.”

“You didn’t sign them?” She had assumed that he would be overjoyed by it.

“I won’t sign it no matter what.” Fang Shaohua shook his head.

“But the woman you love is clearly…” She spoke up to remind him but was promptly cut off. “You’re the woman I love.”

When she heard these words, she paused in her footsteps in a daze.

She took in his charming features and his bright, sincere gaze. He was not lying in the slightest.

He appeared… to be serious?

Furthermore, based on his personality, he wasn’t someone who would lie to her if he did not love her.

“You… say that again?” Sun Jiamu’s voice seemed to be trembling.

“Jiamu, you’re the woman I love.” His gaze was especially serious. “My feelings towards Xinxin are but familial love. I was foolish and didn’t understand my own feelings. I mistook my dependency on her as romantic love. Will you forgive me?”

Sun Jiamu began to tear up. The sight of her tears against her fair skin was a heart wrenching one. He did not sign the divorce papers. This meant that she was still his wife. Furthermore, to think that he actually loved her. She never expected this and was in shock by how happy it made her feel.

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Fang Shaohua embraced her tightly. However, he was worried that he would hurt the baby in her stomach. He hurriedly released her and held her shoulder. “My wife, I’ve let you down. Don’t be angry at me and come home with me, please?”

Sun Jiamu leaned against his firm shoulder and cried bitterly.

When Lin Haisheng saw this, he knew that there was no place for him here.

He had fallen for Jiamu from the moment she showed up in this village.

However, she had clearly informed him that she had a husband and that they were in a long distance relationship. She had also stated that she would never fall for another man.

Considering her beauty, there were many other men in the village who were taken with her.

However, when they heard that she was attached, they quickly gave up on their feelings.

He shouldn’t have developed emotions for her. However, her so-called husband never appeared even once throughout her pregnancy.

Thus, he could not help but think that Jiamu was single. Hence, he was willing to take care of her and raise her child for the rest of their lives.

He frequently visited her to show his concern and did as much as he could for her.

It was a pity that she remained as polite and distant as ever.

Haisheng quietly spoke up. “Jiamu is a good woman. You have to take good care of her from now onwards.” He then left the courtyard.

Sun Jiamu took in Lin Haisheng’s back view and said, “Brother Haisheng, thank you for taking care of me all this while.”

Lin Haisheng waved his hand to indicate that it was no matter. With that, he disappeared from their gaze.

Fang Shaohua glanced at him. He then turned towards his wife in his arms. “My wife, you haven’t told me who he is.”

“He is the owner of the grocery stall in the village. His name is Lin Haisheng. He has feelings for me but I’ve always maintained a distance from him.” Jiamu sighed. “He is a good man.. In the past nine months I’ve been here, he has taken good care of me.”

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