Chapter 642: WANT SOME GAME?

"…That's true." The person didn't know why Mohammed Akram wanted her instead of the treasure. Well, it wasn't his problem anyway.

Both of them became silent for a long time. They had their issues to think.

Suddenly Mohammed Akram said, "So, let's make a deal."

The man became interested. "A deal?"

Mohammed Akram told his plan clearly and then gave a conclusion, "After I or you find her, the gold key will go with you and the girl with me."

The man blinked. "…Are you serious?"

"I was never this serious before." Mohammed Akram looked like he was preparing for war.

The man went deep in thought. He was thinking about the hidden treasure so much that he forgot how to deal with this rumored bloody killer. Then again, he heard from his informer that Mohammed Akram had a collection house where he put the things he fancied.

'If it's true then why don't I let him deal with her and then I get the gold key?' Thinking that he gazed at Mohammed Akram and smiled. "Alright, we got a deal."

Mohammed Akram straightened his back and threw a file on the table. "Check it out."

The man doubtfully took the file and opened it. As soon as he saw the content, he gasped. There was picture of a girl he was looking for everywhere. There was a detailed biodata under the picture.

Hua Lan

Age: 22

Date of Birth: 14 July

Height: 5'6''

Skin Color: pink/rosy

Hair: hazel tree (dark brown)

Eyes: black, transparent/clear

Lips: Rosy pink

Body: Slim

Skill: painting, hacking

Hobby: painting, travelling

Personality: cheerful, intelligent, knows how to act.

Education: Computer Engineering, freshman at Beijing University

Address: Beijing

Father: Hua Rong

Mother: Zhen Lei

Sibling/s: Hua Mei (elder sister)

The man forgot to breath as he read the details. After a long time, he found his words. "Wh-where did you get this?"

Mohammed Akram leaned back on the seat and mysteriously answered, "It's called destiny."

Back then, Mohammed Akram was in Spain for business. At that time, he heard about the competition in Germany. A group of students of the University of Beijing won the championship with huge success.

As he planned on poaching the group, he asked for the information about students and he saw Hua Lan's picture. Nine years ago, he saw her and never once forgot her face. After seeing Hua Lan's photo, he recognized her instantly. Right after that, he instructed his personal guards to follow her from shadow and to keep him updated about her every move. He was afraid to go in front of her. What if she recognized him and killed him. So he never met her face to face.

The man excitedly asked, "Then I can assume that she is with you." He chuckled in glee.

"No, she is not." Mohammed Akram said in a sour face.

The man stood up from the chair. "Then what are you waiting for? Let's capture her. I'll call my team to join you."

Mohammed Akram bitterly said, "She has gone missing."

"Missing?" The man thought that he heard wrong.

His friend nodded lightly. "Yes."

The man couldn't believe his misfortune. "How?!"

Five months ago, after she went to Italy with her sister, brother-in-law and nephew, she was attacked by a group of people and then got missing. He searched every hospital and ever corner of the woods all over Europe to look for her dead or injured body, but she was nowhere to be found.


Just like that she had gone missing without a trace and now she was right in front of his nose being all smoochy with her lover, would he let her go?

Absolutely not!

He commanded, "Get that girl and kill that man. If you don't get her, I will kill you all.

The men with his were surprised at this sudden development. Soon they nodded and said, "Yes boss."

One of the speed boats turned to the left and followed Mu Liang and Mu Lan's moving figures. Another boat reached the shore and the men jumped out of the speed boat and chased at the Mu couple.

The boss was still on the speed boat. His secretary asked him, "Boss, do you want me to hire a resort for you here?"

"Yes, let's go. I'm already tired after the journey. I need some sleep. After I wake up, I want her in my room." The boss said. He had a lot to ask her. He promised, 'After I get your gold key, I will throw you to Akram.'

"Yes, boss." The secretary agreed.


"I think they are after us." She looked behind and said. After she said that, Mu Liang and Mu Lan began to faster. "Gosh, it's really hard to run wearing these clothes." She couldn't help but complain.

"Bear with it." Mu Liang spoke. His grab around her wrist tightened and he sped up.

Mu Lan ran alongside. She pulled out her burqa as much as she could and so, she wasn't having any problem keeping up her footing.

They went to the dock and saw some speed boats. There weren't any people yet. Mu Liang started all the engines untied the ropes of the speed boats and Mu Lan helped him to cut some of the ropes. Now the people behind them wouldn't be able to follow them.

"One team is following us from the speed boat." Mu Liang said. He hopped on the last speed boat where Mu Lan was.

"I saw them. If they want some game, I will give it to them." Mu Lan smirked wildly and started the engine.

"If you get tired, let me do it." Mu Liang sat on one of the chairs. He was relaxed as he left everything to her.

"Sure." Mu Lan felt like she was playing video game. "Want to be our enemy? Go to you mother and drink milk."

The enemy saw through the couple's trick. One of the took out his gun and tried to fire at them.

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