Chapter 641: THAT'S HER

So many stories about her made her a legend. They said that she had a pair of ruby eyes. Those eyes were jewels in her face which made her. They were filled with blood lust. She always craved for blood. beauty unparallel. She loved killing people. She killed them in a blink of eyes. Wherever she went, she created river of blood.

They said that she never had any weapon. She never had to look at her enemy. She only needed to touch the ground the people who were present would be slaughtered in a second.

Some said that she was a witch. Some said that she was a gold key keeper. Some also said that she was a guard that was protecting her master's treasure like a watch-dog.

However, the girl who was at the peak of the gossip was nowhere to be found; as if she never existed. People looked for her for ten years but they never found her.

Some gave up thinking that she was just a myth, there was no existence of her. Some still had their eyes and ears opened if they heard any news of her; because they were too greedy for power and wealth.

The man on the speed boat felt that God blessed him this time. When the world was blind about her existence, God gave her to him.

'It must be because of my hard work of previous years.' He thought.

Five years ago, when he got the power, the first thing he did was to find the root of the rumors about the gold key. It was a boy who was greedy for gold. From him, he (the boss) found out how the girl looked like. He hired a well-known artist and made him draw the picture according to the description. After that, he killed the artist and imprisoned the boy. Feeling frightened the boy blurted out about The Cobra and also said that he was disciple of them.

He (the boss) didn't believe him at first, but he did the next day after finding out that the boy was dead.

The Cobra was the most infamous terrorists with the greatest power. They were like ghosts. Their enemy didn't know anything about them. If they had the treasure and that was hidden and guarded by an enchanting killer, it wouldn't be impossible to think that way.

Finally, he understood the root of the problem why they couldn't find that girl after looking for her so many years. The Cobra knew how to keep secret but their only mistake was to take this boy as their disciple. Now that the by spilled the beans, The Cobra didn't hesitate to finish him off.

So merciless!

The girl was rumored to be like this too. If she was the member of The Cobra then it was possible that the stories about her were all true. He never told anyone about The Cobra and the girl were related to each other. He kept it hidden, even from his subordinates

He really needed to thank the boy for giving me such an information with her look; he thought.

Though the painting of her was destroyed by the intruder, he still had the picture saved in his phone in secret. He hired many artists and made them draw her pictures many times and hanged them all over his mansion.

He looked for the gir in the picture everywhere but couldn't get any news about her. However, four years later, Mohammed Akram came to his mansion with so many girls.

He laughed aloud. "Akram, they are really pretty."

Mohammed Akram smiled faintly. "As long as you like them. I specially chose them for you."

The person was gleeful as he looked at those women. Feeling satisfied he said, "You just know how to please me."

They were talking business and suddenly Mohammed Akram's eyes landed on the photo frame on the table. There was a picture of a girl whom he was searching for quite some time. He steadily asked, "Who is she? Is she your relative?"

The man shook his head. "No. She is someone I'm looking for."

"I'm getting curious." Mohammed Akram said with interest.

"She has something I'm looking for. A key." The man said mysteriously. He opened his left drawer and took out a paper. There was a key drew on that page. He showed it to his friend.

"You mean the gold key?" Mohammed Akram understood right away.

The man was stunned. "How do you know?"

Who didn't know that legend? However, Mohammed Akram didn't reply. Instead he asked, "Have you ever met her?"

The man dejectedly replied, "No news of her. I looked for her everywhere. She seemed to be vanished in the thin air."

Mohammed Akram didn't speak for a long time. Then, he opened his mouth. "Truthfully speaking, I met her."

The man stood up from his chair. "What?!" Disbelief was written all over his face.

Mohammed Akram calmly gazed at his friend and said nothing.

The man realized that Akram couldn't lie to him. He sat down and asked excitedly, "How did you two meet?"

Mohammed Akram lean back to the chair and answered, "Remember the time my subordinates died in the hall room of my palace?"

The man tried to recall. "Yes, I remember something like this. It was years ago. That was the first time that your people couldn't find the culprit."

Mohammed Akram admitted, "That's her."

"…No wonder!" This man knew that she was the member of The Cobra and that's why he wasn't surprised.

Mohammed Akram looked at him. He frowned, "What do you mean by 'no wonder'?"

The man said, "The rumors. They said that she was a cold-blooded murderer. It is true." He didn't mention that she was part of The Cobra. He hid it from his friend.

Mohammed Akram nodded. "You are right." His eyes flickered in the light. "And I want her."

The man instantly refused. "Hey, hey, you can't. I want her-"

Mohammed Akram calmly said, "All you want is the gold key. Not her. On the other hand, I want her not the gold key and the so-called treasure."

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