"I want to know your sh*tty trick." Jonah said. He was really disappointed that Horse Master ran away. But he was also curious what Mu Feng had in his sleeves.

Mu Feng protested. "Don't call it 'sh*tty'. This is the only thing I can do to help."

Jonah calmly tried to think what made Mu Feng be so happy-go-lucky. He didn't finish mission completely but why did he look so high and mighty as if the world was beneath him.

As a member of a powerful family, it was normal that if one heir was in danger, other heir wouldn't be there for rescuing the family member. In that case, the other heir could only help from outside.

However, they knew their enemy and they knew how to deal with him. But the problem was, though the other heir had the evidence of the misdeeds of the enemy, without him going to the enemy's den, he couldn't do anything.

If that's the way it was, what would Mu Feng do?

'What would I do?' Jonah wondered.

If it was that way then, he would chase the friend of the enemy who was a world class criminal to the enemy's den and let the world know that who was the main villain. After all, a criminal's friend was a criminal.

Jonah looked at Mu Feng. "You deliberately let the Horse Master go to Saudi Arabia so that your special force catches him red handed."

Mu Feng narrowed his eyes. "You are indeed sister Lan's younger brother. You lived up to my expectation."

Jonah asked, "Did you think that Akram wouldn't keep an eye on them? You don't think him as a fool, do you?"

Mu Feng's tone was even more mysterious as he said, "No, I don't. I think he his very clever. And that's why he underestimated me."

Jonah thought about his words and suddenly he figured it out. "You!"

Mu Feng also realized that Jonah might have found out. He asked, "Are you sure that you can't read mind?"

"With my intelligence, I don't need to do something as cheap as mind reading." Jonah boosted himself.

The last doubt Mu Feng had for Jonah was gone. He talked to himself, 'He is indeed sister Lan Lan's younger brother. They have the same style of boosting themselves.'

Johan asked Mu Feng, "Did my brother-in-law contact you again after the Prime Minister was arrested?"

Mu Feng shook his head. "No. He must be in running."

Jonah nodded. "Of course, since he is the only person brother-in-law could trust; now that he is gone, it will be hard for him and of course Lanie is with him."

Mu Feng replied, "Hmm… as long as you Akram doesn't find him, it will be totally fine. When brother was in the army he was the best among us in surviving in the wild area. This is nothing for him."

"And with that Egyptian number of his, I guess he can call for aid anytime." Jonah said.

Mu Feng rubbed his cheek. "Yes, but I don't think he will call for me, because, he thinks that I'm in a mission. For now, he will do everything without our help."

Jonah blinked. "That's right. We can't call him either. We can't call in his or Lanie's cell phone number because Akram will get the chance to track them down. I tried to call brother-in-law in that weird number but it didn't go through. Only he can contact us."

Mu Feng sighed. "We can just hope that before we can do anything, they wouldn't face any problem."

Jonah said in his mind. 'This is where the problem lies. As long as there is my Lanie, problem will attract her like she is a magnet.'


Meanwhile back in Saudi Arabia, Mu Liang and Mu Lan reached Zalim in the evening. They slept on the journey. Now they were quite refreshed.

Mu Lan wanted to stretch her hands but she couldn't. Right now, she was a reserved, decent Arabian house wife. She wouldn't dare to do anything that would catch other's attention.

She glanced at Mu Liang. "Are we going to stay one night or move to another town?"

Mu Liang looked down at her. "Are you tired?" He asked. He checked her temperature if she had fever.

Mu Lan replied, "I'm fine. I just don't think that we should stay here."

Mu Liang nodded. "We won't. Our next destination is Badr Hunayn. Do you know, this city is 130 kilometers away from the Islamic holy city of Medina?"

Mu Lan blinked. "Not at all. You are good at Geography." Then, she asked eagerly, "Can we go there; to the Medina? We should visit there since we got the chance."

Mu Liang smiled a little. "Darling, people are chasing after us. We should decide based on our priority."

"Do you think we will still have the mood to come here after facing a problem like that? Please, please, please, please, please, please…" Mu Lan's adventurous blood was boiling from some time. Now it was in the extreme moment.

She knew when to act spoiled. Her cuteness was overwhelming. Even covering her face couldn't hide her coquettish side.

Mu Liang suddenly grabbed her both shoulders making her stop pleading. "After we are done taking Akram down, we will have the most luxurious live in this country for a week. Now, can we go now?"

Mu Lan narrowed her eyes and said, "Will you really take me there?"

Mu Liang nodded. "Really."

She asked again, "You promise?"

"I promise." Mu Liang answered truthfully.

Only then Mu Lan agreed to go to Badr Hunayn.

They took a cab to go to next city. Mu Lan was silent all the way. She didn't want the driver catch her unnatural way of speaking thinking that it might catch enemy's attention. On the road, they didn't face any problem as they went to their next destination.

When they had reached the town, Mu Lan exclaimed, "At least we can see some trees!"

All the way from Buraydah to Zalim, they only saw desert. No town, no trees, no human beings. If it wasn't extremely hot in the daytime and tremendous cold at night, Mu Lan would like this place.

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