Chapter 638: I LET MY GUARD DOWN

Jonah was sleeping soundly in the treehouse. His wound was infected and as a result he got a high fever. The woman beside him was taking care of him nonstop.

She was trying to cool down his forehead, at that time, someone knocked the door.

The woman got up from the bed and opened the door. The moment she opened the door she saw that a gun was pointing at her. Her beautiful face became instantly pale. She started to tremble. She was about to scream but the person covered her mouth and by putting the barrel of the revolver on his lips he signaled her not to talk.

The man entered the room. He wasn't alone, there were four men currently surrounding the tree house. They were standing inside, guarding.

The man pointed her to go inside. The woman was terrified beyond belief. She followed his instruction silently and sat on the bed. After that, she pushed Jonah multiple times.

"Mnn.." Jonah who had a high fever woke up from his deep slumber.

He felt her urgency when she pushed him, so no matter how hard it was for him, he woke up. His head felt was as light as a feather. When he sat up his body swayed. He tried to focus and saw a man was sitting on a chair, pointing a gun at him.

Jonah let out a chuckle. "I let my guard down."

"You did. Terribly." The man said.

Jonah carefully gazed at him. "But you don't seem to be happy to capture me."

The man admitted, "Yes, that's true. I only caught you because someone gave me the location where you are staying. Otherwise, it would be your win for sure."

Jonah let out a laugh. "Do you really think this is the case? You could never catch me if I wasn't injured, whether someone told my location or not."

The man sneered. "All I can say the this is the doom of the Phantom of the Morning."

"Doom?" Jonah laughed loudly as if he heard a joke. "If you were to be my enemy, do you really think that I would let you stay alive after knowing that you came to hunt me down?"

"Aren't you talking big, little boy-" The man stopped breathing. He looked at the gun which was pointing at him. Seeing Jonah sick, he let his guard down and while talking Jonah got the opportunity to take his gun. "You son of a="

The man tried to curse but stopped there. He couldn't continue. He had a feeling that he finished his sentence, he might turn two mighty people his enemy.

Seeing that he didn't continue, Jonah raised an eyebrow. "I see that you have some conscience left. Good for you. If you finished the sentence, I would have told Lanie about it."

The man crudely gazed at him. He kept silent.

Jonah lightly said, "It's nothing personal. No hard feelings. I know the person who told you my location also instructed you to bring a doctor. Tell him to come up here. I need to get back to Saudi Arabia as soon as I can. And don't make this lady anymore scared than she is now. She is an important guest."

The woman couldn't understand what these two men were saying. She was terrified as she kept looking at the gun at the man's hand.

The man frowned. He couldn't help but ask, "Are you really sick?" Jonah was clear headed and it was hard to understand that he was sick.

"Hurry… before I lose my consciousness." Jonah could barely sit up. His eyes were closing down.

The man got up and gave a signal from the window. Immediately a guard came up with medical box and unbuttoned Jonah's shirt.

Watching the injury both guard and the man's face darkened. The guard instantly began his treatment.

Jonah gritted his teeth and endured the pain. Cold sweat formed in his forehead and his body became weaker. He wanted to take his mind elsewhere but couldn't. He looked at the man who was sitting in the chair idly. He asked, "What's the news of Saudi Arabia?"

"The Prime Minister has been taken down." The man calmly answered.

Jonah let out a chuckle. "Akram became impatient. What about Lanie?"

The man helplessly replied, "I don't have any news of hers."

"If Akram going nuts, that means that she is not with him." Jonah bit his lower lip.

"You are right. She is in the safest place at this moment." The man playfully said.

Jonah was relieved. "It's a good thing that they are together. I don't understand aside from her intelligent brain why he needs her."

The man asked, "Isn't that because she is Red?"

Jonah shook his head. "That's not it. This man himself got rare talents beside him. He wouldn't go that far for her just because of something as simple as that. There has to be something else."

The man went into deep thought. Both of them didn't talk for a long while.

After the stitches were done, the guard stood up. He said, "You need to rest for a day before you move."

Jonah nodded. "Thank you for your help."

"Don't mention." The guard left.

Jonah looked at the man before him and asked, "So how's the mission in Mexico City? Have you captured the Horse Master, Almighty King of the European Underworld?

Mu Feng frowned hearing the nickname. He felt like Jonah was being sarcastic. He solemnly answered, "Unfortunately no. He is really sly, I have to give him that compliment. I only managed to shot at his leg; right at the knee cap. He won't be able to walk anyone with that leg."

Jonah certainly didn't believe him. He frowned. "Then what are you here for? Aren't you supposed to go after him?"

"My real mission is to take the power of Mexico Underworld. I already got it. And Horse Master? He will be dead eventually." Mu Feng said mysteriously.

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