Mu Lan rose her eyebrow. "Only massage?"

"…I'm bringing the ointment." Mu Liang said as he got up.

Mu Lan was very satisfied at his performance. She closed her eyes in satisfaction and gave some light moans.

Hearing her moans, Mu Liang grunted and said nothing. His massage was so comfortable that Mu Lan forgot the reality. Soon, her fantasy was broken because the telephone was ringing.

Mu Liang got up and went to the downstairs. He took the receiver and said, "Yes?"

"Jamil, would you come to the office? I know you are still sick but the workload is too much." The Prime Minister said.

Mu Liang frowned upon hearing that. "I will try to come as soon as possible." After that, he hung up.

His mind was working like a whirlwind. First of all, the Prime Minister called him Jamil. It was unusual because he always called Mu Liang as Mr. Mu.

Why was it?

It could only mean that someone was tracing and recording their call; and the funny part was, he was in the safe house, not in the house that his fake register noted. The Prime Minister must be paranoid for some reason and he had no other choice. He had to warm Mu Liang as soon as possible.

Secondly, the Prime Minister almost commanded him to go to the office immediately which meant that Mu Liang wasn't safe in that house anymore and had to move out immediately.

Mu Liang ran to the upstairs and barged into the bedroom.

Mu Lan heard the loud sound of the door opening and instantly got up. "What happened?" She was alerted.

"We have to move out quickly." Mu Liang said and threw some clothes towards her.

Mu Lan saw the clothes and sighed in relief. At least, he didn't tear off her undergarments that night. She hurriedly wore the male clothes given by him and gazed at Mu Liang.

He also wore his disguise and came towards her to tie up her hair and put on traditional cap on her head. Then he glanced at her top to bottom. "Perfect."

Mu Lan gave him a haughty look and proudly said, "It's because I'm beautiful." No matter what happened, when it came to boosting herself, she would never let the chance go.

Mu Liang smiled. "Yes, beautiful. Are you in pain anywhere?"

"I'm better than before. I can move. Don't worry." Mu Lan realized that they were in trouble so she didn't give him a hard time and got along with him.

He gave her a key and said, "Here is the key. You have to go to the basement and you will find a passageway. It will lead you to the next house. Get out of that house, lock it properly and wait for me to fetch you. I will get out of this house and take the car. Don't do anything reckless. Understood?"

"Yes, sir!" Mu Lan gave him a military salute.

"You don't know Arabian language, do you?" He asked.

"No." She replied truthfully.

"No problem. I will be with you." Mu Liang grabbed her hand and took her out of the room.

They got separated in the first floor. Mu Lan did as she was instructed and went to the other house. She unlocked the house from the inside and came out normally as if it was her own house. She locked the door and waited for Mu Liang to come.

She calmly looked around and suddenly she froze. Two men wearing Arabian clothes coming towards her. They were suspicious of her. She gritted her teeth.

Mu Liang couldn't use this house since just a while ago he received the call from the safehouse. But now that she, an unknown person came out of the house, the people who were spying on the house became alert.

Mu Lan saw that one of them took out his cell phone dialed someone's number.

'Could it be they are only two of them or there are more of them?' Mu Lan didn't know. But she had a guess.

She looked down and saw some pebbles in the lawn. She took a big one and threw it pointing at the man who was calling someone. With one shot, he was knocked out. He graciously fell on the ground.

The other man beside him was dumbfounded at first and then ran towards her. He took out his gun and aimed at her. He screamed something in Arabian language. Maybe he was threatening her.

As if Mu Lan would listen to him. The moment he came closer, she gave a high kick at the pistol and the pistol flew away on the other side of the road. She didn't waste a second before kicking him in the middle of the joint of his legs.


His balls blew up.


That man stopped right there and cupped his hidden area. His body bent and face turned purple in pain. While trembling, he fell on the ground. He looked as dead as a dying fish.

Mu Lan didn't have time to look at his tragic fall. She looked around once more to see if there was anyone else. To make her suspicion true, another man came out from other building. He seemed like ended a call.

"Damn it! He must have call for reinforcement." Mu Lan talked to herself.

Before that man could come and get her, Mu Liang's car came between them. "Get in!" He screamed.

He didn't have to. She was already opening the door and then she jumped inside the car. "Go! He already called for reinforcement."

Mu Liang drove away with a high speed. The road was smooth and there was no traffic. He smoothly drove the car.

With the speed Mu Lan's heartbeats escalated. She looked behind and saw the man to enter inside a car and then the car chased after them.

"They are following us." She told Mu Liang.

"I can see that." Mu Liang gritted his teeth. "Sit tightly. Put on the seatbelt around you."

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