Chapter 862: Family Conflict

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“He said so because you were listening.” Huang Zhishu continued, “I overheard Doctor Shi and Qinghao’s private conversation. Doctor Shi said that Xinxin’s body was unique and she would face difficulties in conceiving. Doctor Shi also said that Qinghao has personally done two check-ups to see if he has any problems in that area. On both occasions, he was found to be completely healthy.”

Bai Chongshan frowned. “Are you speaking the truth?”

“I wouldn’t dare to lie about this.” Huang Zhishu gestured as if to make a vow. She suddenly said, “Father, think about it. Although Xinxin and Qinghao have only been married for a year, the two of them have cohabitated in the Yu Ting Villa for more than two years. They spent nearly three years together without conceiving. Isn’t it clear that something’s wrong?”

“…” Bai Chongshan fell silent.

He personally made a phone call to the Bai family’s doctor, Shi Qian. Initially, Shi Qian refused to admit to it. It was only after Bai Chongshan threatened him in his anger that Shi Qian confessed to this matter.

After the elder ended the call, his expression was especially heavy.

“Father, this matter is very serious. We should inform Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law.” Huang Zhishu continued thoughtfully. “Chenxi is only the Bai family’s adopted son. Qinghao is the Bai family’s legitimate, only successor. If Xinxin cannot conceive, it will affect the Bai family’s future…”

“Isn’t it just difficulty in conceiving?” Bai Chongshan cut her off loudly. “Who says she cannot conceive!”

“They’ve been together for three years…” Huang Zhishu put on a virtuous act. “The Bai family cannot be without a successor. You should ask someone to check with the Yu Ting Villa’s helper if the couple were on birth protection before they married. Although Qinghao claims that they were, if things are otherwise, the Bai family may not be able to afford waiting for several more three year periods.”

“Enough!” Bai Chongshan rubbed his forehead in pain.

He was especially satisfied with Xinxin as his granddaughter-in-law. If she could not conceive…

No matter what, the Bai family could not be without a successor.

Soon, Bai Qinghao’s parents also learned of this matter.

In less than an hour, Elder Bai sent his subordinates to the Yu Ting Villa to question the servants there.

It turns out that the servants had never found a condom, or witnessed Xinxin taking birth control measures.

Bai Qinghao’s three elders immediately fell silent.

For the next four weeks, Fang Xinxin noticed that Bai Qinghao’s parents and Elder Bai Chongshan appeared to be holding their words back whenever they saw her.

However, when she questioned them about it, they refused to say anything.

Huang Zhishu, on the other hand, repeatedly questioned Fang Xinxin if she was pregnant. She then hypocritically assured her that there was no need to rush.

Fang Xinxin was intelligent and quickly had a vague idea of what was happening. However, since the other party wasn’t speaking up, she could not be bothered to expose them. There was no need to cause trouble for herself.

That morning, Fang Xinxin laid on the bed in the third storey bedroom of the Bai family’s old mansion.

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Bai Qinghao had already gotten up.

Since they returned home, their relationship had grown stronger in terms of both physical intimacy and feelings.

She changed into a fresh set of clothes and prepared to head downstairs for breakfast.

She had just arrived on the second floor when she heard the fight occurring on the first floor.

“Qinghao, Doctor Shi has already confirmed that Xinxin has difficulties conceiving. Until when did you plan on keeping this matter silent!” Elder Bai was demanding in anger. “I’m already an old man. Do you want me to die with regret and to never have the chance to hold my grandson!”

“People will always have some regrets. It’s your business if you die that way.” Bai Qinghao was unfazed.

Elder Bai sat before the dining table. He smashed the chopsticks in his hands down in anger. “You…”

His eyes were widened and his body was trembling with anger.. He could not even speak.

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