Chapter 861: A Baby

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Bai Qinghao approached at this moment and spoke heavily. “Grandfather. There’s no need to rush about having a child. Xinxin and I don’t plan on having a baby for the time being.”

“That won’t do!” Bai Chongshan shouted loudly. “I won’t interfere in your relationship, but no matter what, you have to give me a grandchild as soon as possible!”

Bai Qinghao frowned. “Keep dreaming. I don’t want to have a child.”

Fang Xinxin glanced at Bai Qinghao’s cold features in astonishment. His expression was firm and it did not seem like he was lying.

However, there was no need for her to ask him.

In their previous life, he had been thoroughly heartbroken by her miscarriage. It was clear that he dearly wished to be a father.

Why was he saying the opposite right now?

Did he really not wish for a child, or did he have other reasons?

“You’re trying to anger me to death! Bai Chongshan was especially agitated. He began to tremble in anger.

Fang Xinxin approached his side and patted his back lightly. “Grandfather, don’t be angry. Qinghao and I will give you a great-grandson.”

When Bai Chongshan heard this, his expression finally eased a little.

Bai Qinghao however, could not hide the hint of worry in his gaze when he heard his wife’s words.

Only Huang Zhishu had an imperceptible mocking smile on.

Fang Xinxin was a hen that could not lay eggs. As if she would ever have a child.

“Father, we have to take such things naturally. Don’t give the couple too much pressure.” Huang Zhishu pretended to be the ‘good person’ by the side.

Bai Chongshan understood that his grandson was too outstanding. Once he had made a decision, he would not waver. Thus, he could only urge Fang Xinxin. “Xinxin, Grandfather isn’t young anymore. I already have one foot in the grave. My only wish is to hold my great-grandson. It’s fine if it’s a great-granddaughter. As long as the child is of my Bai family’s bloodline, I’ll love them. I hope you can understand me.”

“En.” Fang Xinxin nodded. “I will do my best.”

She also wished to have a baby with her beloved husband.

“Father, I’ll accompany you on a stroll. Let’s leave this little couple to spend some time together,” Huang Zhishu spoke up thoughtfully.

“That’s true.”

Huang Zhishu supported Bai Chongshan to stroll through the yard.

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Huang Zhishu watched as Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin returned to the old villa. After confirming that there was no one around them, she spoke up softly. “Father, I’m not sure if I should be telling you this…”

“If it’s related to you or your adopted son, Bai Chenxi, don’t mention it.” He was uninterested.

“It’s not.” Huang Zhishu’s expression stiffened for a moment. She began carefully. “It’s related to Fang Xinxin’s secret.”

“What secret could she possibly have?” A hint of mocking flashed past Bai Chongshan’s sharp gaze. He glanced at her in dissatisfaction. “Could it be that, just because your son hasn’t given up on Xinxin, you plan on making things up about the two of them? Those are all rumors. Xinxin only likes Qinghao.”

“I definitely don’t have any such intentions. I’ve asked Chenxi about this. Both Xinxin and him are innocent.” Huang Zhishu rushed to explain. “Father, look at you. You’re so wary of me that you’re guessing at my thoughts before I’ve even spoken.”

“Enough. Go straight to the point.”

“Half a month ago, didn’t Doctor Shi Qian give Qinghao and Xinxin a full body check up?” Huang Zhishu spoke up while trembling slightly. “It seems that Xinxin will have a lot of trouble conceiving.”

“What nonsense are you spouting!” Bai Chongshan glared at her.. “Doctor Shi himself assured us that both Xinxin and Qinghao are healthy.”

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