Chapter 633: SHE IS GONE

The man who was smoking frowned. "How can she go away when she was in my harem?"

He had a harem in the same neighborhood. He put a tight security there and never a small fly could come out after it went inside the building. In that harem, all the women who were sent to him kept there. Those who once left that place, never saw the light of the day again. They all died in his bed.

He had been cautious for years, now someone dared to break into his harem and left without a trace, he wasn't sure how to deal with her and her rescuer.

"Find that woman and bring her to me; and the one who helped her to escape, kill that person." The man commanded.

The person who was standing replied, "I will do as you said." Then he left.

The man who was smoking suddenly lost all his interest. He put down his cigarette on the ashtray and left the rooftop. He went inside the room and took off his clothes. He entered the room that had a huge swimming pool and dived into the water.

He was swimming, at that time, another man came inside. "Boss, a call from Saudi Arabia." He stretched out his hand to give the cell phone.

The man swam closer and took the phone from that person and said, "Hello?"

A voice said, "Horse Master, it has been a while. Have you been well?"

"Akram, I'm not in a good mood." The Horse Master said in a gloomy tone.

Mohammed Akram lightly laugh. "What can make the famous mafia so broken heartened? I want to know." He was in happy mood because he had a good news that he wanted to share with his friend.

"The girl you sent me, she is gone before I touched her." The Horse Master gritted his teeth.

Mohammed Akram froze on the other side. The smile on his face was gone. "She was taken?"

"No, she fled." He Hose Master didn't want to admit it. "Someone came in the name of my worker's name and took her away. Now we cannot find them. They left without any trace."

"…When did she leave?" Mohammed Akram asked. His heart suddenly became cool.

"Three days ago." The Horse Master said.

Mohammed Akram froze on the other side. Then, he sighed, "I told you that she could never get out in this lifetime."

"I know. That's why I preserved her for so many days." The Horse Master realized that this girl was something valuable. "Whose daughter is she?"

"The Prime Minister." Mohammed Akram's brain was working like a roller-coaster.

"Isn't he the one who is like a thorn in your path?" The Horse Master knew that because of this Prime Minster, Mohammed Akram couldn't do anything to the First Prince of Saudi Arabia.

"Yes." Mohammed Akram's eyes turned cold. "I've something to do. I'm hanging up."

"Okay." The Horse Master said. "I will find her no matter what. She can't get out of this country, I promise you that."

"Good." Mohammed Akram hang up.

The Horse Master forgot to ask for what reason Mohammed Akram called.


Mohammed Akram's palace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Akram knocked the reading table with the pen in his hand continuously.

Mohammed Akram came back after a whole night searching Mu Lan. He was dead tired. "Cousin, there is really so sign of her. I've looked every corner of the city. The surveillance cameras couldn't catch her either."

"Hack the satellite of our nation. The First Prince won't find out anything." His cousin coldly said.

"About that… I already told my team to do that. But the thing is…. They can't hack for some reason. They said that there was some kind of virus protecting the satellite. I can't believe it. This is the first time I heard something like this." Mohammed Alif was helpless and frustrated at the same time. He was already dead tired and things weren't going as he wanted. It was enough to make him go crazy.

Mohammed Akram wasn't surprised. The news only made the fire in his heart burn even more. He quietly said, "Check out the Prime Minister."

"Sorry?" Mohammed Alif couldn't understand the sudden change of command.

"The Prime Minister; his every house, safe house, workplace, everywhere; look for Mu Liang and Ms. Lan." Mohammed Akram said.

He had a firm belief that Mu Liang found out the Prime Minister's weakness and sent people to rescue his daughter and as a result the Prime Minister helped him to get away. If it wasn't for the Prime Minister, Mu Liang could never get away from Mohammed Akram's hand. After the Crown Prince, the Prime Minister had the absolute power and then Mohammed Akram had the authority. That's why Mohammed Akram tried his best to get the Prime Minister in his team. But that latter was too honest with his job. Such loyal dog couldn't possibly betray his master.

Mohammed Alif didn't think of anything about his cousin's command. His head already stopped working due to lack of rest. He said, "Alright, I will send my men. But if you could lend me your people, it would be a great help."

"They are busy guarding the elite team of Mu Family." Mohammed Akram said. He had to keep an eye of this elite team because of their capability, he didn't have the guts to do something more dangerous. He put a high security around them and his team made sure that this elite team wouldn't find anything about Mu Laing and Mu Lan.

He continued saying, "And check that Jamil guy again. I feel like he has something to do with the disappearance of Ms. Lan."

Mohammed Alif shook his head. "How many times do I have to say that that guy is genuinely sick?"

"Just do as I said." Mohammed Akram said.

Mohammed Alif replied, "I already put some men to keep an eye on his house. If there is any problem, they will let me know."

What he didn't know that those men were taken care of by certain someone.

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