Mu Liang also felt bad but she had to eat something. If she only slept without eating she could suffer from ulcer. "Eat first or the next round will be even more painful."

Mu Lan couldn't help but sob. "Hu… hu…. hu…."

She knew that after she woke up, she couldn't fall asleep easily. She didn't have the energy to eat, so Mu Liang fed her. She leaned back on the bed, closed her eyes and slowly chewed the meat. If she was Xue Lin, she might have forgiven him after eating such delicious food.

But she was forced!

Mu Liang was so gentle that even the snow of the Himalayas would melt. But Mu Lan was seething in anger. Just as she predicted, her sleepiness flew away and headache started. She couldn't sleep properly after Mu Liang left for Saudi Arabia. If this continued then she would suffer from insomnia.

After eating, she didn't look at him and laid down on the bed. But she couldn't fall asleep at all. The anger in her heart rose.

"You didn't drink water." Mu Liang urged her softly.

"Shut up!" She couldn't tolerate his voice. Even a little bit sound would make her headache worse.

Mu Liang was helpless. She didn't complain when he made love to her, she didn't get mad at him when her body became sore; but now that he woke her up from beauty sleep to get her stomach fill, she burst into anger.

'Women are really hard to understand.' Mu Liang sighed and let the glass of water on the table. After that, he went out to take the bowls in the kitchen.

After he left, Mu Lan covered her eyes with the comforter and tried to sleep. But the headache became worse.

Mu Liang came back after washing the dishes and took another bath before going to the bed. As he wanted to turn of the bedside lamp beside Mu Lan, his eyes landed on her and he froze. Her face was flushed, her breathing was irregular, she was frowning deeply while closing her eyes, her forehead was sweaty and she was moaning lightly.

He touched her forehead with the opposite side of his hand to check her temperature. Her forehead was burning.

He anxiously called her, "Lan? Lan?" He pushed her lightly.

Mu Lan frowned and protested, "Don't talk! My head hurts." Her tone was hoarse.

'Could it be that I overdid it?' Mu Liang thought about their love making session and regretted deeply in his heart. He wanted her to stay in the bed and it seemed like his dream came true. But he didn't want her to suffer from illness.

Somewhere, someone named Fate screamed its lungs out, "Then what the hell do you want?"

Mu Liang didn't know what he wanted. He wished to cure her but then she would tag along. It would be more dangerous. However, if he didn't give her medicine, it would turn out to be worse.

What would he do?

He clenched his fists and got up from the bed. He found a thermometer and took her temperature. It was 39° celsius.

He became worried. He looked for the first aid box in the cabinets and found one. He opened the box and discovered medicines. He sighed in relief. He took one in his hand and with a glass of water he sat on the bed.

He urgently said, "Lan, please drink the medicine. You have a fever."

However, Mu Lan didn't listen. She didn't move.Mu Liang put down the glass and the medicine and helped her to sit up. Mu Lan's frown deepened. Her whole body was throbbing and the head was tearing apart.

She felt more pain as Mu Liang moved her multiple times. "What now?"

He softly said, "Don't move. Open your mouth." Seeing that she didn't open her mouth, he could only shove the medicine inside her mouth and brought the glass close to her lips.

Feeling the slight touch of the cool water, Mu Lan drank it like a desert sucking the water.

After she finished drinking, Mu Liang asked, "Do you want more?"

Mu Lan shook her head.Mu Liang tugged her under the comforter. After that he bought a bowl of cold water and soft towel. He soaked the towel and then wiped the droplets of sweats off of her face, neck and hands. His touch was very gentle.

The cold touch soothed her. Finally, her headache was gone and she could fall sleep.

Mu Liang saw her slight smile as she slept and then stopped cooling her forehead. He took the bowl and towel away and then came back to sleep. At that time, the sun rose in the east. Mu Liang fell asleep instantly while hugging Mu Lan.


Mexico City, Mexico.

The city was bustling in the morning. In a luxurious apartment, there was a man smoking in the rooftop. His eyes were in the city. From the highest point, the city looked calm and quiet. It was so peaceful.

The man was wearing a black t-shirt and pants. He had a coat made of tiger pelage covering his shoulder. He was a golden chain hanging on his neck and there was a horse locket in the end of the chain. He had several gold rings on his fingers and gold bracelet on his left wrist. While smoking his legs wearing a pair of snake leather boots moved time to time. He was impatient for some reason.

Suddenly someone came outside and stood beside him. "Boss, as you said, we searched for her. But we cannot find her anywhere. I asked the other girls. They said that they thought your men already took her three days ago. But up until now, no one from our team ever looked for her. We looked into the surveillance footage but some files from that night were permanently deleted. Our expert couldn't get those footage back. It was like she went out with some and vanished in the thin air."

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