Marriage Is on the Agenda

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There were changes to Feng Yu Heng’s space. This was the second change to occur after the appearance of the underground weapons room!

It had to be said that this change was related to the appearance of the underground weapons room. That was a hidden room that she had filled with weapons and ammunition that she had obtained from overseas. The mainland was very strict in controlling these things. Even if she could steal some from the military, it would be limited to her personal weapons. Of course, she did not abide by such rules and would have a method to obtain some special weapons; however, there were not many. It could not be compared to the amount that she had obtained from overseas.

When she had just been transmigrated to Da Shun, she had carefully investigated the pharmacy space. She found that the underground weapons room could not be opened, which meant that the entire pharmacy did not have a single firearm. But later on, when she arrived in the North, she suddenly found that the hidden area could be accessed, and the weapons could be brought out. But that was strictly limited to one hidden compartment, and she could take out a firearm. But in truth, she had dug two compartments at the very beginning. Each one was two square meters in size.

When she entered her space today, she suddenly discovered that the second compartment had opened itself, and it was just laying in the open while being connected to the first compartment. There were even more firearms, and there were even more types. The ammunition was also exposed, and there were a few grenades.

Feng Yu Heng was a bit dazed. Walking over to the side of the compartment, she sat on the ground and stared at the things inside the compartment. She clicked her tongue. Heavens, how had she obtained so many of these things and hidden them?

To Feng Yu Heng, this topic had practically become a great mystery. Even up to now, she could not understand. Just how much did she love firearms in her previous life? Thinking about it carefully, she recalled the year that she was 22 years of age. For the sake of a new type of grenade, she had flown to M Country on her own and went to do business on the black market. She could not help but smile bitterly and sighed that she was young and passionate at that time. Now, although her body was still not 15 years of age, adding on the years of her previous life, she was heading toward 30. How much passion could remain!

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She sighed bitterly and inspected the things inside the second compartment. There was no difference from the previous life, thus she did not pay too much attention to it and closed the lid on the compartment. The floor tiles returned to their original positions, and everything looked as if it had been untouched; however, Feng Yu Heng’s heart felt uneasy. Firearms had appeared inside her space. From this moment forward, there was no difference in this space from her previous life. There were no longer any hidden compartments like in the beginning. Everything had appeared in this era, but would this be a good thing or a bad thing?

With the Emperor in his waning years, the princes of Da Shun were making their moves. During the changing of the era, it was inevitable that battles would be started. For these things to appear in her space, was it a coincidence or was there a special message? Her original intention was to use her pharmacy space for medical purposes, and she had never thought of bringing firearms out onto the battlefield of this ancient world. Following the appearance of the modern era, what sort of changes would occur to this world?

Feng Yu Heng could not understand, thus she did not think about it any further. Although she still felt a bit uneasy, it was not something that she could figure out an explanation for immediately. She forced herself to calm down and did not rush to take her shower. She simply began to sort through some medicine in her space.

The people from Hundred Herb Hall were arranged to enter the palace after the new year. She had to find some reserve medicine for Sun Qi to bring along in the event that a need arose. In truth, Xuan Tian Ming had secretly installed a number of people inside the palace, including Imperial Concubine Yun. Although she remained inside Winter Moon Palace and did not come out, she saw quite a bit. At the very least, she definitely had people watching Heavenly Hall and Zhao He Hall. But she still wanted to personally send some people inside, especially people that could openly converse with the eunuchs of the palace. With people in the shadows and in the open, this was a beautifully concealed deployment.

Large amounts of medicine were moved from the space into the medicine storage room. The packaging was removed, and the medicine was placed in bottles. The medicines’ names were written along with the effects and expiry date. All of this was done with great proficiency. Feng Yu Heng would always become flustered inadvertently. She had come to Da Shun for no more than two-and-a-half years, so why did she already feel as if she had lived here for decades? She actually felt that her previous life was a long dream.

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The fourth month in the lunar calendar or the 15th of May in the Western calendar would be her 15th birthday. Girls in Da Shun became of marriageable age at 15 years of age. She and Xuan Tian Ming had also agreed that the day she became of age, she would also get married. At first, everything had been settled on, but there were now some concerns. It was about to be the first month, and the day that she became of age was drawing closer and closer; however, Xuan Tian Ming would be going to the South after the new year. Would he be able to get back in time to prepare for the wedding? On the day that she went to the Yu Palace, there did not appear to be any signs of preparing for a large wedding. Even Lady Zhou did not bring it up. That side did not bring it up, thus it was not easy for her to ask. This matter was just left there, and it left her feeling uneasy.

When she came out of the medicine storage room, it was already the evening. The kitchen had prepared dinner, but she had no desire to eat. She only ate a few vegetables, which caused Huang Quan and Wang Chuan to believe that she had fallen ill. They then continued to ask her all kinds of questions for a while. She was only let go by the two servants after she said that she was tired from sorting out the medicine and was a bit idle; however, she was urged to rest in the inner room.

Feng Yu Heng really wanted to lie down, but who knew that just as she lay down, a servant reported that someone had come from the Yu Palace to deliver clothes to the young miss. She could only quickly get up and put on her clothes. Bringing along her two servants, she headed to the front yard.

The person that had come was Lady Zhou, and she had brought a few servants. Feng Yu Heng welcomed her into the hall, and Lady Zhou quickly had the servants bring the clothes forward. At the same time, she said: “It’s almost the new year. On the first day of the new year, you will need to go into the palace to participate in the palace banquet. My Lord ordered this morning that these things needed to be prepared for the princess, and this old servant went early this morning to have them made. They were finally completed. Bring them over for the princess to see if they fit. Princess, also take a look to see if you are satisfied.”

Lady Zhou was a kind person, and she spoke with a smile on her face. The sight of that smile was heartwarming. Feng Yu Heng looked at the clothes that the servants held and felt a bit emotional, and she could not help but say: “Ever since coming back to the capital, Lady Zhou has never forgotten about me when the new year comes around. The things that need to be prepared are tidily prepared, and A-Heng is truly grateful.”

Lady Zhou quickly said: “What sort of thing is princess saying? In just a few more months, you will be marrying into the Yu Palace. Family should not speak as if in different families. It’s no good to always be so restrained.” As she spoke, she quickly asked Feng Yu Heng: “I wonder if princess has any special needs that need to be accommodated for the wedding? This servant will ask it now. Once the 15th of the first month has passed, preparations for this matter will need to begin.” This was the first time that Lady Zhou had directly spoken about the wedding between Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming. Hearing it caused Feng Yu Heng to freeze. Lady Zhou, however, did not think that it was odd, as she had a smile on her face and said to her: “Princess does not have much in the way of relatives here. This old servant was thinking, how about leaving the things like bridal dress and the dowry to this old servant to prepare!”

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Feng Yu Heng had an extremely embarrassed expression, repeatedly waving her hands: “No, no, how could the husband’s family prepare the bridal dress and dowry. I will do this myself. It’s fine for me to do it myself.”

Lady Zhou smiled and said: “There’s no need for princess to treat us as outsiders. His Highness is a prince, and your parents-in-law are both in the imperial palace. They can’t concern themselves with what happens in an external palace. That’s why, as long as both sides are willing, nobody dares to say no. Moreover, is princess uneasy with having this old servant take care of things? I guarantee that outsiders will not find out.”

Feng Yu Heng still did not agree: “No need, no need, A-Heng is thankful for Lady Zhou’s thoughts, but there really is no need for this. That… in truth, the Yao family and I have not truly severed ties. I just did not want them to be implicated by me, but a few days ago, the Yao family had someone come and discuss it with me. The two families should not continue like this. Once the beginning of the first month comes around, a reason will be found for reconciliation. That’s why the Yao family will take care of my dowry, and I will not trouble Lady Zhou with worrying about it.”

There was nothing that Feng Yu Heng could do. She could only bring out the Yao family, and she was forced to give up on the idea of protecting the Yao family by severing ties with them. She just thought that people could not keep up with the heavens. In this world, a person cannot live on their own. Even if she was stronger, there would always be times when she would need relatives to make an appearance. For example, when she was to get married.

Hearing Feng Yu Heng say that she would reconcile with the Yao family, Lady Zhou finally felt at ease. She was someone that had been at Xuan Tian Ming’s side for a long time. In regards to Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng’s matters, she might not know them like the palm of her own hand, but there were some large matters that Xuan Tian Ming could not keep hidden from her. She also knew that Feng Yu Heng’s earlier step was to protect her relatives, but now that it was time to prepare for the wedding between the two, Lady Zhou also felt that if the Yao family could participate, it would be more acceptable. This wedding would also be done in a more thorough manner.

She repeatedly nodded and advised Feng Yu Heng: “Princess does not need to be too cautious. The Yao family has already returned to the capital, and there are some officials that want to get rid of them but cannot manage to do so. As this old servant sees it, it would be better to allow things to progress naturally. The disasters that must happen cannot be avoided. At the same time, the joy that should be enjoyed must also exist. Just like your relationship with the Yao family. This is also a type of joy. Relationships and bloodlines, if they can avoid being severed, it would be best to avoid severing them. Of course, how things are done in the end will be decided on by princess. This old servant is just being nosy. There’s no need for princess to take it to heart.”

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Feng Yu Heng shook her head and emotionally said: “There is no need for Lady Zhou to stand on ceremony. To A-Heng, you are also a relative. To be able to say these things to A-Heng is a stroke of luck for A-Heng.”

Lady Zhou’s heart felt at ease from hearing this. She already viewed this princess favorably, and after the two years of interacting with her, she was even more satisfied. Thus she spoke with her more about the wedding before getting up and leaving.

Feng Yu Heng’s little heart was twitching. Seeing that Lady Zhou was about to leave, she finally asked something that she had been wanting to ask: “That uh… Lady Zhou, the date for the wedding that was originally decided on was the day I became of age, but based on the current situation, I fear that His Highness will be going South after the new year. Do you think this will need to be pushed back?”

Hearing her mention this, Lady Zhou thought about it for a while before saying: “His Highness has never mentioned pushing it back, but if he really is going South, perhaps the day really will need to be moved. Princess, don’t worry. We will prepare for the original day. Once His Highness’ things have been settled after the new year, we will think about it then. What do you think?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Right, that’s what I meant. After all, the country’s matters are most important, and neither of us can run away. The wedding is just one matter, and it’s not that important.”

“It’s important, it’s important!” Lady Zhou quickly said: “The wedding is quite important. Princess must not take it to heart. This old servant is still waiting to welcome princess into the palace and transfer all of the power and responsibilities. At this age, princess must allow this old servant to enjoy a few years of retired life.”

The matter of the wedding had finally been brought to an end, and Feng Yu Heng finally let out a sigh of relief upon hearing about the daily matters. Regardless of whether or not the wedding could be held on the day she became of age, she at least knew that the Yu Palace was treating this matter seriously, thus she felt much more at ease.

Personally sending Lady Zhou to the entrance, she watched the Yu Palace’s carriage depart. Just as she was preparing to return inside the manor, the sound of another carriage approached from afar. Following this, a child’s voice clearly rang out: “Elder sister! I’m back!”

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