Chapter 240: The Biggest Supporter is Me~

Rong Si recalled that Xiao Wei was the boy good at playing the piano in the show. The boy was also very handsome.

In the previous episode, the director had borrowed a piano and Xiao Wei had played a few songs with his father, Xiao Yang.

At that moment, Rong Si had noticed that his little sister Su Jiu was looking at the pair with her eyes wide open as if the beautiful music had intoxicated her.

Rong Si suddenly thought that it would be great if he could also play the piano.

If that’s the case, would Little Jiu look at me more?

“What is this?”

The girl’s soft voice brought Rong Si back to reality.

When he saw that she was looking at the card, he handed it over to her. “It’s someone else’s card. They said they hope you like this gift. So… do you like it?”

“Yes, I like it!” Who wouldn’t like presents?

However, Rong Si’s perspective was not the same. She likes the present that other little brother gave her. Does this mean that she likes that little brother too?

The little villain pursed his lips and suddenly said, “I will give you many such gifts in the future.”

Su Jiu raised her head in shock. When she saw his handsome face full of seriousness and determination, she couldn’t help but find it funny.

However, a certain corner of her heart felt a little sour.

The little villain treasured her as a friend. That was why he treated her so well. She wanted to continue to warm his little heart and guide him in the right direction so that he would not end up in a miserable state.

Su Jiu smiled at Rong Si again and sweetly said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you to give me a present!”

Rong Si nodded. As he looked at her bright smile, he said in his heart, “Definitely! From now on, I’ll give you whatever gift you want.”

Seeing the two children sitting on the sofa and working on the model, Su Shengjing was very pleased. He had finally diverted Su Jiu’s attention. Then, he hurriedly walked to the balcony, took out his mobile phone, and logged into his Weibo account.

In the matter regarding the Weibo posts of “Qin Feng’s fan,” Su Shengjing did not back down. He reposted the post and added: “Please tell me! Who are my connections and backing? Why don’t I know them?”

Right now, Su Shengjing’s popularity was extremely high. Moreover, countless people were paying attention to the development of this matter. As a result, when Su Shengjing posted on Weibo, the number of likes and comments increased like crazy.

His fans joked with him. “Brother, don’t you know how powerful you are? Why are you so ignorant!”

“I sure hope that you have connections and backers.”

“Brother, hurry up and find more sponsors to prevent yourself from being framed!”

Little Jiu Global Support Club: “Daddy, your biggest connection and supporter is me ”

This comment received the most likes and the most comments. They all felt that it was right.

Su Shengjing used to be so destitute, but after Little Jiu appeared, he had slowly recovered!

Su Shengjing also liked the post and posted a comment. “You’re right. I’m not capable by myself. I rely on my daughter.”

His frank admission made people feel that he was cute. The fans laughed and said that it was good that he knew.

Soon after, Han Xiao left the stage. Then, he also commented on Weibo: “Bro, how can you say that you have no connections? What am I then?”

Xiao Yang appeared there too. He mentioned Su Shengjing, “What about me? We just started filming together not long ago. Do you not care about me?”

Both of them had quite a lot of fans. Since their idols were on Su Shengjing’s side, these fans naturally had to follow along. The Weibo comments on Su Shengjing’s post soon exceeded 200 thousand.

Unexpectedly, the Su Family Corporation, which had nothing to do with the entertainment industry, also reposted Su Shengjing’s Weibo post. “Both our surnames are Su. It’s not too much to support them, right?”

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