Chapter 239: Seduced By A Child

Su Jiu’s eyes lit up at once. “Okay!”

Since Son Wanqiu now had a job, the little villain was often alone at home. Su Jiu had always wanted him to come over to her house, but her dad didn’t like it.

Now, her father had brought up the topic on his own. Great!

Helpless, Su Shengjing held Su Jiu’s hand and walked out. He knocked on the door across from them.

Soon, the door opened. When Rong Si saw Su Jiu, a glint flashed across his dark eyes.

“Big Brother!” Su Jiu stood outside the door and happily greeted him with a sweet smile.

Rong Si’s gaze became serious. He had seen what happened online. Her father had gotten into some trouble recently. Does she know?

It seems she can still smile like before, so she probably hasn’t seen it.

Rong Si was relieved.

Su Shengjing looked at him, then said, not unkindly. “Hey, brat, do you want to come over and play with Little Jiu?”

Rong Si immediately nodded.

Su Jiu reached out and grabbed his hand. She excitedly said, “Big Brother, let’s go!”

She really liked the little villain. He was too obedient before he became evil. She had never seen such an obedient little boy, and she really cherished him. So, it would be a pity if such a good child became evil.

Rong Si closed the door and followed Su Jiu to her house. As he looked at the back of her head and her two ponytails, he thought about many things.

Many people on the Internet were scolding Su Jiu for scheming at such a young age. They said that she had framed Qin Feng with her father’s help. It made her sound like a bad person. The worse thing was that some people directly called her a little b*tch or a little bastard.

Rong Si knew how it felt to be scolded by others. Previously, many people despised him whenever they saw him. They called him a little beggar and even chased after him to beat him up. As he had experienced that feeling before, he did not wish for Little Jiu to suffer the same.

If she did not know, then she should never know. She should be happy every day.

Su Jiu passed a gift she had received two days ago to the little villain. “Big Brother, let’s build this!”

Gifted to her by Xiao Yang, this gift was a model of a ship. It was huge with hundreds of spare parts. How long would she have to work on it? Su Jiu had no experience in building such a model.

However, in the novel, the little villain was a genius. He learned everything quickly. He would definitely be able to do it. Besides, boys should be interested in such a model, right?

Thinking about it, Su Jiu casually asked, “Big Brother, do you like models?”

The little villain looked at Su Jiu with his deep eyes and seriously said, “If you think I like it, I’ll like it.”

I have the final say.

Su Jiu was speechless.

Her heart suddenly pounded.

D*mn! A six-year-old brat is flirting with me! Ahhh!

Imagine the type of man he would become when he grows up!

Su Jiu quickly adjusted her emotions and smiled at him. “Big Brother, you’re so smart. You definitely will!”

“Then, I’ll put it together for you.” Rong Si took the model and sat down on the sofa with Su Jiu. Then, he opened the packaging and poured out the contents.

Besides the parts and instructions, the package also contained a beautiful blue card.

Rong Si’s eyes flickered. He reached out and picked up the card. A line of crooked words came into view. The words looked like they had been written by a child.

“Little Jiu, this is a model I like very much. I’m giving it to you. I hope you like it. —Xiao Wei”

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