Chapter 237: Poor Thing!

“In any case, you can choose for yourself! This situation has carried on for too long. It’ll be so troublesome if you can’t resolve it properly. The company might even consider putting you on hiatus and keeping you out of the public eye for some time. You would resume appearances only after the storm subsides.”


Qin Feng thought he had heard wrongly. “Are you serious? You’re actually going to force me to go on hiatus? Are your brains fried? Don’t you want to earn money anymore?”

Qin Feng was extremely popular! How could he go on hiatus? Wouldn’t it be very embarrassing?

The manager angrily said, “Isn’t it all because of you that things have turned out this way? Think about it! The company can’t help you with this situation anymore. They risk making it even worse!”

Qin Feng gritted his teeth.

Helplessly, he posted on Weibo. “I was only joking with the little kid at that time. I didn’t expect it to lead to a misunderstanding with such serious consequences. I’m at fault here, and I would like to apologize to Su Shengjing and Little Jiu, as well as my fans. Thank you for standing by my side. I’m sorry that I have disappointed you. I will definitely reflect on my actions and never commit the same mistake again.”

His fans naturally chose to forgive him. Their big brother’s apology was so sincere. Since he had apologized, how could they not forgive him?

However, in Su Jiu’s eyes, this apology just seemed like an excuse.

By saying he was merely joking, Qin Feng was trying to push the blame of the serious consequences onto someone else.

As expected, not only did Qin Feng’s fans forgive him, they also felt that their big brother must have been pressured by the company into making this apology.

His previous Weibo post had been unyielding. How could he lower his head now and apologize to Su Shengjing, who had bullied him and made him kneel in public?

He would never have done this willingly, so the company must have forced him.

Boohoo! Big Brother, you poor thing!

“Brother, we all know what you’re really like. People were overreacting so badly to your joke!”

“How is it okay for a company to bully their own artist?”

“What kind of lousy company is this? Not only did they not help when their artist was being bullied, but they even messed up the whole thing! Why did they pay that expert? They caused trouble for Big Brother, and now Su Shengjing, that scumbag, has the advantage!”

“Exactly, this company is brainless!”

When Qin Feng saw that his fans were scolding his company and not him, he heaved a sigh of relief. Excellent! It seems that my charm and popularity are quite good, and I can continue to remain in the public eye.

However, the other fans did not think this way, especially Su Shengjing’s and Su Jiu’s fans. When they saw Qin Feng’s post and the line saying that it had been a joke, they were furious.

“A joke? Is it a joke just because you said so? You’re clearly stupid and evil!”

Exactly! How can you be a man if you don’t admit that you did something wrong and just use a joke as an excuse?

“Bullying my precious daughter and refusing to admit it. I am now officially a Qin Feng anti-fan!”

“Me too! Shameless, disgusting, and irresponsible. I don’t know why those fans are still supporting him. His fans are so crazy!”


Qin Feng’s fans blamed it on the company, and so the company took the blame for Qin Feng. Their reputation took a hit, and the company’s stock price fell by quite a bit.

This annoyed the management, and they decided to put Qin Feng on hiatus anyway and reduce his public appearances. Only after this matter was over would they consider allowing him to appear in public and work as before.

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