Chapter 233: What A Happy Person He Is

Su Shengjing resisted the urge to say yes. “No.”

The little girl’s face instantly fell. Su Shengjing smiled and continued, “But Daddy can take you out to eat. What do you want to eat? Beef?”

When Su Jiu heard that, her eyes lit up again. “Okay!”

As he looked at her cute appearance, the smile on Su Shengjing’s lips widened. He could not help but reach out and pinch her fair and tender little face. Suddenly, a sense of accomplishment surged in his heart.

Compared to when he first saw her, the little girl had gained some weight and grown even cuter. This meant that he knew how to raise children.

This sense of accomplishment was like receiving an award.


In the evening, Su Shengjing brought Su Jiu to a private room in a French restaurant for a luxurious meal. After they dined there, Su Shengjing carried her back home. The little girl lay on his shoulder with her eyes closed, half asleep. She sleepily called out, “Daddy…”

Su Shengjing patted her little head and lovingly said, “Yes, Daddy is here.”

“Daddy, you need to be good. I don’t want you to get scolded. I will get sad if they scold you, Daddy.” Her voice became fainter as she spoke, and she even choked a little.

These sudden words made Su Shengjing’s heart ache. “Okay! I promise you that I will be good and beat up all the bad guys.”

“You also need to earn a lot of money!”

Su Shengjing burst out laughing. “Of course. Daddy will make a lot of money and give it to you so that, Baby, you can live like a princess.”

The little girl lifted her head from the crook of his neck and looked at him with her bright eyes. Then, she mysteriously said, “Daddy, I have a secret to tell you.”

“Huh? What secret?” Su Shengjing’s ears pricked up.

Su Jiu moved closer to him and whispered, “Little Jiu loves Daddy so much.”

It felt good to have such a father who she could depend on and who loved her.

Su Shengjing was stunned. Then, his eyes brightened.

“Daddy loves Little Jiu too. He loves Little Jiu the most.”

“I also love Daddy the most!” As Su Jiu said this, she swiftly removed her mask and planted a kiss on his face.

Su Shengjing was stunned.

Since he had been reunited with her, this was the first time she had kissed him. In that instant, he felt as though he was on cloud nine. How many fathers had received a kiss from their daughters?

He had!

“Hehe.” The little girl immediately put her face mask back on. Then, like a little cat that got the cream, she chuckled with delight.

Su Shengjing’s heart melted when he heard his child’s laughter.

Once again, he hoped that the turbulent situation would not affect her. He hoped that he would be able to shoulder everything and make her happy every day.

At this moment, a black luxury car stopped by the street.

Sitting inside the car, An Yuan watched the father-daughter pair outside a western restaurant. Although the two of them were hugging so tightly that even their faces could not be clearly seen, An Yuan recognized Su Shengjing at a glance.

He used to be her idol, and back then, she had a lot of feelings for him. Additionally, she had seen him a few times recently and could easily recognize him.

Naturally, the little girl in his arms was Little Jiu.

If she were being honest, An Yuan envied Su Shengjing for having such a cute daughter.

An Yuan’s manager, Xue Zhen, sat beside her and saw her staring at the pair. Although she could not clearly see who the pair was, Su Shengjing and his daughter suddenly came to mind. Thus, she reminded An Yuan, “Little Yuan, be careful. Rumors about you and Su Shengjing have already spread on the internet. After all, the recording said that the little girl likes you a lot.

“He even said that he wanted you to be her stepmother. Ha, what a joke! Su Shengjing should take a look at himself. Can he even match up to you?”

Xue Zhen was rather resentful that Su Shengjing had rejected her. She thought he didn’t know what was good for him and deserved to be criticized!

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