Chapter 229: A Fatal Blow

Su Shengjing reluctantly picked up. Before Sheng Tianci could speak, he said, “I’ll immediately issue a clarification.”

To his surprise, however, he heard Sheng Tianci’s excited voice on the other end. “You’re a genius, Shengjing! You kept this ace up your sleeve until the last minute? Amazing! So that’s why you were silent for so long! You wanted to wait for things to heat up before showing the truth!”

Su Shengjing was stunned.

What is he saying?

“What truth?”

“F*ck! You’re still pretending to be unaware? Didn’t you ask them to leak that recording? Now I see! You’re not as stupid as I thought you were!

“You’re finally learning how to stand up for yourself. Hahahaha, that bastard Qin Feng must be feeling so sick now! I want to see how he explains himself! Alright, I won’t talk any longer. I’m going back to help you scold Qin Feng!”

Su Shengjing hung up, feeling dazed. What recording?

I haven’t released any recordings.

Wait! Recording?

Su Shengjing quickly opened Weibo. As soon as he logged in, he saw several searches trending.

#QinFengRecording, #QinFengDadDoesntWantYouAnymore

And the most interesting one of all was #QinFengExposed.

This astonished Su Shengjing. He clicked on the tag and saw the post from the big account.

The post explained the situation between him and Qin Feng with an audio file attached alongside.

Below the post, someone had included a transcript of the dialogue in the recording. This way, netizens could know the contents of the recording without having to open it.

As Su Shengjing read the transcript, his face darkened.

Qin Feng said all that to my little girl. He actually told my little girl that I wouldn’t want her and would give her a bad woman as a stepmother. I’d allow the stepmother to bully her and wouldn’t give her food…

No wonder she had cried.

Su Shengjing tightly gripped his phone.


Qin Feng, who was in his apartment suite, also saw the post. His face drastically paled.

He could’ve never thought that Su Shengjing would have such a trump card.

I’ve been caught!

Has Su Shengjing become so much cleverer in these past few years?

As he thought about it, his manager called.

“Qin Feng, what’s happening? Where did this recording come from?”

“How would I know?!” Qin Feng was flustered. “Who else if not Su Shengjing could have recorded this? Surely, it couldn’t be the little girl?”

As Qin Feng said this, he gritted his teeth.

You really are using your daughter, aren’t you, Su Shengjing? The netizens were right!

His manager angrily said, “I’ve told you so many times: don’t post on Weibo without consulting me first! Look, now your most recent post has become an absolute joke!”

Qin Feng took a deep breath and said, “What should I do now?”

“What’s there to do? It’s a PR disaster! We can say the recording was faked and send a lawyer’s letter to Su Shengjing and the owner of that big account to keep them quiet. Just hope that Su Shengjing is willing to let go of it. If he doesn’t, we’ll have to find another way.”

“Alright, I’ll stay out of it. You guys quickly think of a plan!”

Hearing this, the manager became irritated. “Aren’t you the one who got yourself into all this trouble in the first place? I’ve told you to pay attention to your actions. You put so much effort into ruining Su Shengjing’s reputation last time. Are you going to throw all that away now?”

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