Chapter 223: Beat Him Up Secretly

Su Shengjing looked down at the screen and saw that the caller was Sheng Tianci. So, he picked up the call. “Hello?”

Hearing Su Shengjing’s seemingly calm voice, Sheng Tianci suddenly became angry. “You! Why are you stirring up trouble again? You still went against Qin Feng? Even though you’ve regained some popularity, don’t you know Qin Feng is far ahead of you? Do you know you’re being scolded again?”

Su Shengjing sighed. “I know! I’m used to it.”

“Used to it? You can’t get used to this kind of thing! You have to clear it up! Do you understand? Why must I always remind you? Which one of us is in the entertainment industry?”

Listening to his friend’s angry voice, Su Shengjing had to laugh. “Okay, thanks.”

Sheng Tianci almost wanted to kick him because of his ambivalent and uncaring attitude. How can he let people kick him around as they want?

Sheng Tianci humphed and said, “I heard you were shooting an advertisement with An Yuan. If she’s willing to help, it could be more useful than just a statement from you!”

“I don’t want to involve her. That will only cause more trouble.”

Su Shengjing understood that in this circle, if a male celebrity was involved in any matter with a female celebrity, especially if the female celebrity was as popular as An Yuan, rumors would start to fly. If that happened, he would have to not only work hard to clean up his name but also deal with the paparazzi following him around. Wouldn’t that be just more troublesome?

Sheng Tianci felt a little helpless. “Okay, I know you’re the type of person to take care of everything by yourself and not trouble other people, but you really have to clean up this mess! That Qin Feng is such a jerk; he actually bullied the little girl. I really want to f*ck him up!”

Sheng Tianci really wanted to dig up Qin Feng’s past scandals, but it turned out that this guy had no bad press at all since his debut. Qin Feng was kind-hearted and gentle throughout his life. He was diligent in his work and was a professional, perfect big brother, which was very popular with female fans. This made many netizens stand on his side.

Su Shengjing couldn’t care less if they were suspicious of him. His name had already been smeared before. However, it was ridiculous to suspect a little girl. What did a young child like her know?

As if she could even plan to frame an adult. Are the netizens crazy?

Before Sheng Tianci could speak again, someone snatched his phone. An angry voice rang out. “Little Jiu? Are you being bullied? Who is it! Tell me! I’ll beat them up for you!”

This little fierce voice could only belong to Sheng Zhiyan.

Su Shengjing’s mouth twitched, and he passed the cell phone to the little girl next to him. “Do you want to talk to him?”

Su Jiu had been busy these past few days. Even though the two kids were in the same kindergarten, she hadn’t seen Sheng Zhiyan for a while now. The kid really cared about her, despite being a child himself. He would always loudly defend her. His actions moved her.

So she took the phone and told Sheng Zhiyan, “Big Brother, you can’t fight. Fighting isn’t good!”

“I don’t care! Anyone who bullies you should be beaten up!” Sheng Zhiyan insisted with complete confidence. In his eyes, those who bullied Little Jiu were unforgivable.

Su Jiu felt that she had to calm him down. She continued, “But, what if I don’t want to see Big Brother fighting?”

Sheng Zhiyan paused, thought for a bit, and said, “Then… then I will secretly beat him up and not let you see it!”

Su Jiu was speechless.


She couldn’t hold back a laugh. When Sheng Zhiyan heard this on the other end, he burst into laughter as well.

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