Chapter 216: I Will Avenge You!

The next second, she started sobbing, and it quickly turned into a wail.

Su Shengjing was in the midst of filming when he heard her cry. He became anxious and rushed out of the studio without saying a word. “Darling?”

“Daddy!” The little girl jumped down from the chair and pounced into Su Shengjing’s arms. She looked extremely upset.

Qin Feng did not know how to respond.

Did I bully her or something?

Su Shengjing’s heart ached when he saw Su Jiu crying her heart out. He quickly asked her, “Darling, what happened? Who bullied you?”

The little girl rarely cried, let alone sob so badly. She must be extremely upset. Su Shengjing felt his heart clench.

He tightly hugged the little girl and continued to coax her. “Darling, be a good girl and don’t cry anymore. Tell me what happened. I will see to the end of the matter!”

Su Jiu sobbed and looked up at him with teary eyes. She choked on her tears and asked, “Daddy, do you not want me anymore? ”

Su Shengjing was stunned. He did not know why Su Jiu would ask such a question. He had never said anything like that to her. Could someone have said something to her?

As he mulled over this possibility, his sharp gaze immediately swept toward Qin Feng!

The corners of Qin Feng’s mouth twitched. He was also confused why the little girl suddenly cried. However, he had a bad premonition.

Su Jiu hugged Su Shengjing’s neck and leaned against him. “Daddy, you can’t abandon me.”

The little girl’s sobbing made others pity her.

All the staff members glanced over. An Yuan also walked out of the studio. When she saw the little girl crying like this, her heart ached. She suddenly felt upset.

She hurried over and asked, “What happened?”

Su Shengjing shook his head, indicating that he did not know either. Then, he lowered his head, looked at Su Jiu in his arms, and consoled her. “How can I possibly abandon you?”

An Yuan stared at Su Shengjing’s gentle appearance. This was something she had never seen before, so she could not help but feel a little stunned. She quickly came back to her senses and chimed in. “Yes, Little Jiu. Your father dotes on you so much. He won’t abandon you.”

“You really won’t abandon me?” The little girl pitifully asked. Then, she stretched out her chubby hand and pointed at Qin Feng. “But… But that uncle said that you will find a stepmother for me and abandon me!”

Su Shengjing was speechless.

What the hell?!

Everyone was stunned. They stared at Qin Feng in surprise. No way! Why would he say such things to a child? Doesn’t he know that this would traumatize the child?

Su Shengjing glared at Qin Feng, his eyes cold and filled with anger. “Why did you say those words to my daughter? When did I say that I’m going to get her a stepmother?”

The little girl had promised Qin Feng that she would not tell Su Shengjing. Now that she had suddenly blurted it out loud, he was caught off guard. Moreover, so many people were watching this scene that he did not know how to explain.

Hence, all he could do was feign ignorance and innocently protest. “No, why would I say that? I know where I am now. So many people are watching me. Why would I make her cry? Isn’t this ridiculous? I won’t do that unless I’ve gone crazy and want to ruin my reputation!”

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