Chapter 213: You Smell So Good

When An Yuan hugged Su Jiu, she felt reluctant to let go.

She mulled over the matter. It was true that this little girl was the cutest kid she had ever seen. Who wouldn’t like her?

If she had such a daughter, she would definitely treat her like the apple of her eye and would pamper her.

Su Jiu’s nose twitched. She said in a childish voice, “You smell so good.”

A faint fragrance of flowers hung around An Yuan. Discerning the type of flower was not easy, but it smelled especially good.

An Yuan reached out to stroke Su Jiu’s hair and smiled. “Little cutie, the last time I met you, I didn’t give you a greeting gift. Why don’t I make up for it this time?”

Saying that, she took off the pink diamond bracelet on her wrist.

“Miss An, this bracelet is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Are you going to give it to such a young child? She probably doesn’t know what it is and won’t treasure it!” The assistant protested, feeling her heart ache.

An Yuan did not reply. She instead asked Su Jiu, “Little Jiu, do you like this bracelet? Why don’t I give it to you?”

Without waiting for Su Jiu to reply, Su Shengjing interrupted An Yuan. “There’s no need. She’s still young, so she doesn’t need to wear things like this. Besides, this gift is expensive. Little Jiu can’t accept it.”

Moreover, if Little Jiu needs those, I’ll naturally buy them for her. I’ll try my best to satisfy her needs instead of making others give her gifts.

“Yes! I can’t accept it!” The little girl vigorously nodded with an adorable expression.

An Yuan smiled again. “What should I do, then? I really want to give you a present.”

The little girl thought for a while, then looked at An Yuan with sparkling eyes. She said a little shyly, “Will you treat me to some candy?”

An Yuan immediately agreed to her. “Okay! After the commercial, I’ll buy you candy.”

Su Shengjing retorted, “She can’t eat too much sugar.”

Su Jiu immediately glared at him. Amused, Su Shengjing pinched her chubby cheeks. “I think you really don’t want your teeth anymore.”

The other staff members watched as the beautiful woman carried an adorable little girl and stood beside a handsome man. When they saw this scene, a few words suddenly popped up in their minds.

A perfect match made in heaven! They are extremely compatible.

Oblivious onlookers would assume that these three were a family.

Qin Feng watched from the side. He was in no position to interrupt them and looked like an unnecessary person.

He could tell that the little girl had captured An Yuan’s heart. An Yuan had even agreed to buy her candy after filming the advertisement.

An Yuan was a prominent figure. Many people in the entertainment industry yearned to get close to her, but they didn’t even get the chance to see her.

On the other hand, Su Shengjing relied on a little girl to successfully win An Yuan’s favor.

If he had An Yuan’s help, his future would definitely be much smoother.

An Yuan longingly hugged Su Jiu for a while more. Suddenly, the director walked over and announced that the filming was going to start. He asked Su Shengjing to go to the scene. The director would film his and An Yuan’s parts first, while Qin Feng had to wait.

Qin Feng gritted his teeth. No matter what, he was a top celebrity. Why am I ranked behind Su Shengjing?

Su Shengjing left Su Jiu in the resting area and repeatedly reminded her to obediently wait for him instead of running around. Only then did he walk toward the studio. He also asked a female staff member to help take care of his child.

The staff member readily agreed and went to the resting area.

Just as she was about to go over, she realized that Qin Feng was one step ahead of her. He smiled and said to her, “I really like children. Let me look after her.”

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