Chapter 212: Little Jiu Likes Pretty People

At the next second, the car door opened. A female assistant got out first, the next being a fair, slender, and beautiful leg.

Many of the staff members turned their gazes toward the minivan. When they saw the beauty who came out of the car, some of them were stunned.

Su Jiu’s eyes also widened.

Wow! She’s really beautiful!

An Yuan had worn a nude pink dress made of silk. Although the dress had a simple design, it accentuated her slim figure and fair skin. Her aura was especially outstanding, making it look like she were going to an international fashion show.

Her black, slightly curly hair was naturally draped behind her back. Exquisite and light makeup had been applied to her little face, and her neck was as long as a swan’s.

She was very beautiful, but not too dazzling. Instead, she made people feel comfortable. It was impossible to get tired of looking at her.

Even if it weren’t the first time they saw her in person, these people would still be stunned.

Su Shengjing glanced at An Yuan with a complicated expression. He inadvertently lowered his head and noticed that Su Jiu was unblinkingly staring at her.

This stunned him.

Does this little girl like pretty people?

Does she like both men and women?

The people from the Advertising Department immediately went up to welcome An Yuan. One of them was An Yuan’s fan, and he said to her excitedly and respectfully, “Ms. An, you’re here! I heard that you’ve been filming overseas for the past few days, yet you still came here. It’s been hard on you.”

“It’s nothing. Sorry for making you guys wait,” An Yuan politely said. She slightly turned her head and saw Su Shengjing and Su Jiu standing under an umbrella.

She nodded in greeting.

For some reason, even though An Yuan looked quite aloof, Su Jiu wanted to get close to her.

As if it was an instinct she could not control.

She sweetly called out to An Yuan, “Pretty Sister!”

When An Yuan heard Su Jiu’s voice, her heart melted. The corners of her lips curled up. “Little cutie, we meet again.”

“Yes! I’m so happy to see you.” Su Jiu was mesmerized by An Yuan’s beautiful smile. She stared at her.

An Yuan sensed that the little girl seemed to like her, so she walked over to her.

As she looked at the little girl’s cute little face and innocent gaze, she couldn’t help but ask Su Shengjing, “Can I hug her?”

With sparkling big eyes, Su Jiu immediately reached her arms out toward her. “Carry me, please!”

Su Shengjing was speechless.

So, it’s true that she likes good-looking people!

When she sees a good-looking boy, she gets especially concerned about him and even brings him home! When she sees a good-looking woman or man, she wants them to hug her!

Su Shengjing suddenly recalled that the first time Su Jiu had met him, he had been poor and ugly. If he were not her father, she would most likely not even glance at him.

That hurts!

From the looks of it, he needed to improve his appearance and figure. If he could return to his previous state, Su Jiu would definitely be mesmerized by him!

Su Shengjing happily thought about how Su Jiu would cling to him and insist that he hug her, saying things like “Daddy is so handsome, I like you so much.” In his daze, he completely failed to notice that Little Jiu was already in An Yuan’s arms.

Su Jiu was a little excited to be hugged by the beautiful lady. Her cheeks blushed, and her eyes seemed to sparkle like stars.

Strangely enough, although An Yuan had carried children on many occasions, she suddenly realized that the feeling of carrying this little girl was different from carrying other children.

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